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Surprises In The Greenwood: 7. Never See Elves The Same

Since Gimli had now seen more of his friend than he would have liked, he was starting to think about shortening his visit. He had only promised Legolas he would stay a few days. Could two days count as a few?

He lay in the bed, Draugalu snuggled up close beside him. Once Legolas had removed her from on top of Gimli, she had whined fiercely trying to get back to him. Seeing the warg acted like an overgrown pup, he hadn’t had the heart to send her out. After all, Legolas would be...uh...with his wife - NO, not thinking that. The warg stayed, the elf went back to whatever he had been doing, and Gimli lay considering the day he had had in the Greenwood.

Gimli’s visit had not at all been what he had expected.

Therefore, he was surprised when the following day proved uneventful. Legolas took him to meet the rest of his grandchildren. He found that Legolas did not have any great grandchildren yet, but two were on the way. Legolas’s brother, on the other hand, had not only great grandchildren, but great great grandchildren. It was a side of the elves that Gimli had never thought about, living to see so many generations, and still having the youthfulness to enjoy getting to know them and spending time with them. Dwarves lived longer than other mortal races but even they did not live to see so many generations of their kin! Gimli found himself a bit envious of the family the elf had around him, but he didn’t begrudge the elf his kin. For all they were merry, Gimli could also see the potential for numerous headaches. Perhaps he wasn’t so envious after all.

Gimli was given a complete tour of the king’s halls and even had a very pleasant conversation with the king and queen. He also spent time with just Legolas and Cellinn in their quarters, with minimal interruptions from little Míreth, allowing Gimli to get to know his friend‘s wife. The lady matched Legolas perfectly, and Gimli could not imagine Legolas with any other. Cellinn even managed to get him to hold the baby again. This time, he was not half drowned in the process, and once again reveled in amazement at the tiny elfling.

As they sat, Gimli and Legolas spoke of the quest, going into more detail for Cellinn than she had already heard. She laughed at the antics of the hobbits, and cried at the loss of Gandalf. She rejoiced in the destruction of the Ring and beamed at hearing of Aragorn becoming the king he was born be and cried again at hearing of the new king’s marriage Lady Arwen.

They were interrupted by a brisk knock. Legolas stood and strode quickly over to the door, and upon opening it, revealed his brother standing there, looking a little pale. “What is it, Arandur? Is something wrong?”

Arandur blinked and shook himself slightly. “Yes, that beast of yours is wandering the halls scratching on every door looking for you. She has already terrorized enough of us, so if you would be so kind as to keep her with you?”

A flash of brindled golden brown and grey fur slipped past both elves and into the room. Legolas met his brother’s eyes and nodded, before quietly shutting the door. Draugalu settled her head on Gimli’s knee, pressing her nose against one of Míreth’s tiny feet where she lay still cradled in one of Gimli’s arms. He lifted his other hand to pat the warg on her head, grinning at Legolas’s look of amazement. They must make quite a sight!

The elf returned to his seat and they continued their conversation as if nothing unusual had just occurred.


Two days later, Gimli took leave of the elves of the Greenwood. His visit had been pleasant, despite the rocky start. One thing was for sure, he would never see elves in the same light again. They were some of the most curious and unusual, yet caring and fun-loving creatures.

Legolas accompanied his friend part of the way, to the edge of the wood. There they parted, not a sad farewell, but with promises of seeing each other again soon and frequently. Gimli continued towards the looming shape of the Lonely Mountain alone, stopping to look back after a short time. Legolas still stood there, watching his friend.

The elf lifted a hand in farewell and Gimli returned the gesture. Both friends met the other’s eyes one last time, then turned and traveled home to their families.

The End

Sequel coming soon...Shocks in Erebor: What will happen when Legolas keeps his promise to Gimli to visit the Lonely Mountain? He will be shocked, of course, as he learns many things about his dwarf friend that Gimli failed to mention.

Thanks for reading! Reviews are greatly appreciated.

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Legolas and Gimli. Acting, reacting, interacting.

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Legolas brings Gimli home to meet the family . . . all of the family. NOT slash.


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