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The Strength of Your Love: 7. Chapter 7

Aragorn's POV :

Alas, the time I had with you ended with a joyful note. We are now betrothed, pledging our love and life to each other. My dear Arwen, I will treasure this more than anything, even more than my life. I know what it would entail for you in choosing me. I would not leave you wanting or regretting your decision. I do not want to leave you my love but duty calls. I must return to Rivendell and see your father. There have been whispers of an unknown shadow in the east. I seek his council but I shall return to you soon.

The journey to Rivendell was hard for me. I missed you and I longed for you. The days we spent in Lorien were still fresh in my mind. Your smile and laughter kept me going and brought a smile on face. How you looked so beautiful when you twirled in the wind with your hair billowing behind you. I missed you so very much. Do you miss me my love?

I was one day away from Rivendell. Night was upon the land and it was not safe to travel at night. Orcs have been roaming the lands frequently these past months. I cannot help but think this has something in connection to the power growing in Mordor. I lay underneath the stars, searching for your face amongst them. Ah, Arwen... No beauty could surpass yours, not even the stars. You face came to me in my dreams. We were back in Lorien, spending our time by the river Anduin. I missed your voice and your beautiful scent. I missed your kisses...

Morning came and with it a start of a new day. I continued my journey and not long after, I reached Rivendell. Your father was there, my dear, with Glorfindel. We talked and discussed of the clouded terror. It was said that perhaps the ring of power had been found. I was given the task to guard the Wilderland and with that I prepared my gear to venture out into the wild again. Before I left, your father came to me. He knew of our betrothal my love and with that he told me, Arwen Undomiel will not marry anyone less than the King of Gondor. I understood what he meant. It was time to embrace my destiny...

I left Rivendell and headed to Bree where I was stationed. The rumours grew my love of that one shadow. I watched the people of Bree scuffled here and there, frightened but not knowing why. The air was heavy again. Heavy with fear... Something was coming. I can feel it in my bones. Do you feel it my love? Stay safe my darling. I will come for you...

After a long while stationed in Bree, I heard news from my old friend Gandalf that the ring of power had indeed resurfaced. It was in the Shire, where the Hobbits lived. The time had finally arrived. The battle against evil has begun. Stay safe my dear for I leave to fight the forces of evil. We shall see each other again soon; I can feel it in my heart...


Chapter End Notes:

Do tell me what you think :) It's my birthday today, i'll consider it my birthday gift :)

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Romance and maybe some drama... :)

Why This Story?

Such a beautiful story about Aragorn and Arwen!


Story Information

Author: luthien85

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: Romance

Rating: General

Last Updated: 08/21/10

Original Post: 08/11/10

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