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Hands of the King: 86. Appx. I - Character List

Characters are shown in the order in which they appear. The age given is their age when they are first introduced, unless the character is deceased, in which case the age is the age at time of death. Characters who are named by JRRT in LotR, Silm, UT, or HoMe, are designated as JRRT characters. Those who are not named, even if alluded to or logically having to have existed, are designated as original characters - OC.

Name Type Age Description
Chapter 1 - Assumptions
Denethor JRRT 43 High Warden of the White Tower, Captain-General of Gondor, only son and third child of Emeldir and Ecthelion
Adrahil JRRT 57 Twenty-first Prince of Dol Amroth
ThorongilJRRT43 Northern Dúnedain, one of the Lost in service to Gondor, Captain of the Pelargir garrison
Emeldir OC 88 Lady of the White Tower, wife to Ecthelion
Luinil OC 56 Wife of Adrahil, Princess of Dol Amroth
Maiaberiel OC 51Second daughter of Emeldir and Ecthelion
IvrinielJRRT 27First daughter of Luinil and Adrahil
Aiavalë OC 59 First daughter of Emeldir and Ecthelion
Finduilas JRRT 24 Second daughter of Luinil and Adrahil
Chapter 2 - Water
Lark OC30 Doorward of the Archives of Minas Tirith, half-sister toDenethor
Wren OC 26 Archivist, younger full-sister of Lark, youngest half-sister to Denethor
Chapter 3 - Burial
Ecthelion JRRT88 Lord Steward of Gondor, Denethor's father
Brandir OC 46 Husband to Denethor's younger full-sister, Maiaberiel
Aerin OC64 Serving woman from Dol Amroth
Beregar OC 25 Finduilas's bodyguard, assigned to her by Denethor. Eldest son of Denethor's eldest half-sister
Chapter 4 - Faithful
Hirluin JRRT24 Heir of Pinnath Gelin
Morvorin OC 30 Lord of Ringló Vale
Forlong JRRT40 Heir of Lossarnach
Chapter 5 - Confidences
Primrose OC50 Goldsmith, half-sister to Denethor
Mallor OC 78 Archivist
Mairen OC40 Archivist
Hador OC 46 Archivist
Mithrandir JRRT?Wizard
Chapter 6 - Promise
Luinmir OC34 Half-sister to Denethor
Isilmo OC 41 Nobleman of minor house, officer in Osgiliath, husband to Luinmir
Chapter 7 - Descent
Morwen OC53 The Dark Madam, owner of the most successful brothel in Minas Tirith, half-sister to Denethor
Belemir OC 78 Denethor's maternal uncle, Captain-General of Gondor 2914 &150; 2960, deceased.
Boromir OC53 Denethor's double first cousin, Captain-General of Gondor 2960 &150; 2965, deceased.
Baragund OC41 Lieutenant of the Osgiliath Garrison
Halmir OC 64 Northern Dúnedain, one of the Lost in service to Gondor, soon to be second in command of the Osgiliath garrison
Chapter 8 - Ruins
Duinil OC28 Messenger between Poros and Pelargir
Marach/Ahnkoral OC 76 Morwen's eldest half-brother
Chapter 9 - Waiting
Imrahil JRRT20 Youngest child and only son of Adrahil and Luinil, heir to the Prince of Dol Amroth
Chapter 10 - Proof
Sador OC85 Old doorward for the Stewards House
Lily OC 21 Beregar's second eldest sister
Chapter 12 - Mortality
Marlong OC37 Captain of Henneth Annûn
Anbar OC 36 Captain of Cair Andros
Gundor OC28 Soldier from Anórien garrison
Haldar OC 28 Soldier from Anórien garrison
Chapter 13 - Relations
Turgon JRRT98 Twenty-fourth ruling steward of Gondor, father of Ecthelion, grandfather of Denethor, deceased.
Vanimeldë OC 80 Wife of Turgon, mother of Ecthelion, grandmother of Denethor, deceased
Chapter 14 - Salvage
Hathol OC84 Warden of the Keys. A distant relative of Denethor's through his grandmother, Vanimeldë.
Borondir OC 38 Quartermaster-General of Gondor, Belemir's grandson, Denethor's first cousin, once removed
Chapter 15 - Fidelity
Adanel OC56 Mistress of The Messengers Rest tavern, Beregar's mother, half-sister to Denethor.
Almarian OC 82 Widowed Gondorian who owns the house where Aiavalë, Wren and Lark have rooms.
Queen Morwen/ Morwen of Lossarnach JRRT53 Wife of King Thengel, Queen of Rohan, mother of Théoden, first cousin to Luinil and distant cousin of Adrahil.
Théoden JRRT 27 Son of Thengel & Morwen, First Marshal of the Mark, heir of Rohan
Hilda OC23 Daughter of Thengel and Morwen, sister to Théoden.
Aldwyn OC 19 Daughter of Thengel and Morwen, sister to Théoden.
Chapter 18 - Threat
Beleg OC60-ish Overseeing camp extracting volatile oils from wood.
Belegorn OC 40-ishCatapult operator in Gondorian army, son of Beleg.
Bard OC34 Soldier of Minas Tirith.
Chapter 19 - Fire
Galdor OC57 Chief surgeon at Osgiliath garrison.
Chapter 22 - Tales
Golasgil OC? Bookseller and historian. Golasgil is graciously on loan to me from Celandine Brandybuck who created the character.
Chapter 25 - Plans
Andreth OC91 Elder sister of Ecthelion, wife of Belemir, mother of Boromir, grandmother of Borondir.
Maireth OC 70-ishMatron in charge or Borondir's house.
Chapter 26 - Kinship
Magor OC14 Son of Madame Morwen, Denethor's half-sister.
Zarih OC 75Wife of Marach/Ahnkoral.
Ragnor/Ahnknor OC74 Mowen's half-borther, younger full-brother of Marach/Ahnkoral.
Keniha OC 73Wife of Ragnor/Ahnknor.
Îbal OC50-ish Captain of Seabird.
Chapter 27 - Belegaer
The mariner OCUnknown Unknown
Angelimir JRRT 110Father of Adrahil, former ruling prince fo Dol Amroth.
Chapter 28 - Vows
Gundor OC55 Lord of Langstrand
Golasgil JRRT 22Heir of Langstrand.
Hirgon OC57 Lord of Pinnath Gelin
Duinmir OC 60Lord of Morthond.
Farlong OC80 Lord of Lossarnach
Chapter 29 - Foundation
Thengel JRRT71 King of Rohan
Gálmód JRRT 45ishCounselor to Thengel
Gríma JRRT20's Son of Gálmód
Walda OC 60ishCounselor to Thengel
Alebrand OC30ish Lord of Deeping-coomb
Chapter 30 - Cunning
Curunír JRRT? Wizard
Chapter 31 - Fate
Gethron OC30s Lieutenant of the Lady's Guardsmen
Beriel OC50s Wife of Gundor
Míriel OC26 Oldest daughter of Gundor and Beriel
Dúnmir OC20 Youngest daughter of Gundor and Beriel
Handeth OC50s Wife of Duinmir
Handiriel OC25 Daughter of Duinmir and Handeth
Arluin OC50s Wife of Hirgon
Moraen OC27 Sister of Morvorin
Ivorwen OC27 Daughter of Hirgon and Arluin
Duinhir JRRT29 Heir of Morthond
Angbor OC29 Heir of Linhir
Angrist OC60s Lord of Linhir
Rían OC60s Wife of Angrist
Andreth OC30 daughter of Angrist and Rían
Chapter 32 - Cold
Lhûn OC60s Warden of the Houses of Healing
Chapter 34 - Forever
Aeluin OC28 Wife of Beregar
Chapter 36 - Fortress
Hareth OC25 Half-sister to Denethor, deceased at time of story, 2932-2957
Miraen OC27 Half-sister to Denethor, deceased at time of story, 2936-2963
Anna OC1 Daughter of Luinmir and Isilmo, born June 20th, 2976
Hunthor OC33 Guardsman from Dol Amroth
Rose OC26 Beregar's eldest sister
Baranor JRRT30 Man of Lossarnach, Rose's husband
Chapter 38 - Found
Calmacil OCearly 30s Lieutenant to Anbar in Cair Andros
Vardamir OCMid 40s Healer and surgeon in Henneth Annun
Gildor OCearly 30s Lieutenant to Marlong in Henneth Annun
Barach OClate 20s One of the Lost from Osgiliath
Chapter 40 - Wounds
Éomund JRRTearly 20s Rider of Rohan, companion to Théoden, eventual husband of Theodwyn.
Chapter 42 - Misrule
Dírhavel OClate 20s One of the Queen's Men, lieutenant to Gildor in Henneth Annun
Chapter 43 - North
Scratch OC40ish Ruffian who now spies for Denethor.
Hallas OC72 Minister of the Purse, son of Herion, eldest son of Steward Turin's eldest sister.
Núneth OC30 Youngest daughter of Hallas, Tax Minister
Chapter 47 - Enough
Amlach OC50s A lord of Pelargir and King's Man.
Almiel OC32 Wife to Forlong of Lossarnach.
Chapter 48 - Sleight
Dúlin OC30s Of kin to Beregar and the cook of trhe Stewards House
Laanga JRRT? Apothecary/herbalist in the Houses of Healing
Orchaldor OC? Master herbalist for the Nettle and Rose
Malantur OC30'2 Descendent of the Rhudaur line of Isildur and King's Man
Borthand OC13-14 Whoreson of Minas Tirith
Chapter 51 - Conquest
Nellas OCTeens Kitchen maid in Stewards House
Damnir OCTeens Serving boy in Stewards House
Chapter 52 - Hope
Haldan OC30s Lieutenant of Minas Tirith garrison
Erellont OC30s Lieutenant of Tower Guard
Chapter 54 - Union
VioletOC53 Lark and Wren's mother.
BoromirJRRTNewbornDenethor and Finduilas' eldest son.
Chapter 55 - Compromised
IvrinOC60 ishBoromir's nursemaid.
Chapter 57 - Confessions
FinielOCNewbornBeregar and Aeluin's daughter
EärwenOCNewbornIvriniel and Angbor's daughter
Chapter 58 - Unsaid
AnardilOCMid 70'sIsilmo's father, Luinmir's father-in-law
Chapter 60 - Time
Théodwyn JRRT17Youngest daughter of Thengel and Morwen, Théoden's most beloved sister.
Folcwyn OC34Oldest daughter of Thengel and Morwen, died in childbirth. b.2945, d.2979.
Chapter 61 - Umbar
GrimOCmid-30'sSon of Gram (OC), éored captain.
MinohtarOCmid-42Captan of Linhir garrison.
HalwenOC60sHarbormaster of Pelargir.
Chapter 62 - Steal
BaranOCmid-30'sGondorian lieutenant of Halmir in Osgiliath
Chapter 63 - Abandoned
Madame HarethOCmid-50'sOwmer of a whorehouse in Minas Tirith
Chapter 67 - Used
MinastanOCmid-30'sYoungest child and son of Hallas, Minister of the Purse. Paternal line kinsman of Denethor.
GramOC50sCounselor of Théoden and Thengel, father of Grim.
Chapter 68 - Hallowed
MablungJRRTNewbornWren and Marlong's son.
Chapter 69 - Seeking
NoriJRRT211 (est.)One of Thorin Oakenshield's company
ThorinJRRT115Son of Dáin, King Under the Mountain, afterwards, Thorin III Stonehelm
BorinOC117Son of Balin
TindómielOC70sWife of Halmir
Chapter 70 - Sojourn
ForwegOC5Son of Forlong of Lossarnach.
DervorinJRRT1Son of Morvorin and Luinmir, future Lord of Ringló Vale
DuilinJRRTNewbornSon of Duinhir and Andreth, future Lord of the Morthond Vale.
Chapter 72 - Due
EgalmothOC50sHealing Warden of Dol Amroth.
Chapter 74 - Watch
HalethOC39Warehouse owner of Minas Tirith.
Chapter 76 - Expectations
FaramirJRRTNewbornDenethor and Finduilas' second son.
FindisOCNewbornBeregar and Aeluin's second daughter.
HallatanOC40sLord of Pelargir, King's Man.
HandirOC8Nephew of Haleth.
IngoldJRRT17Whoreson of Minas Tirith.
Chapter 77 - Suffice
AzraphelOCNewbornBorondir and Haleth's oldest daughter.
ImlachOC40sRanger of the Lost.
Chapter 79 - Queen
TarostarOC50sSteward of Umbar, secretly of the Faithful.
SqueakOC14Whoreson of Minas Tirith. Related to Ingold.
Chapter 80 - Exiles
AngborJRRT31Lord of Lamedon. Of kin to lords of Morthond and Linhir.
Chapter 82 - Vinitharya
ElatanOC50sLeader of the King's Men in Anorien.

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