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Birthday Stories for JunoMagic 2007: 1. "A date's irony" by Vilwarin

A date's irony
by Vilwarin

March 15th, year 8 4th age

"I think that it is a good thing that we do not celebrate the victory of the Pelennor fields," Aragorn observed.

Arwen looked up from the window seat where she was doing some needle work. "Mm," she replied through closed lips, her needle still pressed between them. Then, "what brings you to that thought now, beloved?"

"Halbarad would have been a hundred years today, which is, I think, quite a bit of irony. He is the only one I knew who managed to die on his birthday, which, when one thinks about it, does not really surprise me. He himself even joked about it while we were still on the ship - how he managed to count the days I know not - that our well-wishes to him would be in vain this year, but at least his dying on that day would make it easier for us not to forget his birthday for even a longer time than the ten years that he no longer dwells among us.

"And I must say that his words proved to be true. I miss him enormously, you surely do realize, and today even more than on any other day of the year. So I thought that it was a good thing not to have a celebration on this day."

"I see," she answered simply, deciding not to interrupt him and to let him speak what was on his mind at the moment.

"Whenever we could, we would celebrate our birthdays together, which are, after all, only fifteen days apart. A beer or a little bag of pipeweed bought for the other would not come amiss. and we found each other with length and width of the wilds of Eriador between us, we would shamelessly use the erand runners and include a letter or package amongst the reports. We called it the "captain's liberty", for one thing we had to have in lack of a kingdom." Aragorn fell silent and shook his head. "But now there are no longer small gifts or letters, and never were there grand feast as would befit a kinsman of the king. Now I can only remember the date of both his birthday and day of his death."


March 1st, year 120 4th age

As I leave the Citadel for the last time and make my way toward Rath Dinen, I cannot help but think that I am the author of irony myself. My thoughts turn towards Halbarad, who I will follow by making my birthday my death-day also. I have chosen this day because I thought it somehow appropriate, not, of course, because Halbarad managed to do the same, but because it seems fitting to leave the world on the same date as I entered it. It makes a full 210 years; and I am contend. I have had many friends during the long years of my life, saw them enter my life and some even died in my arms. And now it is my time and I welcome it, for it is time indeed for a meeting at long last beyond the Halls of Mandos.

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