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twist on festivities, A : 1. Warm baths and urgent letters

"I hate snow. I hate snow. Hate... snow," muttered Erestor with chattering teeth, as he walked back to the Last Homely House.

Indeed he hated it. He didn't know why, but he actually suffered the cold much more than the rest of the other elves. Everyone could see him wearing thick winter fabrics and a very heavy cloak in this time of the year, and oftenly he would be subject of pranks of his golden haired friend, who loved winter. Elrond laughed at the thought of the difference between his two councellors, who were indeed as night and day, and the season proved the fact that this difference was obvious even more.

Erestor fastened his cloak around him, wrapping himself as a bat, trying in vain to get rid of the contact with the soft natural sustance.

"Damn, I bet my nose is red by now," he thought sulkily while casting a glance to the sky as more snow fell on him, "a drink of Miruvor would be very nice as soon as I get home. And a long warm bath with petals and scents. Perhaps with a book and the door locked under key"

These ideas recomforted him, making his suffering vanish for a while. He always thought of the mortals who sank in the snow, and having the privilege of the inmortal kin of safe unsinkable steps above it, made him smile a little. At least it wasn't that bad for him in winter, and pitied the others who unlike him had to walk their way through. What would he do if he were in their condition? He fancied the idea of not thinking about it right now. He was a few metres away from the embrace of the warm atmosphere of the house.

But suddenly a feeling of cold at the bottom of his spine made him halter his tracks. He whirled around, and pierced the darkness around him. He couldn't see anything but more snow. Perhaps it had been his imagination.

As he turned round, he was caught off guard as a snowball hit him fully on his face. Scowling at the attack, and crossing his arms above his chest, he stared in deep anger at the pair of blue merry eyes inches away from his own.

Glorfindel just laughed out loud, as usual.

"You... hahaha, always so distracted!" he said in a musical whisper.

"I'm going to have you head *one* of these *days* Glorfindel. And with it I'm going to polish my boots!"

The Balrog Slayer only laughed at Erestor's threat, the frown on his face and his scowling posture.

"Ahhh mellon nin! What would I do without you?" he said while walking along with him.

"I don't know, but I would have a warm bath should I be in your place," Erestor thought, "Don't you have duties anywhere else? Perhaps Cirdan misses your company in Mithlond and you could disappear for six long months!"

As Glorfindel headed to the Imladris guard headquarters, Erestor walked the last steps remaining to reach the door.

He smiled as he made contact with the warm air. The fireplace was lit not long ago, and the embracing climate made him forget his cheerful friend. He could hear Elrond telling the twins their favourite storybook in a room nearby, and Celebrian was knitting on a couch near the mentioned fireplace.

Hanging his cloak on a hook near the door, and trying to get rid of the little bunch of snow flakes here and there, he inhaled some good proportion of air in order to soothe himself down.

He was surprised when he saw a cup of tea offered to him. Elrond smiled, as the twins ran to their room.

"How was your sightseeing Erestor?"

"A bit... frosty," he sighed while taking the offered cup, "thank you"

"Not at all. I could see you from the window, coming towards here. And you were, errr... ambushed by Glorfindel?," Elrond broad smiled at Erestor's frown, "go on, take your bath; we'll meet at dinner"

"I thought we had to plan the feast Elrond, there are only two days left!"

"Don't worry my friend, everyone already knows what to do," he said while nudging him out of the room.

Erestor smiled to himself somehow relieved that he was going straight to enjoy his bath, and that he didn't have to spend hours investigating if they had enough food, or enough wood to lit the fire. He wouldn't have even to wonder if there were enough seats. It was a wonderful feeling.

So then he skipped to the library, grabbed a thick book; went to his room to pick his scents up. Pranced merrily upstairs, and locked the bathroom.

Now he was alone, and the bathtub was lusciously inviting him to get inside. Sprinkling some petals, and pouring some scent he then disappeared under the surface.


"It was just a snowball, Elrond"

Glorfindel was being surveyed by his Lord's accusing glance. But no mattering the titles and their positions, the Balrog Slayer couldn't help but to smile to himself.

He was being scolded as a mere elfling by other elf who was indeed an elfling before his eyes.

"You well know by now he hates snow," Elrond stated out loud.

Glorfindel shrugged and Elrond arched one elegant eyebrow up.

"Come on Elrond, it's Yuletide eve. He always gets irritated in this time of the year by the weather. He looks like an old disgusting elf who scowls at everything. I just tried to get him to regain some spirit"

Elrond listened to the blurted out words, and then Glorfindel's sigh in exasperation.

"Well, you are quite right in that," admitted Elrond.

"See? You agree. So stop accusing me" Glorfindel played a hurt look.

Elrond rolled up his eyes. "I don't fall for it. You'll have to invent something better to make me feel guilty"

Glorfindel laughed, soon followed by Elrond.

"I bet that old elf is already locked in his bathroom, inside the bathtub and with a volume of history in his soapy hands," Glorfindel shook his head, "What are we going to do? I would love to see the day he enjoys the festivities"

Elrond pondered the words for a minute, deep in thought.

"I have an idea," he admitted at last, "but you have to help me"


"Then Ilúvatar said to them: 'Of the theme that I have declared to you, I will now that ye make in harmony together a Great Music...," Erestor read his favourite history book, which he had already read many times to keep count, "And since I have kindled you with the Flame Imperishable, ye shall show forth..."

Some knocks on the door made him loose his concentration. "Who is it?" he asked a bit irritated, now that he had gotten some peace.

The absence of answer, made him got out of the bathtub and wrap in a towel. It was too good to be true.

When he opened the door, he stared surprised to Elrond and Glorfindel, one holding his cloak, the other a letter. Before he could react, the two entered the bathroom, grabbed his clothes, and pushed him in the adjacent room.

"Get dressed Erestor!" Elrond faked a tone of urgency in his voice.

Erestor still managed hold his towel wrapped around him, and started putting on his shirt.

"What is happening?" he asked worriedly.

"Ahh, well, you know Erestor," Glorfindel told him, "We where planning the feast and we found out that this letter should have been sent a week ago to Beorn..."

"...Anyone has sent it, and it was very important he had an answer by now," Elrond finished for his golden haired advisor.

"But I checked every letter should be sent five days ago! Where was this letter?"

"Hmmm... well...," Elrond now faked guilt, "don't get angry Erestor, I forgot it on the desk, under a pile of books"

"We have found out that everyone is busy doing something for the feast, and we thought that *you* should go and hand the letter to Beorn," Glorfindel added quickly to prevent any future questioning.

"Besides, don't worry. You'll be here just in time for the feast. Forgive me" Elrond faked more guilt, knowing that Erestor wouldn't get angry with him.

And the lie worked out perfectly. Erestor indeed felt he couldn't get angry with Elrond nor Glorfindel. It had been anyone's fault. The only thing he lamented was that he had to leave his warm sanctuary to get under the snow *again*.


"Goodbye Erestor!," both Elrond and Glorfindel waved at him from the gates, "may you have a safe journey"

Erestor waved back from below his black stallion, and when he turned back he scowled.

"Bet he is scowling now," Glorfindel whispered just for Elrond to hear.

"We better go and start with the plan. I would loathe if he returns and we didn't finish"

"He will love it! You had such a nice idea"

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