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Share a playlist with HASA!

Start by creating a playlist. Give it a name and a description. You can start with something simple like "My Favorite Legolas Stories".

After you create a playlist, you can add stories to it.

  • If it is a playlist of stories by other people, you add stories from the Reader Toolbox on the story page itself.
  • If it is a playlist of your own stories, you'll add them from a drop down list right here.

Only active playlists appear to other people. Your playlist cannot appear to others until you add stories to it. You can remove it from view at any time by manually deactivating it.

Once you activate your playlist, other HASA members can add your list to a playlist favorites collection. You can collect playlists by authors and other readers even if you don't have any of your own. On every playlist overview page is a "Add Playlist" button. Click, and that list is added to your collection. If you don't see the button, check to see if you are logged in.