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Sites that provide guidance and information about the craft of writing.

Citizens Against Bad Slash
Added: 21 Jul 02
Added By: Tyellas
A multi-fandom site. The "Writing" and "Rants" sections will help aspiring slash fanfiction writers.
Learn English Grammar - Tenses
Added: 16 Dec 02
Added By: Lyllyn
A useful and well organized summary of tenses and when to use each one.
How to Write Index
Added: 16 Dec 02
Added By: Lyllyn
This is by science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer. It is aimed at the aspiring professional, but has several articles of value to any fiction writer, such as 'Great Beginnings', 'Show, Don't Tell', 'Constructing Characters,' and Dialogue,
Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!
Added: 10 Jan 03
Added By: Ithilwen
Analyses of bad stories (WARNING - many are NC-17), an essay on avoiding common writing errors, a guide to writing believable slash, a Mary Sue interview, and more.
British vs. American
Added: 05 Mar 03
Added By: fliewatuet
Differences between British and American spelling, and common words in British and American English. The site is provided by the Georgia State University. It also contains links to further sites that deal with that subject.
English Usage, Style and Composition references
Added: 05 Mar 03
Added By: shadow975
At last check, included: American Heritage Book of English Usage, Columbia Guide to Standard American English, The Elements of Style, and The King's English, 2nd ed., as well as some related texts.
Fanfic Symposium
Added: 05 Aug 03
Added By: Ithilwen
Thoughtful and provocative essays on all aspects of fanfiction - not specific to any one fandom.
The Scriptorium
Added: 04 Sep 03
Added By: Ithilwen
A virtual room for writers, with tips, writing exercises, informative articles, book reviews, and more.
How to Write Almost Readable Fanfiction
Added: 04 Oct 03
Added By: Ithilwen
Amusing, and full of good advice. Warning - the site has some aggressive pop-up ads, so turn your pop-up blocker on before you visit!
Fanfiction - A User's Guide
Added: 04 Oct 03
Added By: Ithilwen
A short, rather scholarly overview of the fanfiction phenomenon.
Added: 04 Oct 03
Added By: Ithilwen
A treasure trove of articles about the writing process and criticism (with an emphasis on professional writing).
Get Writing.
Added: 27 Oct 03
Added By: Ithilwen
A BBC-run website for writers, with articles, writing exercises, discussion forums, and moer. You must sign up for a BBC account to access the site information.
Visual Thesaurus
Added: 19 Mar 04
Added By: Anglachel
A very cool site for when you need just the right word. The thesaurus maps are almost works of art.
Holt Uncensored
Added: 24 Mar 04
Added By: Thevina Finduilas
"Ten Mistakes Writers Don't See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do)" This is a great resource which points out common errors writers tend to make. The author has given the article an alternate title: "10 Common Problems That Dismiss You As An Amateur."
Absolute Write Forums
Added: 23 Feb 05
Added By: Ithilwen
A very comprehensive set of forums, covering any and all aspects of writing. The forums are associated with a site geared toward professional writers, which is a helpful resource if you want to get your Great Novel published.
Common Errors in English Usage
Added: 05 Dec 09
Added By: Nath
Overview of common errors in English; very useful for any writer.
Added: 06 Dec 09
Added By: Nath
The Oxford English Dictionary online - be careful to select either UK or US spelling
Added: 06 Dec 09
Added By: Nath
An online thesaurus offering a thorough list of alternative words.
Added: 24 Apr 10
Added By: Anglachel
Easy to use site for looking up English words.

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