Light on the Way

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Story Summary

Regarding the passing of the King Elessar Telcontar. Rated for character death and the treatment of bodies.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Preface 293 0 01 Aug 13
2 A Bell Tolls 4,651 0 01 Aug 13
3 Time of Honor 3,045 0 01 Aug 13
4 He Who Was as a Son 832 0 07 Mar 05
5 The Halls of Waiting 2,796 0 01 Aug 13
6 “In Whose Mighty Company” 6,788 0 06 Aug 13
7 A Reunion Long Awaited 2,076 0 06 Aug 13
8 The Queen's Grief 3,467 0 06 Aug 13
9 Leavetaking 2,898 0 06 Aug 13
10 Light Returned 3,712 0 06 Aug 13
11 Rejoice in Your Daughter 865 0 06 Aug 13
12 Seeking the Presence 1,914 0 06 Aug 13
13 The Cost of Love 1,924 0 06 Aug 13
14 Author's Notes 1,912 0 08 Aug 13
Appx. Word Count 37,173 0  



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Light on the Way

Peregrin_Ionad - 10 Dec 07 - 7:42 AM

General Comment

Ahhh! another great story that has taken me far to long to start to read. But I can say with out a doubt that it needs a tissue warning! (BURSTS INTO TEARS AGAIN)

Pip Cry

Light on the Way

Larner - 10 Dec 07 - 11:45 PM

General Comment

I'm so honored you like it, Peregrin-Ionad.  Thank you.  And, yes, it is filled with pathos, and deliberately so.

Light on the Way

Cuinwen - 10 Aug 13 - 9:36 PM

General Comment

The story is a lovely, leisurely exploration of loss and redemption and loss. It is not for those who know of LOTR only from the movies; indeed one needs to have read the appendices of LOTR to know and appreciate all the characters. There is an italicized section in one of the chapters that appears to be an uploading error, but which dovetails neatly with the author's unique and fascinating vision of the Halls of Waiting. This story is well worth a read for anyone who has a little patience and isn't looking for continuous explosions :)

Light on the Way

Cuinwen - 11 Aug 13 - 10:47 PM

General Comment

I too, have played with variable time in my stories (not yet published), but this tale takes that notion in entirely different directions from my own ideas, which may be why I am so enthralled by it.

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Story Information

Author: Larner

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: 4th Age

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 08/08/13

Original Post: 11/20/04

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