The Sword of Elendil

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Story Summary

A tale of the young Aragorn facing the challenge of his new name and identity: what does it mean to be the Heir of Isildur? A story of personal growth, friendship, love and betrayal. A canon-mindful AU.  Adult themes and battle scenes.

Winner, Second Place, Longer Works, MEFA 2010.



Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Prologue: The Legend of Narsil 355 3 16 Feb 07
2 Arathorn's Son 3,337 3 09 Feb 07
3 Taking Leave 3,331 1 23 Feb 07
4 At the Meeting Stone 4,322 4 29 Apr 07
5 Shadow of Angmar 3,322 2 29 Apr 07
6 Queen's Falcons 3,139 4 29 Apr 07
7 The Hidden Fortress 2,033 6 06 Apr 07
8 Wise Heart 4,824 5 29 Apr 07
9 The First Death 2,262 2 21 Apr 07
10 Harvest Festival 3,717 2 27 Apr 07
11 The Test of Battle 3,593 3 04 May 07
12 Fever Dreams 4,246 2 10 May 07
13 The Captains' Council 4,510 3 09 Jun 07
14 The Dagger 2,600 5 09 Jul 07
15 The Haven of Rivendell 5,882 5 09 Aug 07
16 The Evenstar 5,876 7 09 Oct 07
17 The Scarred Man 5,080 5 14 Feb 08
18 Chieftain's Justice 5,361 5 05 Mar 08
19 Trolls 4,963 4 10 Mar 08
20 Beyond the Circles of the World 4,754 5 19 Mar 08
21 The Grave 4,327 3 05 Jul 08
22 Betrayal 3,512 5 04 Aug 08
23 Beleg's Tale 4,862 3 11 Oct 08
24 The Servant of Mordor 4,956 5 28 Nov 08
25 The Power of Elven Healing 4,065 7 17 Jan 09
26 Steadfast 3,627 1 12 Jun 10
27 Shadow of the Elder Days 3,407 5 15 Jan 10
28 Aragorn Walks the Pathways 4,180 3 23 May 10
29 They Also Serve Who Only Stand and Wait 3,957 2 30 May 10
30 The Heir of Elendil 4,739 3 08 Jun 10
31 Author's Notes 1,002 1 06 Jun 10
32 List of Characters 310 0 23 May 10
33 Chronology 1,013 0 08 Jun 10
34 Appendix: From the Red Book of Westmarch 491 0 06 Jun 10
Appx. Word Count 121,955 114  



WARNING! Comments may contain spoilers for a chapter or story. Read with caution.

The Sword of Elendil

DrummerWench - 24 Jun 06 - 4:18 PM

General Comment

*notices "Sword of Elendil" has been updated*  *finds that nothing visible has been changed since May*

 I figure you've been busy tidying up behind the scenes.  Perhaps the next chapter will make its debut soon?


The Sword of Elendil

Gandalfs apprentice - 24 Jun 06 - 4:27 PM

General Comment


I altered the story summary to include Ivorwen and Dirhael on the character list--they had not been on it before, because, believe it or not, they were not on the HASA master character list! Even that little change shows up as an "update." Sorry for the disappointment!

I'm hoping to post Chapter six, "Rangers and Rivendell," in beta next weekend, and to put a draft chapter seven, "The Scarred Man," in the workshop. After that: "Trolls." Much action-adventure and drama on the way....


The Sword of Elendil

Aerenos - 27 Jun 06 - 7:33 PM

General Comment

Sorry I can't give you any real constructive comments, but I loved the story!  Very well-researched and well-written.  I'm looking forward to your next chapter.

The Sword of Elendil

DrummerWench - 19 May 07 - 9:53 AM

General Comment

Hi, G.A.
You know, this is just the kind of thing I like!  A tale that, without spending all its time in the bedroom, is nevertheless for and about adults.  A tale that examines the intersections of different cultures and personalities.  A story with adventure, heartache, and growth.

Also, a story with Aragorn as a young man.  I like that, too! Wink


The Sword of Elendil

Gandalfs apprentice - 20 May 07 - 7:11 PM

General Comment

DrummerWench: you wrote this is just the kind of thing I like! A tale that, without spending all its time in the bedroom, is nevertheless for and about adults. A tale that examines the intersections of different cultures and personalities. A story with adventure, heartache, and growth.

That's what I've been aiming for--and it's wonderful that at least one reader thinks I've succeeded! Thanks!

RS: Well, we know how it turns out in the end, don't we? But Aragorn had a long road to travel on the way.

Thanks, guys! 

The Sword of Elendil

pandemonium_213 - 22 Jul 07 - 8:18 AM

General Comment

I'm new to this wild and woolly phenomenon of Tolkien fan fic, although I am a longtime fan, so I am taking my inaugural plunge into the Forbidden Pool of HASA by commenting on this excellent serial.The handy "story recommended for…" list assesses "Sword of Elendil" accurately.  Good pacing, excellent dialogue, well-crafted points of view, imaginative gap-filler,  expansion on Tolkien's milieu, yes, all those and more apply.Specifically, I'm really taken with the imagery and symbolism of the falcons, the truly wonderful characterization of Saelind, the exploration of cultures and their conflict, and the atmospheric descriptions of the life of Men in the Third Age.   More than that, you have written young Aragorn as a truly compelling character.   Even though I read this as a Tolkien fan (and critic),  "Sword of Elendil" is a darned good story in its own right.   I eagerly await the next installment.Note: No juicy sweet fish were caught and consumed during this site visit. If there are egregious errors in formatting for this comment, well, I can only shrug and claim that I'm a Luddite.

The Sword of Elendil

jgmsccc - 19 Mar 08 - 5:33 PM

General Comment

Just want to thank you for continuing this story.  You really give personality to Aragorn and the people in his life.I know I read the first edition, but I dont remember all of it. 

The Sword of Elendil

Gandalfs apprentice - 18 Jan 10 - 11:26 AM

General Comment

Thanks, Casso and obsidianj, for your comments on "The Sword of Elendil." Yes, Aragorn's stature is beginning to be revealed to all, but he is still very young...especially for a certain Elven lady. In the next chapter, you will learn more about Ahando.

The Sword of Elendil

maeglin - 29 May 10 - 11:59 PM

General Comment

Ah, this was awesome!  A great read.  The poem at the beginning and end is great; do we get to find out who will reforge the sword?

The Sword of Elendil

Gandalfs apprentice - 06 Jun 10 - 8:28 AM

General Comment

Thanks to all who have read and commented on "The Sword of Elendil," Casso, RS, and others. I expect to post the final chapter within the week. To maeglin, who asked who reforged the sword: read Pandemonium's fine tale, "The Glittering of Swords," at the Silmarillion Story Archive.

The Sword of Elendil

DrummerWench - 12 Jun 10 - 10:28 AM

General Comment

Congratulations on completing a fine work!  Even though I'm sorry to see it come to an end, you did a great job of wrapping up a compelling and exciting tale of the young Aragorn's growth in maturity and experience.  The characters and their development and interactions are excellent. Fabulous job, G.A.!

The Sword of Elendil

Dwimordene - 14 Jun 10 - 6:59 PM

General Comment

And so it ends in a beginning - a lovely opening out into the story of the Aragorn we eventually come to know. [Some spoilery stuff below, in case other readers are concerned.]

I really liked Ahando's intervention - brilliant use of the notion of the Houseless Elf. It makes the idea of the Heirs of Isildur being hunted take on a dimension far vaster than we usually get out of the Appendix, where it appears to be a more recent phenomenon. But it appears that Ahando has been doggedly, wolfishly at it since before there was an Isildur for anyone to be heir to! Daeron's redemption, saving Rodnor from the Wolf, was well done, though I was very sorry to see Hawk go, and Beleg.

I also found that Vairë - I assume it's Vairë - really stood out, with her uncanny, gorgeous and terrible tapestries. 

Thanks for a great story of Aragorn's coming of age! Bravo!

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Story Information

Author: Gandalfs apprentice

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 12/17/10

Original Post: 06/05/05

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