Divine Intervention

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Story Summary

“For you are goddesses, inside on everything, know everything. But we mortals hear only the news, and know nothing at all.” --Homer


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Varda 387 2 14 Nov 09
2 Yavanna 1,117 3 21 Sep 08
3 Author's Notes 131 0 19 Jan 09
Appx. Word Count 1,635 5  



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Divine Intervention

Dwimordene - 26 Mar 07 - 6:40 AM

General Comment

I've already read your Yavanna verse--it is absolutely delightful. Nevertheless, this is more a response to the promise of more coming--bring it on! These are marvellous!


Divine Intervention

Meril - 26 Mar 07 - 9:33 AM

General Comment

*grin*  Thank you, Dwim!  I'm having fun writing tricksy, manipulative Valar.  


Divine Intervention

Elfhild - 30 Mar 07 - 11:07 PM

General Comment


This looks to be a fun and enjoyable series. Your poetry style is very expressive and animated. Ah, what games the Powers play with the lowly mortals. :) I look forward to reading what you write about the other goddesses.


Divine Intervention

Klose - 25 Jan 08 - 11:27 AM

General Comment

Allie, this is delightful -- and I sincerely hope the muse returns to provide us with more!

In my last re-read of LotR, I did find myself catching on all the little allusions that Tolkien makes of the Valar 'participating', in their own way, in the event of the Ring War, and I found myself wondering about what they must have done during the Ring War, and in the events of Arda following the First Age. So I do love this premise!

That it is done in freestyle verse - always an iffy style, but not so here - adds strength to the pieces, and a lovely touch of wry humour.  

The Homer quote is brilliantly appropriate - and how you've brought that to the Valier just as much so: "Later, as She examines a divine fingernail". Grin

"She smiles, pleased, and
a galaxy flares to life."


The following piece works off of the "Varda" piece so well. I adore your characterisations, and how you've made these Queens of the Valar so -- accessible.

I think I'm a Yavanna fan here -

So she spited him with many



*dies* Yes, Bad Aragorn! ;) 

I wonder who might possibly be next - Nienna? I would like to see what you make of her emo-weepiness. I hope we will see more of this soon - in the meantime, thank you for sharing! Enjoyed this very much.

Divine Intervention

Meril - 27 Jan 08 - 9:33 PM

General Comment

:)  Thank you for the recent comments, Klose, Rithralinde, Crowdaughter, and Barbara!  I do want to continue this series, and I hope the inspiration strikes sometime soon.  

And Elfhild, thank you for commenting nearly nine months ago: I'm *so* sorry for not replying, but I hadn't set my profile to e-mail me comments, and that one slipped right past me! 

Anyway, it makes me very happy when my story amuses people, so thank you all for taking the time to comment! 

~Allie (aka Meril)

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Story Information

Author: Meril

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: General

Rating: General

Last Updated: 01/19/09

Original Post: 08/28/05

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