Green Magic

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Story Summary

If you know where to look, Middle-earth is still with us. A mother has a strange experience in the California woods.

MEFA 2007: First Place, Best Crossover

Winner, 2007 My Precious Awards Third Place Best Nature Story

AU, in honor of Halloween; a birthday gift for JunoMagic and IgnobleBard. Thanks to Lady A., Sulriel, and oshun for their beta work, and to IgnobleBard for the end.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Green Magic 1,728 6 21 Jul 07
Appx. Word Count 1,728 6  



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Green Magic

Gandalfs apprentice - 06 Jun 07 - 8:25 AM

General Comment

Hi, Maeve: Anyone visiting a Redwood forest just has to think of Ents and Huorns, and who else to guard them?? This story was inspired by a trip to the Muir Woods. Glad you liked it! It was great fun to write.

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Story Information

Author: Gandalfs apprentice

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: Other

Genre: Drama

Rating: General

Last Updated: 01/02/08

Original Post: 10/08/06

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Playlists Featuring the Story

JunoMagic's Birthday Stories Playlist 2006 - 5 stories - Owner: JunoMagic
It's so amazing, I got stories with multiple chapters dedicated to my birthday this year! As you can't really add those to an ordinary birthday card story, I've decided to make a playlist for those stories. Here's what I asked for: I'm turning 31 on October 23, and here's my wish: I'd like to see characters from "Lord of the Rings" in our world. So that would be (depending on your interpretation of what Middle-earth is) a drabble/ficlet that crosses time and/or dimensions. The only caveat: please no parody or something like that! (For one thing, that would be too easy *wink*; for another, my husband says I have no sense of humour to begin with...). If that idea inspires anyone at all, I would be very grateful!
Included because: GA wrote this great and scary story for me and IgnobleBard. It's brilliant. Thank you again!


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