The Sons of Thunder

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Story Summary

 MEFA 3rd Place Genres: AU.

They are called the Sons of Thunder by the orcs of the mountains for good reason. In the closing chapter of this tale, Elrohir has to face all his demons and take the consequences. COMPLETE



Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Keeping Watch 3,546 3 04 Apr 10
2 Standing together 4,018 1 12 Apr 10
3 Chapter three:Black Ships 5,314 3 02 May 10
4 Lust 5,215 5 03 May 10
5 Helcaraxe 3,959 4 07 May 10
6 White Wings 4,316 2 16 May 10
7 The Darkness Within 4,895 4 16 May 10
8 Aftermath 5,642 2 21 May 10
9 Angren-pau (Iron-Fist) 6,821 4 30 May 10
10 In the Wind from the Sea 9,687 5 31 May 10
11 The Hunger 7,105 3 19 Jun 10
12 The Battle of the Pelennor Fields 7,183 4 19 Jun 10
13 Chapter 13: Many Meetings 7,001 4 26 Jun 10
14 Ravëyon 7,529 4 04 Jul 10
15 Olórin 3,677 4 10 Jul 10
16 Awakening 5,057 5 15 Jul 10
17 Chapter 17: Olorin's Plan 10,564 4 25 Jul 10
18 Cake and ale and smoke 5,845 4 03 Sep 10
19 The Request 4,900 6 03 Sep 10
20 Chapter 20: THe Gift of Men 6,205 5 12 Sep 10
21 The Remains of the Fellowship 4,945 6 19 Oct 10
22 Obsession 3,960 5 16 Nov 10
23 Ulairi 5,354 9 06 Dec 10
24 Chapter 24: Nine for Mortal Men 5,771 5 08 Jan 11
25 Vigil 8,286 6 21 Jan 11
26 Chapter 26:Khamul 12,224 5 24 Feb 11
27 Fireflies 5,675 5 04 Mar 11
28 The Houses of Healing 8,184 3 02 Apr 11
29 Fellowship 7,653 7 19 Apr 11
30 Old Friends 6,170 5 28 May 11
31 Confession 9,117 3 10 Jun 11
32 A Memory of Rohan 14,726 1 02 Jul 11
33 Chapter 33: Osgiliath 9,008 5 25 Jul 11
34 Yôzâira 12,460 5 26 Jul 11
35 Penance 13,364 3 11 Aug 11
36 Forgiveness 16,573 4 22 Aug 11
37 Chapter 37 The Last Deep Breath 5,042 3 01 Oct 11
38 Before the Black Gate 10,504 5 05 Nov 11
39 Jaws of Steel 4,507 2 12 Nov 11
40 The Mouth of Sauron 8,747 5 25 Nov 11
41 Chapter 41: The Last Battle 16,391 6 24 Dec 11
42 Aícanaro 7,801 5 14 Jan 12
43 The Black Web 8,047 5 25 Feb 12
44 Chapter 44: Distant Shores 9,169 5 06 Apr 12
45 Chapter 45 Pipeweed and Tall Tales 13,925 3 13 May 12
46 Submission 17,162 5 12 Jun 12
Appx. Word Count 363,244 197  



WARNING! Comments may contain spoilers for a chapter or story. Read with caution.

The Sons of Thunder

Scarlet10 - 19 Apr 10 - 2:59 AM

General Comment

I find this story very interesting. I am looking forward to see how the relations among the different parts of this group evolve.

The Sons of Thunder

Casso - 10 May 10 - 4:35 PM

General Comment

Hi Ziggy,

Thanks for this great story.

I am looking forward to seeing how it unravels.  You have some very deep undercurrents taking place.

Your fight scene was very good. I would almost like to see something like this, but I think in reality it would be a little too scary. Especially between two who you count friends and family. After all it was enough to leave Aragorn frozen to the spot. 

Keep writing. 

The Sons of Thunder

heartvodka - 23 Jun 10 - 2:28 PM

General Comment

Well, where to begin?

I've just found this and I'm so glad I did. From early on it was easy to see that there were some rather frightening themes emerging that could easily have become very out of character and completely unbelievable. But the handling of Elrohir's emotional state and the reasoning behind it is very carefully organised, making it believable and heart-achingly awful. I don't know if I'm reading too much into this but the discourse on the elven history of the orcs and then the sudden switch you have at one point to Elrohir and his dangerous perceptions seems very meaningful.

I love as well the way you have such a sensory laden writing style, which protrays the horrific nature of war and slavery that's often glossed over but also more gentle, beautiful snippets. The handling of the 'moment' between Elladan and Legolas was exquisite with the added, so very elven, touch of their, sort of, awareness of each other, if you get what I mean. I can't believe the misunderstanding! Where on earth will things go from here? I'm feeling a fair amount of trepidation for when/if Legolas remembers clearly what Elrohir did in the cabin.

Your weaving in of canon seems effortless!

Just generally, I love it and have no idea how it will turn out, particularly with these latest developments. Oh, it could go so many ways!

Can hardly wait for the next chapter!


The Sons of Thunder

Tanis - 15 Jul 10 - 8:46 PM

General Comment

So ... I don't read WIPs for this very reason; I get caught up in a story that comes to a screeching halt in the middle of some heart-wrenching scene and then I have to wait!  And I'm soooo not good at waiting!   

What an incredible emotional roller coaster this story has been.  I was immediately sucked in, just knowing the story would feature the twins.  And your portrayal of them is engrossing to say the least. The darkness so intensely and vividly portrayed in Elrohir, balanced, when necessary, by Ellandan's cool blue is equisitely done.  And I love that you've made Legolas such a strong character, yet vulnerable both to those he loves and those he desires.  And then you had me laughing out loud at Gandalf's mild disapproval of the Elf's ... impartiality.  Grin

I've run the gambit of emotions reading this and enjoyed every second of it.  Can't wait for more!


The Sons of Thunder

Tanis - 02 Sep 10 - 8:13 AM

General Comment

Going into withdrawal here - have now read the story to date about ten times.  Need more soonest.  I promise to send feedback for every chapter from here on out.

Who, me? Tanis

The Sons of Thunder

eliza61 - 17 Nov 10 - 9:06 AM

General Comment

Am I the only one seeing only 21 chapters

The Sons of Thunder

curiouswombat - 17 Nov 10 - 1:02 PM

General Comment

Eliza61 - no I have the same problem.  I'm guessing Ziggy has forgotten to click something... and hoping she'll rectify it soon!Oh Well

The Sons of Thunder

ziggy - 06 Dec 10 - 12:47 AM

General Comment

Thank you for your reviews, Azalais. Yes, that chapter is the axis really for everything else that happens- and sort of ends the affair that was started in the earlier story. But it is for the better, for Eomer certainly- he is king now and Legolas knows this. I wonder what you will make of the next chapter- I really like that one.

The Sons of Thunder

Cuinwen - 06 Dec 10 - 10:14 PM

General Comment

Generally I don't care for slash for the same reasons I don't generally care for het romances:  the attraction is too often substituted for plot.  But I have to admit, this is one rip-snorter of a tale you have going here :)

The Sons of Thunder

ziggy - 09 Dec 10 - 10:34 PM

General Comment

Hi Tanis

Alos posted on Lord of the Rings Fanfiction- but I am behind there but have added some extras to DTB and this. Not a huge amount but little scenes here and there. 

I like your analogy for Legolas of a flame buffeted by the winds of war- he is certainly getting that in full at the moment. I think the Nazgul moment in the film, ROTK were so immensely powerful I wanted to make a bit more of them in these later chapters -and they were sorcerors themselves before Ringwraiths so would have used magic and corrupted the Song many times before. This chapter is only part of their plan. Next chapter you will find out a bit more.

The Sons of Thunder

firefoot - 11 Dec 10 - 1:11 PM

General Comment

I've just sat here and read it all in one exhilarating go (my essays ... XD) and oh my god, this is brilliant -- I like how you've taken certain liberties with the book's plot but pattern it close enough that it's exciting to see how you've changed it. Um, the twins. The twins! Oh, Elrohir. ))): I just wish someone could magic him into the 21st century and get him a therapist, then send him back to the Song-bearing bosom of Legolas. ...that sounded better in my head. uh, anyway. Speaking of which, I really like how you've described the respective elves' songs and how you weave intuition so nicely into everything, like Pippin's Foreboding Feelings and such. Things that stand out from that mad rush of reading: Elrohir explaining the sea-longing to Gimli in those terms (bias? what bias?), the bits with the hobbits in, Legolas's ridiculous songs, Faramir's cameo :D:D:D, Gimli in general ... I could go on and on, really.

And this last chapter was absolutely mad -- but in a good way! I was literally gripping the edge of my table and forcing myself to breathe while reading it, because holy shit!

This has been a great ride and I can't wait for more!

The Sons of Thunder

PandaBandit69 - 03 Jun 11 - 8:33 PM

General Comment

ziggy, this i must say is fantastic! I love how you have woven such an incredible adventure for our heroes, and yet still keeping with the original story. This is truly a fantastic piece.

I also am a great fan of the prequel, but was so excited to read this one i forgot to mention so in the last story XD Truly I hope to read more of your work inthe near future.Wink

The Sons of Thunder

AndreaH - 01 Sep 11 - 3:30 PM

General Comment

Hello, I started reading this on my small piece of Apple technology over summer holidays, but couldn't comment as I couldn't write on HASA from that particular piece of technology. I really like your Gimli, he is wonderful, and the relationship between he and Legolas is a lot of fun to read. But I am somewhat misbelieving, if Elrohir has been this tormented for how long?, how did he ever manage to form a decent, brotherly relationship with Aragorn? If Glorfindel takes so little nonsense then why didn't he, if not Elrond or Elladan, or even Arwen, force the issue with Elrohir? Surely someone beside Elladan saw what bad shape Elrohir was in?

Anyway, I'm slowly catching up (Chapter 18 is next) and will soon come to know, once again, the agony of reading a work in progress Laugh out loud. Keep up the good work!

BTW, do we ever hear from Legolas' dragon? The wise one might have many things to say, as Legolas has speculated...

Thanks, AndreaH

The Sons of Thunder

ziggy - 05 Nov 11 - 12:10 PM

General Comment

Sorry folks- not a new chapter, just I edited something so the next chapter doesn't jar. There are two new chapters in the pipeline though and they'll be up soon.

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Author: ziggy

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: General

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 06/12/12

Original Post: 04/04/10

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