Battle of the Golden Wood, The

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Story Summary

An account of the battles between Dol Guldur and Lothlorien during the Wars of the Ring. Mithril Awards 2004 - Winner - 'Best story focussing on Elves'.


Chapter List

Ch# Title Words Com. Updated
1 Many Farewells 884 0 05 Mar 04
2 The Flight of the Oshelmingas 1,653 0 05 Mar 04
3 Into the Trees 1,243 0 05 Mar 04
4 The Lord of Lorien 2,376 0 05 Mar 04
5 Coming to Rest 2,298 0 04 Mar 03
6 It Begins 1,572 0 05 Mar 03
7 The Testing of the Wards 2,612 0 05 Mar 04
8 New Understandings 2,697 0 05 Mar 04
9 Recovery and Threat 2,407 0 05 Mar 04
10 All Aflame 1,769 0 05 Mar 04
11 The Sortie 2,186 0 14 Mar 04
12 Vulnerability Discovered 1,778 1 05 Mar 04
13 A Fool's Hope 1,670 0 09 Jul 04
14 Downfall 2,414 0 14 Mar 04
15 The Challenge 3,421 0 14 Mar 04
16 Some Successes 2,749 0 05 Mar 04
17 Many Injuries 3,157 0 14 Mar 04
18 A Turning Point 3,210 0 05 Mar 04
19 For the Lady 2,252 0 05 Mar 04
20 Dol Guldur 2,669 0 05 Mar 04
21 Leaving or Staying? 3,167 0 05 Mar 04
22 An End Comes 4,463 0 05 Mar 04
23 Preparing for the Future 3,689 0 05 Mar 04
24 One More Parting 2,295 0 14 Mar 04
Appx. Word Count 58,631 1  



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Battle of the Golden Wood, The

maeglin - 22 May 09 - 9:12 PM

General Comment

This a wonderful, wonderful story.  Too little has been told of the actual _fighting_ the Elves did during the Ring War.  But fight they most certainly did.  One has to invent so many characters - Tasariel, Calandil, Merethir, Thilevril, etc, etc, and this takes a lot of talent, but you do it so well!  Did you write Tasariel into any other stories?  The future for her and Haldir seems obvious.

Battle of the Golden Wood, The

Marnie - 23 May 09 - 2:58 AM

General Comment

Many thanks Maeglin!  I'm really glad you enjoyed it :)  And I agree - I think one of the faults of the film was that it gave the impression that the elves weren't involved in the war in their own lands.  That was one of the things I wanted to address with this :)

 Tasariel was actually a bit of an accidental creation for this story.  I originally had a male warlord called Tasarion, but then I remembered Tolkien saying that the elves didn't restrict any professions by gender.  I wanted to reflect that, so I changed him into a her, but I never really intended her to be anything other than just a war leader. They do get on well, but I was thinking it was more a case of brothers in arms than romance.

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Story Information

Author: Marnie

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: General

Rating: General

Last Updated: 09/02/04

Original Post: 01/15/03

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