Standard Bearer, The - Extra Scenes: 1. Scene 1: A Surprise Catch

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1. Scene 1: A Surprise Catch

Author’s note: This is an optional NC-17 love scene to go with my Last Alliance story, The Standard Bearer. I am publishing it separately to keep the rating of the original at PG-13. This piece is not intended to stand alone. If you want the plot, you will have to read the main story.


And finally a warning: this is highly romanticised Elf sex, where no one lies on anyone else’s hair, he never has a hangnail, and there are definitely no embarrassing noises! So don’t be surprised when it bears little resemblance to the usual awkward, sweaty Man stuff. :)

And now, if romantic smut be the food of love read on:



[To be included with Chapter 12: Choices of the Heart]

His strong arms were welcoming, and his long hands were firm against her back. She felt herself mould against him as the fire rose in her, and yielding, she let him lower her back onto the couch. “And now,” he whispered, running a fingertip along her collarbone, and bringing his mouth to hers again, “that’s enough talk.”

His body settled onto hers, strangely substantial without heaviness. She could feel the contours of him, muscle and bone, through the thin silk of her dress. His subtly scented hair fell around them like a sheet of dark water, and he cradled her head between his long forearms. Softly yet firmly, his lips moved over hers, coaxing them into life. The tip of his tongue ran over her mouth, gently pushing its way between her lips until it touched hers, and at the taste of him she felt a warmth melt through her.

She ran her hands over his shoulders and back, the topography of muscle and bone hard beneath the fine cloth. His fingers were in her hair, gently tugging, as his mouth whispered along her jaw and up to breathe heat into her ear. She stroked his long flank, then trailed her fingers upwards to explore the nape of his long neck, to run through the silk of his hair. His cheek was soft against hers, the marvellous ear just within reach of her mouth. She kissed it, first with her breath, then with seeking lips, provoking a growl of pleasure from the Elf, and tightening his hands in her hair.

“Oh, Gil,” he whispered, moving his lips to caress her eyes, and back down to her eager mouth. He drew back a little, teasing, and she lifted her head, lips parted with desire, straining to feast upon his again. This time his tongue was more intrusive, exploring every tooth, every sensitive membrane, before withdrawing to invite her in. The sweet taste of his mouth, the smooth feel of his perfect teeth, the writhing wetness of his tongue made her cling to him, her body weak with desire.

They parted with a gasp, and he slid over to lie beside her, propped up by one elbow. The other hand tracked downwards, past jaw and neck to trace the hard line of the clavicle. He ran the palm slowly down her side, long fingers following the curve of her waist, over the hipbone to the thigh. Then up, past the dimple of the pelvis, brushing the slight swell of her belly to gently cup her breast.

She moaned quietly, and pushed off her shoes, drawing up a slender foot to run the instep along his leg.

He bent his head to kiss her neck, his lips and tongue drawing lines of fire along her skin. His fingers loosened the fastening of her gown, till glimpsing the soft swell of her bosom he lowered his mouth to take a first taste, his hand more insistent now, the long fingers demanding, the thumb raising the nipple through the fine material. He pressed against her, his breath hot, a new hardness against her thigh. With one hand she clutched the back of his tunic, the other she ran over his chest, pushing her fingers between the fastenings to touch his skin.

Abruptly he sat up, kicked his boots off, and with one fluid motion peeled his tunic over his head. The smooth skin of his chest shone, the flickering lamplight accentuating every ripple and hollow. He lowered himself to her again, her fervid hands delighting in the feel of his nakedness, roaming over the hardness of the chest, the powerful shoulders, the long, sinewy arms. Caressing across the firm back, and playing down the ridge of the spine.

Strong fingers spanned one side of her head and his lips sought for hers again, his hot mouth fastening on her hungry one. The other hand teased round her breast, the fingertips inveigeling their way beneath her clothing. Aching with need, she pressed her body against his, lifting her knee to twine her leg behind his. A hand ran slowly down her back, over the roundness of buttock, along the back of the thigh and past the knee to where fine silk became bare flesh. Even more slowly it returned, pushing the intrusive cloth before it. His mouth moved again, drawing sparks over her neck and shoulder. Delicate, strong fingers explored every nuance of the knee, rose in a soft sweep up the outside of the hip, caressing her waist, till one strong arm was under her back. The warm, hard feel against her naked skin made her shiver with delight and anticipation as he shifted his weight so that the second hand could make the same journey. Straddling her, he rose to his knees, easily lifting her after him. His firm hands now made free under her robe, from the sensitive back of her neck to the dimples at the base of her spine.

He bared his perfect white teeth in a wolfish smile, and whispered hungrily in her ear, “Lift your arms.”

She did so, and with a single movement he divested her of gown and shift both. Clothed now only in her hair, she was lowered back onto the couch, his eyes devouring every inch of her. Her skin contracted beneath his gaze, hair standing proud, nipples hardening. He stood to unfasten his trews and she closed her eyes, not daring to look.

His laughter was gentle, and she felt him lie beside her again, his lithe, well-muscled limbs stretched beside hers, heat glowing every place they touched. His fingers were fiery on her face as he kissed her eyes open and read the ardour there. He raised her arms above her head, deftly pinning them with one hand while the other stoked the flame. His palm rough over the soft skin of her breasts, rolling the nipples till they ached, fingers pressing and sliding over flank and belly. Avidly she raised her mouth, searching for his sensuous one. Fluttering his lips over hers he tantalised her until she moaned aloud, and he bent to drink again. She strained her limbs to their farthest extent, stretching out her toes, and lifting her pelvis as his hand moved lower. Lightly he stroked her, slowly feeding her desire, till she quivered with need, opening her secret places to his touch. He freed her hands, and taking one, lightly kissed the fingers, and guided it downwards. She gasped as he placed it on his length, and when she did what he showed her, his groan of pleasure made the heat in her almost unbearable.

Fastening on her mouth again, he lifted himself over her, his eyes mirror pools of desire as he poised to cross the threshold. For a moment he waited, the question asked only by his eyes, the affirmation coming from her lips and hands.

Her eyes widened as he entered, slowly, gently. One sharp intake of breath, as he pushed past her only resistance, his comforting kiss erasing the pain of a moment, then she could only gasp as she felt him inside. Gradually, he began to move, her body responding without her will. She gripped tightly to his shoulder, her breath trembling over his beautiful ear.

“Elrond,” she whispered, as the slow, affinitive rhythm possessed her. As the tempo increased a little, she found herself consumed by a fierce heat. Folding her closely to him, the Elf rose to sit back on his knees and she wrapped her legs tightly about him, pulling herself onto him, gripping his back with ardent hands. Panting now, she dug her fingers into his shoulder, her hot mouth at his ear, lips caressing, tongue teasing and teeth biting gently. She growled in pleasure.

She felt a strong hand behind her head, buried in her love-tossed hair, another at her back, and she leaned backwards into his strength, arching her back and snapping her teeth at him as she did.

“Seems I have caught myself a wildcat,” Elrond’s voice was raw with passion, his fingers grasping at her hair, his breath hot on her neck. Now he took control, holding her, now closer, now further away. Moving in her, now faster, now slower. A faint sheen of sweat covered him, and his grey eyes marvelled as he watched her discovery. Slowly, gradually, he built the fire in her, feeding it just enough to glow, not enough to flame, until he held her, poised, balanced, on the very cusp.

Eyes wide, mouth trembling, she gasped, inhalation upon inhalation, till she could barely whisper, “Please.” More, and a just a little more, then with the tiniest of movements he took her over, plunging, rushing her down into the pool of pleasure…her breath expelled, her body bucking against his, feet kicking. He gave a great groan of pleasure and released himself shuddering, his strong hands clasping her close, and together they rode the slowly subsiding wave, bodies quivering to rest.

Gently, softly, he stroked her hair and skin, then lowered her back, and reclined beside her. A blush was upon her body, her hair in disarray, her face a picture of delight and amazement. Her pulse beat in every fingertip, her chest rising and falling as she regained her breath.

“Oh my love.” She murmured.

He smiled at her, such a look of love and happiness, that she thought she might never breathe again, and gently touched her face. “Was that the first for you?” he whispered.

“Well,” she blushed, “when alone..I…..sometimes,… but never…, I never…. dreamed, it could be like this.”

He smiled again, burying his face in her wild hair, and drew the blankets close about them.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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Author: Sorne

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Era: Akallabêth/Last Alliance

Genre: Romance

Rating: Adult

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