Witch-King of Angmar: 4. Timeline

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4. Timeline

Second Age
1500 The Elven-smiths begin the forging of the Rings of Power.
1600 Sauron forges the One Ring in Orodruin.
2251 Tar-Atanamir takes the sceptre. Rebellion and division of the Numenoreans begins.
          About this time the Nazgûl or Ringwraiths, slaves of the Nine Rings, first appear.
3261 Ar-Pharazon sets sail and lands at Umbar.
3262 Sauron is taken to Numenor as prisoner of Ar-Pharazon.
3262-3310 Sauron seduces the King and corrupts the Numenoreans.
3320 Foundations of the Realms in Exile: Arnor and Gondor. The Stones are divided.
          Sauron returns to Mordor.
3429 Sauron attacks Gondor, takes Minas Ithil and burns the White Tree. Isildur escapes
          down Anduin and goes to Elendil in the North. Anarion defends Minas Anor and
3441 Sauron overthrown by Elendil and Gil-galad, who perish. Isildur takes the One Ring.
          Sauron passes away and the Ringwraiths go into the shadows. The Second Age ends.

Third Age
1100 The Wise (the Istari and the chief Eldar) discover that an evil power has made a
          stronghold at Dol Guldur. It is thought to be one of the Nazgûl.
1300 The Nazgûl reappear. The chief of these comes north to Angmar.
1356 King Argeleb I slain in battle with Rhudaur.
1409 The Witch-king of Angmar invades Arnor. King Arveleg I slain. Fornost and Tyrn Gorthad           are defended. The Tower of Amon Sul is destroyed.
1974 End of the North-kingdom. The Witch-king overruns Arthedain and takes Fornost.
1975 Arvedui drowned in the Bay of Forochel. Eärnur brings a fleet to Lindon. The Witch-king           is defeated at the Battle of Fornost, and pursued to the Ettenmoors; he vanishes from
          the north.
1980 The Witch-king comes to Mordor and there gathers the Nazgûl.
2000 The Nazgûl issue from Mordor and besiege Minas Ithil.
2002 Fall of Minas Ithil, afterwards known as Minas Morgul.
2043 Eärnur becomes King of Gondor. He is challenged by the Witch-king to single combat,
          but is dissuaded by Mardil the Steward.
2050 The challenge is renewed. Eärnur rides to Minas Morgul and is lost. Mardil becomes the           first ruling Steward.
2060 The power of Dol Guldur grows. The wise fear that it may be Sauron taking shape
2063 Gandalf goes to Dol Guldur. Sauron retreats and hides in the east. The Watchful Peace
          begins. The Nazgûl remain quiet in Minas Morgul.

June 20 A host from Modor attacks Osgiliath, the Witch-king spreads fear and terror among
          the defenders.
July 1 The seven Nazgûl from Minas Morgul, unclad and unmounted, cross the Anduin. From
          here they pass through Anórien, over the Entwade, into the Wold, and to the
          west-shores of the Anduin.
July 17 The Nazgûl from Minas Morgul receive horses and raiment on the west shore of the
          Anduin above Sarn Gebir.
July 22 The Nazgûl from Minas Morgul meet up with the two Nazgûl from Dol Guldur at the
          Field of Celebrant. Khamûl the Easterling reports that there are no dwellings of
          Halflings in the Vales of Anduin. The Lord of the Nazgûl decides to seek northward for
          the Shire.
Sept 18 Black Riders cross the Fords of Isen.
Sept 20 Black Riders arrive at Isengard.
Sept 22 Black Riders reach Sarn Ford and drive off the guard of Rangers.
Sept 23 four Riders enter the Shire before dawn, the others pursue the Rangers eastward,
          then return to watch the Greenway. One rider comes to Hobbiton at nightfall.
Sept 29 Merry encounters at least one Black Rider in Bree in the evening.
Sept 30 Early in the morning Black Riders break into the house at Crickhollow; three
          according to A Knife in the Dark, although at The Council of Elrond, Gandalf speaks of
          the four Black Riders who "invaded the Shire."
          Close to the same time there is a on the Prancing Pony. It is suggested that the Black
          Riders did not personally attack the inn, but rather induced some of the men to do
          their work; the implication is that 'squint-eyed' southron, and Bill Ferny were of the
          group. During this time the Black Captain stays hidden south of Bree at Andrath.
          That night at least five Riders throw down the gates at Bree and ride through the
Oct 3 Gandalf attacked by nine Riders at night on Weathertop; when he escapes, four Riders
          follow him.
Oct 6 Five Black Riders attack the hobbits and Strider at Weathertop.
Oct 11 Glorfindel drives three Riders off the bridge of Mitheithel, while pursuing them he
          comes upon two others.
Oct 20 Escape from the Riders at the Ford of Bruinin, the flood leaves the Riders uncloaked
          and unhorsed.

Feb 22 Legolas shoots winged steed of a Nazgûl from the banks of the Anduin. (Probably not
          the Witch-king)
March 5 One of the Nazgûl seen over camp of the Rohirrim (Probably not the Witch-king.)
March 10 Five Nazgûl harry Faramir and his men. The Nazgûl retreat at the white flame from
          Gandalf's hand "for their Captain was not yet come to challenge the white fire of his
March 11 Nazgûl seen high above the city of Minas Tirith.
March 12 The forces of Sauron, led by the Lord of the Nazgûl, issue from the Minas Morgul
          and draw near to Osgiliath.
March 13 Nazgûl again harry the retreat of Gondor's forces from Osgiliath. Faramir falls to the
          Black breath.
March 15 Witch-king breaks the Gates of Minas Tirith. He withdraws when the horns of Rohan
          blow. During the battle on Pelennor Fields he kills Théoden's horse, which results in
          Théoden being fatally wounded. When he closes in on the wounded king, he is killed
          by Éowyn aided by Merry.

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