Fellowship and Me, The: 1. Arriving

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1. Arriving

I had just finished reading The Lord of the Rings and was craving for more. I looked at my watch, 2:00am. Oh, well, I thought, i'm not going to get to sleep now. I went over to my computer and logged onto the internet. I pulled up the search engine and typed in 'The Lord of the Rings.' Then it took me to a page with 505,981 results. 98 minutes later I had went to every Lord of the Rings website but one. It was labeled 'Da Zone.' I clicked on it, supposing it was about Lord of the Rings. It took me to a start page for the site. It was black and had a white dot in the middle. I moved my cursor over the dot. It turned into a little hand. I clicked. Everything went black.

'What's that Merry?' said a voice, I opened my eyes and saw four hobbits staring at me. I screamed, and they scattered. I got up.
'What are you hobbits doing? I send you for firewood, and you never come back!' said a voice, then I saw Boromir come into the clearing. I fainted.
The next thing I know, Boromir had picked me up and brought me to a camp. Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, and Gimli were sitting around the campfire. Boromir set me down beside the fire. Aragorn stood up and drew his sword. I fainted.
I woke up and found myself lying down on a log. The hobbits were staring at me. I almost fainted again, but I resisted. I sat up. Pippin came and sat beside me.
'Hullo! Where do you come from?' he asked.
'America.' I answered faintly. He just stared at me. 'It's a country.' I started to explain the continents and countrys and such, but Gandalf came over.
'What's your name and your business here?' he said kindly.
'I'm Levi. And I was on the internet, and I clicked on the dot and-' Gandlaf cut me off.
'Thats enough,just stay here.' he went over to talk to Aragorn and Boromir. Frodo, Sam, and Merry came over.
'Whats Vans?' asked Sam. I looked confused, and rememered I had on a Vans sweatshirt.
'Oh, it's a type of shoe.' I explained. Sam nodded as if he understood, I knew he didn't.
'Are you hungry?' asked Merry. I smiled, finially something I understand.
'Yeah, sure.' Merry handed me a cup. I drank it. It tasted like...beer! I spit it out. I started to gag. Merry, Sam, and Frodo laughed. Pippin didn't.
'Aw, leave her alone!' he came and put his arm around my shoulders. He handed me a cup of water. I drank it.
'Thanks Pip.' he smiled. Over by the fire I heard arguing. I stood up and walked over and sat behind a bush where I could hear what they were saying.
'She's probably a spy of Saruman!' Boromir said in a mean voice.
'I trust her.' said the encouraging voice of Legolas. That made me feel good.
'If an elf trusts her, I don't!' yelled the gruff voice of Gimli.
'Either way, we can't leave her here. She'll have to come with us.' Gandlf said. Aragorn stood up.
'She has no weapons, she's skinny and probably can't even defend herself. She's no good with us!' roared Aragorn. That sucked. I had heard enough. I started to crawl back to where the hobbits were.
'I heard something.' Boromir whispered. I heard Gandalf walk over to the bushes. He shoved his staff in and got me. He pulled me out.
'Hi.' I said weakly. Everyone sighed. Well, Aragorn kinda groaned. Legolas smiled.
'We were talking about you.' Gandlaf said, putting me down. I nodded. 'And we are having argument. Can you empty your pockets?' he asked. The hobbits came over to watch. I shrugged and took a watch, pocket knife, and a pack of gum out of my sweatshirt pocket. I set them on the ground in front of me. I took out a five dollar bill, a school Id, a mini flashlight, a handkerchief, and a picture of my boyfriend out of my pants pockets.
'Why do you want this stuff?' I asked.
Ignoring my question, Gandalf annouced,'She's not a spy. She has no items that are of suspesion.' I stuffed the junk back in my pockets.
'Go on to bed Miss.' Legolas told me. I grinned at him and walked over to a tree and layed down. Pippin, Merry, Sam, and Frodo came over too, and slept beside me.

I was awaken by a soft poke on my head. I opened my eyes.
'Good morning!' greeted Pippin.'We'll be leaving soon, better get up.' I stood up.
'Mmm what smells so good?' I asked.
'Sams cooking breakfast.' answered Pippin.
'First or second?'
'I think we're going to be fast friends.'
'Come on! We are going to be leaving!' yelled Boromir. I ran over to the campfire and saw Sam grilling sasagues and eggs. I grab a egg and eat it. I don't need much breakfast to keep me going. The hobbits were packing up. Everyone was carrying something but me. I felt so useless. I spotted Aragorn glaring at me. I went over to Merry.
'Is there anything I can carry?' I asked him.
'You'd better not.' he told me.
'It just wouldn't seem right.'
I was about to ask him why, but we started moving.

We were going uphill, so I started to get tired. Amd hot. I got out m pack of gum and took a piece.
'What's that?' Pippin asked me.
'Gum. Want one?' He looked confused. I gave him a stick. 'Don't swallow, just chew.' Pippin began to chew. I guess he liked it, because he was chewing really fast and smiling. I took two pieces out of the pack and gave the rest to Pippin.'Share.' I told him. I walked ahead. Legolas spotted me and started to slack his pace so I could catch up with him.
'Hullo Miss.' he said.
'Call me Levi.' I told him. I hated to be called Miss, Little Lady, or Young Lady. It annoyed me. Legolas nodded. I pointed to his bow.
'Nice bow.'
'Thank you. Do you have a weapon?' he aked me.
I was considering to call my pocket knife a weapon, but I didn't.'No, I don't.'
'You look like you'd be a great swordsman.' I smiled, that was nice. Legolas stopped moving. In fact, everyone had. We had come to a clearing. I guess this is where we were camping. I sat over on a rock. Everyone else sat down too. Pippin was still chewing on my gum. So was Merry, Frodo, and Sam. I guess he was listening when I told him to share. They probably like Winterofresh. Hobbits have good taste.
'What are you four eating?' asked Gimli.
'Gum.' they answered in unison. Gimli cocked his head. I don't think he understood. I handed him a stick of my gum.
'Here.' he started to chew. He got a digusted look on his face, and spit it out. I started laughing. So did the hobbits. Gimli got mad and left to go sit with Aragorn.
'I'm going exploring.' I annouced. 'I'll be back soon.'
'Take someone with you.' Boromir instructed. I groaned, but grabbed Pippin's arm. We walked into the forest.

I'm not sure what I was looking for, but I knew I was looking for something. 'OW!' I yelled. I had stepped on something sharp. So sharp it went right through my shoe.
'You Ok?' Pippin asked. I was sitting on the ground. Pippin beagn to search for the thing that hurt me . 'Ah-ha! Found it Levi! It was a sword.' He gave it to me. I stood up and examined it. It looked alright. Maybe I should let Legolas see it. Me and Pippin ran back to the campground.
'Legolas! Look at this!' I showed him the sword. He looked at it and ran his hands down the blade and gripped the handle.
'It's a very good sword. How did you get this?' He asked. I told him about me stepping on it. Gandalf came over.
'You stepped on it? You must be hurt. Show me your foot.' he instructed. I took off my shoe. I didn't have any socks on. Socks are evil. Pure evil. I looked at the wound. It was disgusting. The inside of my shoe was covered in blood. Gandalf took my foot and looked at it.'Hmmm' he mumbled. 'Aragorn!' He yelled, and Aragorn came over.
'Yes?' he asked.
'Get some Athelas.'
I couldn't help myself.'Kingsfoil.' Aragorn glared at me. But he went to go it. Gandalf rested my foot on a log. Frodo, Sam, and Merry came over, followed by Pippin. He probably told them about my foot.
'You ok?' wondered Frodo. I nodded. Aragorn came back with Athelas. He chewed some and put it in my wound. I winced. In the movie, it looked like it hurt Frodo when Aragorn did it to him. Now I know why. I debated with wether or not to scream. I resisted. Aragorn wrapped my foot with some cloth thing. He put my shoe back on. I stood up. When I did, I wobbled a bit. Legolas grabbed my arm to steady me.
'I'm ok. Thanks Aragorn.' I said. Aragorn went to make a fire, Gandalf, Gimli, Boromir, and the hobbits followed. Legolas got my sword.
'Want to learn?' he asked me. I shook my head. 'Aragorn might respect you if you did...'
'OK!' Legolas smiled. Did I mention he's a great smiler? No? Well, he is. He walked into the forest and motioned me to follow. We walked a while, then got to a opening. He drew his sword and handed me mine.
'Ok, stand like this.' he said, and showed me how to stand. I copyed him. 'Good.' he complimented. I smiled. I seem to smile a lot around him. Then he positioned my sword a certain way. The lesson began.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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