Carpe Diem: 2. About Warriors And A Warrioress

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2. About Warriors And A Warrioress

"Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.” (Seize the present day, trusting the morrow as little as may be.)

Disclaimer: I don't own anything you recognize--- It all belongs to J.R.R. Tolkien or New Line Cinema.

Author's Note: This is fan fiction and if you spot any time, fact or event mistakes/differences, it means I have manipulated it to flow with my story. I will try to stay true to events and characters but I have taken liberty with them in certain places. I apologize for any grammar/Sindarin/spelling mistakes--- I am only human. :) Saying this, reviews are of course most welcome! So is constructive criticism. The setting is roughly many years after the departure of Celebrian but many years before the arrival of Aragorn. Enjoy the story.


Chapter 2: About Warriors And A Warrioress

"You had horses, and deeds of arms, and the free fields; but she, born in the body of a maid, had a spirit and courage at least the match of yours." -Gandalf, The Return of the King


"By Valar!" Elladan cried out exasperated as he tugged on the doorknob.” Must the weaponary room door always be jammed?!"

Suddenly the door flung open and caught Elrohir hard in the stomach. He groaned and glared at his twin.

"Sorry, 'Ro!" apologized Elladan.

"Daeradar will be pleased with our routine," commented Elrohir as he sheathed his long elven sword.

"No doubt Grandfather will be," agreed Elladan. "We learned half the moves from him anyway! I must admit, Lorien elves are more than able in the art of sword fighting. 'Ro, take the shorter ones."

Elladan was pointing the the wall of double swords. Elrohir fancied the longer and thinner ones but it was better in their case to use the shorter double swords. The twins sheathed those too.

"Good, all prepared," said Elladan, very pleased.

"Too bad we don't use the bows," Elrohir looked at the opposite side of the room.

"We're qualified members of the Imladris Guard," said Elladan. "We are only performing. It's the novices who are competing."

"I remember when we were novices," commented Elrohir. "The competition was stiff but we always performed well didn't we? We tied for first. Adar was very proud. He told me."

"Father was also worried," added Elladan. "He hated it when he had to heal wounds or pull arrows out of us--- though that never stopped us from doing dangerous things. I'm just glad we're back to wearing our warrior braids, instead of loose hair."

"Hey," Elladan suddenly brightened. "Who do you think will win the novice competition this year?"

"It's down to Girithon of Imladris and Anduril of Lorien," confirmed Elrohir.

"No way!" exclaimed the older twin. "Girithon will win."

"Hey," Elrohir protested, putting his hands up. "I'm trying to be fair. Of course I want Imladris to win!"

"I heard you have another presentation with a certain lady," Elladan said, slyly.

"That's not fair," growled Elrohir. "You eavesdrop way too much. You're going to end up in a sticky mess one day. Besides, that presentation was supposed to be a secret!"

"Your secret is safe with me, 'Ro," he said persistently. "I won't tell. Promise."

"If you say so," Elrohir replied stiffly, still a bit miffed.

The door to the weaponary room opened. A tall elf with golden hair strolled in, a huge smile plastering his face. His smile grew wider when he saw the twins.

"Ah! Always the early risers!" Glorfindel clapped his hands.

"What are you so happy about?" grumbled Elrohir.

"Do not be offended, mellon-nin," Elladan shook his head. "My dear little brother is a bit grumpy because---" He cut himself off. "Nevermind," he finished.

"Shall we practice?" Elladan asked Elrohir. "We still have a few hours."

"Have a good day," Elrohir said to Glorfindel before the golden-haired elf was left all alone in the room.

Glorfindel looked around wistfully. He could hardly imagine the time when he was a novice or when he performed as a young warrior. It was too long ago. His eyes darkened as a certain Balrog surfaced in his mind. No, he told himself. There is no need to think about that lifetime today. Then he remembered the eager looks of happiness he often saw in the faces of novices and young warriors. They were always eager to bare arms and fight. It was a thrill to them. To Glorfindel, it was a duty, a habit, nothing else. The cheap thrills and fleets of happiness were long gone.


Legolas grinned and shot the twins and their friends a smirk.

"Mirkwood wins!" he said gleefully. "Not Girithon, nor Anduril. I hope Imladris and Lorien and not going to bang their heads against the walls today."

Arwen rolled her eyes.

"I think not," Falasir, a friend of the twins, shot back. "Girithon came in second place, very honourable. In addition, he can compete next year, and I'm sure he'll win next time."

Legolas smiled knowingly to himself.

"All the novices should be praised," Brilthor, another friend of the twins settled. "And we even have some former winners of the novice competition here right now."

He was right. Elladan and Elrohir were winners of the competition many years ago. As was Legolas, who competed many years after the twins. Elanor was another champion, only the second female champion ever. And the one who spoke, Brilthor, was once a winner of the competition.

"You're right," smiled Elrohir. "We are a group of champions here."

"I think it's time to prepare for the presentations," Elladan said, jumping up from the ground where he sat.

And soon, it began. Several performances later (including Legolas and several other warriors)...

"Next," Lord Elrond announced, "We are proud to ask Hirilonde of Lorien and Menelmacar of Mirkwood to take stage."

The stage, as Elrond put it, was a large clearing, surrounded by seats and places for spectators. Hirilonde and Menelmacar drew swords at the same time.

"Not synchronized," commented Elladan dryly.

"And you can do better?" a cold voice said behind him. It was Celebros.

"Would you like me to prove it by cutting your head off?" snarled Elladan.

Elrohir put a hand on his arm. "Look," he said, rolling his eyes, "Why don't you two get a life?"

"Shut up, Perehil," Rastaban shot nastily.

Elladan was about to retort when Elrohir nudged him sharply and rolled his eyes. They heard clapping as Menelmacar performed an extremely athletic and graceful spin and jump from the tree. After a few minutes, the routine ended and the audience applauded enthusiastically. Elladan and Elrohir exchanged a glance. They knew they were up next.

Sure enough, Lord Elrond gave half a smile when he looked down on his list to announce the next performers.

"Thank you, Hirilonde and Menelmacar," he said politely. He turned towards the twins, "Please welcome the next performers; Elladan and Elrohir, both of Imladris!"

The applauding was thunderous as they welcomed their local heroes.

"Let's kill out there, 'Ro!" Elladan nodded meaningfully.

Elrohir narrowed his eyes, "Seize the day, 'Dan."

The two saluted themselves and walked confidently towards the middle of the field. The split ways and walked a few feet away from each other. With their twin senses, they turned and faced each other simultaneously as if the two movements were one. They gave each other a short bow. For some reason, the twins found it necessary to show respect before dueling each other. It was just automatic for them. Drawing themselves to full height, they drew their twins swords, movements matching completely. They suspected it had something to do with being twins.

Before you can blink, a loud clang! was heard as they clashed swords. They sparred expertly for a while, making sure to neither dominate nor defend. The audience murmured approvingly. Then they moved apart. Elladan, barely bending his legs, soared from the ground, over Elrohir's head. They heard clapping and whispering. Quickly, Elladan sliced the short knife from Elrohir's right hand and then disarmed his left hand also. Gasps were heard. They believed Elrohir was in trouble. Elladan twirled and began swinging and slicing at Elrohir.

Undaunted, Elrohir expertly dogged them. The audience held their breaths as the younger twin dogged the knives slashed at him by his brother. Even Elrond was concentrating hard. Lord Celeborn, however, smiled.

"I showed them that trick the summer they were 50," he whispered to Galadriel.

"Yes," she agreed. "And Elrond Peredhel was less than pleased with you, my dear."

Suddenly, Elladan jabbed both knives at Elrohir. Too late, Elrohir had gracefully grabbed the branch above him with one arm and kicked the knives away from Elladan's grasp as he swung over the tree. Elladan followed by copying his move with the branch above him. Both landed on their feet and drew their long swords. Elladan began his offense while Elrohir was busy with defending. As they approached the center of the field, they switched and Elladan was now defending. Then, a soundly clash! rang as they hit their swords together. They swung away from each other.

With swords in one hand, the twins used their free hand and did a handspring, followed by complicated summersaults and back flips. It was all done with one hand holding the long sword. They flipped and summersaulted backwards twice and landed on the ground, completing that part of the routine. Praises and shouts were heard from the large audience. But the next move was quite impressive also.

The twins were now on opposite sides of the field. Both raised their right arm--- the one holding the swords. Drawing their arms back quickly, they let the swords loose. A thump! was heard as both the swords were now embedded in the bullseye of the targets used earlier that day by novices. Elladan's long sword hit dead center at the target behind Elrohir all the way on the other side of the field, while Elrohir's sword struck bullseye also but behind Elladan, on his opposite side of the field.

Elrond raised his eyebrows and looked at Thranduil, who sat on his right. Thranduil nodded approvingly to him.

"Your sons have quite some skill," he commented. "You must be very proud of them, Lord Elrond."

"I am," he replied but his answer was drown out by the shrieks and yells of surprise.

Elrond saw the reason for the commotion. Both sons had met at center field and were now doing hand to hand combats, with no weapons but themselves. They circled around each other. Such display of hand to hand combat was rare in warrior presentations--- it had caught their interest. Elladan and Elrohir went at each other for quite some time when Elladan lunged at his brother.

Elladan clutched his brother in the middle in one swift move and flipped Elrohir onto his back. Not hesitating, Elrohir, still with most of his upper body on the ground, swung his legs up and caught Elladan's shoulders. Expertly, Elrohir used his feet and brought his brother to the ground right beside him. He swung a leg at Elladan but his older brother jumped over it. After a little bit of sparring, neither landed a hit. They stood up and hand flipped backwards a few times so they had some distance between them.

They each picked up one of the short twin swords that been dropped earlier and then straightened up. Elrohir pulled his hand back and threw the knife. The knife flipped through the air. This time, it was not aiming for a target. No, it was going towards Elladan! It was going to strike Elladan's left shoulder. The crowd was silent in anticipation and slight fear. At the last moment, Elladan pulled his shoulder back. The knife was moving so fast that this had to be exact. As the knife past his shoulder, Elladan lunged his left hand back and caught the knife by the handle! All this was completed in less than three seconds. Cheers burst out from the crowd.

It was not over. Elladan flipped his right arm back and threw his knife at Elrohir. Elrohir stood his ground and did not budge. The sword was heading straight for his face! What are you up to? thought Elrond. Less than a foot from his face, Elrohir's arms snapped up and bang! The silver blade of the sword was caught between Elrohir's palms. He could feel the vibration.

The cheers and cries were thunderous as the twins pointed their swords and saluted each other. They walked towards the other and shook hands. Then, they turned and bowed towards the audience, who cheered louder, if possible.

Smiling, the twins waved and hugged each other.

"That's what I'm talking about, 'Ro!" Elladan shouted loudly over the noise. Elrohir could only nod.

The father stood up and applauded with a large smile. Everyone followed and stood up to cheer them on. Arwen gave Legolas a huge hug and jumped up and down with excitement.

"That's what I'm talking about!" she shouted happily.

Glorfindel grinned at them. "Good show, boys! Best one ever if I may say!"

More praises were offered as the twins returned to their seats. As they past their father, Elrond came forth, hugged them both and offered his congratulations.

"That was excellent, ion-nin," he said. "I was most impressed and very proud of both of you." Praise from their father made them feel even more elated.

"Your fighting is as beautiful as you, my lord," Alcarin shrieked loudly at Elladan. Elrohir, Legolas, and Arwen had to hold each other as they shook with silent laughter.

"Ugh," commented Elladan as he returned to his seat.

Elanor leaned over and kissed Elrohir on the cheek. "Well done," she whispered.

They were happy, and didn't even notice or hear the snide remarks made from Celebros and Rastaban behind them. Elladan, Elrohir, and their friends sat back to enjoy the show. Haldir of Lorien was now performing with his partner.

"When is the "surprise" show?" Elladan hissed.

"Three more presentations," Elrohir muttered back.

Three more presentations later...

"This has been a wondeful day and a display of wonderful talent," Elrond began. "These novices and warriors should be very proud of themselves. We will conclude with one last presentation, performed as tradition dictates; from the warriors of the hosting realm. Let us show our appreciation and welcome Elanor and Elrohir of Imladris!"

The elves applauded though there were many breath intakes. It was unusual and certainly questionable to allow a male and female to duel each other. Many elves believed a male should never raise a hand or a weapon against a lady. Only, they had never met Elanor Sun-Star. She was no ordinary lady, she was a shieldmaiden, and the battlefield was her sanctuary.

"Just one last instruction, Elanor. Seize the day."

"Most certainly, my lord," replied Elanor, her battle face on. Anyone would back away from her stern countenance.

Saluting themselves onto the field, they turned towards each other. One male, one female, both ready to give the audience a show. The two placed a hand on their chest and bowed. Lifting their heads at the same time, they drew their weapons. This time, Elrohir grasped the two twin swords and Elanor drew out a long, white, elven sword. Elanor was at home. She began the attack. Elanor handled her weapon easily and Elrohir had to be quick with his defence. The audience saw that she lacked no skill nor speed.

The crowd was divided. The female elves for the most part cheered for Elanor and edged her on. Several males were also on her side. The rest and some females cheered for Elrohir.

"This is intense," commented Arwen to her brother, Elladan.

"Elanor lets no man get the better of her," Elladan knew her too well. "You can watch her fight over and over for a thousand years, and she can still surprise you."

"I don't doubt," murmured Glorfindel. "Looks can be deceiving. Lady Elanor could fight any man--- and she will."

Elanor's grace was unmistakable. She dodged and moved with ease, often something a lot of warriors overlooked or lacked. She took hold of a tree branch, swung herself over and aimed a kick at Elrohir, who ducked low to avoid it.

The sparring continued for some time until--- Elanor twirled around Elrohir, ending up behind him. With one hand on his shoulder, she flipped him to the ground and knocked the swords out of his hand. They finished with Elrohir on his back and Elanor on top pinning him with a sword to his throat. Finally, they got up, bowed and shook hands.

The cheers rained down once more.


"Ahh... it's feels so good!" Elrohir combed his hair out after a long bath.

"I'm just hungry," replied Elladan. "Good show, by the way. Elanor has quite some skill."

"Thank you. I think we all did well. Daeradar was thrilled about our routine, 'Dan."

"I've heard," said Elladan, buttoning his tunic. "Father did not always like the moves he talk us. Mind you, 'Ro, from an audience's point of view, it does look a bit tense."

They left their room, eager for sustenance.


Elanor was on her way for some food when someone plowed into her.

"Watch where you're going!" she snapped, having little patience for clumsiness.

"Why don't you act like a lady?" Alcarin, the person who ran into her retorted. "Or better yet, why don't you act like you're somewhat an elf? Someone might mistaken you for a orc you know, with your violence and lack of manners!"

"Do you even know what an orc looks like?" asked Elanor, disgusted.

"I'm looking at one," Alcarin snapped back.

"Bugger off," she rolled her eyes. "Alcarin, just because one of the Peredhil twins likes me doesn't mean you have to curl your hair! Had any luck with Elladan yet?"

"Watch it," warned Alcarin. "You may think the prince, Elrohir is all over you. But everyone knows that the sons of Elrond play and flirt with girls! None of them last. I'd say, with your uncoming appearance, Elrohir will get bored of you in less than a week!"

"Yes, you she-orc," muttered Elanor. "Your advice is always valuable. People should scream, 'YRCH!' every time you and your friends come near them."

Suddenly, Alcarin leaped at Elanor, knocking her into wall.

"Don't you dare! How could you---- Don't insult my looks!" Alcarin screamed hysterically. "You disgusting, foul, nasty--- dwarf lady!"

Alcarin yanked on Elanor's hair, pulling out a few golden-brown strands before Elanor shoved her back with such a force that Alcarin stumbled and fell. Then she picked Alcarin up and slammed her into the wall.

"Careful, orc-brain," hissed Elanor. "I can fight any man. This isn't an even fight for you."

Alcarin struggled violently, cursing at the golden-haired girl.

"You stupid---" she yelled, trying to slap Elanor in the face.

Elanor caught her hand and twisted it painfully before hitting Alcarin in the face.

"Eeaaaaaaaah!" Alcarin's high-pitched screech rang in the hallway.

"What in Iluvatar---" muttered Elladan as he and his brother ran towards the sound.

"No, Elanor," yelled Elrohir as he hurried forward.

Seizing Elanor's arms, he pulled her away. Elladan dragged a dishevelled Alcarin away from the other girl.

"Stop, please!" gasped Elrohir as Elanor struggled against him, putting up a good fight. "Just- Let- Her- Go!"

Alcarin was still cursing at Elanor.

"No," snarled Elanor. "Let me get at her! That no-good-orc-lady needs some sense knocked into her!"

"This is no the way!" protested Elrohir. Alcarin got up and began running at them. Elladan reached out and restrained her with one arm.

"NO! LET- ME- GET- AT- HER!" Elanor tore away from Elrohir's grasp with such a force that the twin caught himself before he fell.

Elanor knocked into Alcarin again.

"STOP!" Elladan hollered, trying to pull them apart.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF ILUVATAR IS GOING ON HERE?" a stern voice demanded.

The four froze. Elladan turned as one hand was still pulling Alcarin away. Alcarin stopped and looked up from her spot on the floor. Her dark hair was all over the place and her face had scratches and bruises. Elanor, still clutching Alcarin's neck, froze and turned around. Elrohir, struggling to restrain Elanor, turned and faced the newcomers.

It was Lord Elrond and Lord Glorfindel. Glorfindel was the one who yelled.

"Explain yourselves," Elrond folded his arms, voice deadly quiet.

"She- she-" Alcarin pointed accusingly at Elanor.

"We heard a fight," Elladan cut off. "So 'Ro and I came to see. We were trying to separate them when you came."

Elrohir didn't say anything.

"Fighting in the corridors and screaming loudly is hardly the proper behaviour for any elf," Elrond said sternly. "Lady Alcarin, if you are not badly hurt, I'd like to ask you to return to your household. Lady Elanor, Glorfindel will speak to you---"

"No, Adar," Elrohir interrupted quickly. "Do you think I could speak to Elanor privately first?"

Elrond nodded in agreement.

Alcarin shot Elanor a deadly look before leaving with the others.

"What happened?" demanded Elrohir.

"You saw," scowled Elanor. "That--- she-orc!"

"Elanor," he sighed, "try to control your temper sometimes, can you not?"

"You did hear her," Elanor said angrily. Then she told Elrohir the oral exchange between them.

Elrohir cocked his head. "That's it?"

"Believe me," he continued, "I don't think I would ever set another eye on another maiden who isn't you."

Elanor gave a light smile.

"So..." she began slyly. "Do you find me beautiful?"

"Do not tempt me," growled Elrohir.

"Well?" she persisted.

"Let me put it this way, I find that the other she-elves are dwarf-ladies compared to you. Inside and outside. Now, I think Glorfindel is waiting for you."


"Thank you, ion-nin," Elrond clapped his eldest son's shoulder. "I appreciate you going on this scouting trip with Legolas."

"I am happy to, father."

"Yes, and Elladan," Elrond remembered. "In five days, I will be sending the Imladris Guard including you and your brother to Lorien. Make sure you return before then."

"But father, I don't understand," asked Elladan. "The Lorien delegate is leaving tomorrow. Why cannot the Imladris Guard go with them tomorrow?"

Elrond looked troubled. "You must set out tonight with Legolas, my son, because the Lady Galadriel senses great evil. Yet, she does not understand completely. Stay in the shadows and challenge no one. May the Valar be with you and ensure you a safe journey."

Elladan bowed and turned to leave the room. He almost plowed into Glorfindel.

"Elrond," he cried, "I bring grave news. Surinen and Cuivienen have perished!"

Lord Elrond stood up. "Indeed? This is grave news. Explain quickly!"

Glorfindel's eyes darkened. "Moria," he said flatly. "The dwarves dug too greedily, too deep. You know what they woke in the darkness of Khazad-Dum."

"The hostility between elves and dwarves are on an all-time high," he continued. "The dwarves have always clashed with the elves of Mirkwood. You know Thranduil's attitude towards them. But now, I don't think the Imladris elves will have a good opinion of them either. Perhaps, you should send peace-keeping, my lord."

"Yes, perhaps," Elrond said, with a faraway look in his eyes. "A Balrog... in the darkness of Khazad-Dum. What kind of fortune..." He trailed off.

Elrond looked up. Glorfindel looked greatly pained. Elladan noticed also. They both knew it wasn't just the news that grieved Glorfindel. When Elladan was an elfling, Glorfindel often told him and his brother stories and adventures. Ever since the night he told them the story of the Balrog, it remained vivid in Elladan's mind. He and his brother had nightmares for many nights afterwards--- and many times over the years. They always woke up screaming and shivering.

Elladan could not imagine of the horror Glorfindel had to deal with--- reliving his worst memory over and over again in his mind, in his dreams. Some memories never fade. He looked at his almost second father with sympathy.

Glorfindel stared out the window, though not really seeing anything.



The villagers did not listen. They ran, terrified, not wanting to look at the dragon-like creature behind them. It was a cold night, and the mountains loomed ominously around them. The orcs swarmed around them. The feeling of doom was in everybody's heart. The people could feel the demon's hot and fiercy breath, right on their tails! The dark, winged creature was large and terrible. They could sense its evil upon them. Perhaps this was the end, they all thought.

"Ai! A Balrog! A Balrog!" the villagers yelled, panick-sticken. The dark smoke surrounded them, poison and hate in the air.

The Balrog was going to smote them all. But no--- someone stood in the creature's way.

"Daro!" he cried again. He was an elf, strong and valiant. His golden hair shone and he was beautiful beyond human comprehension. The contrast was almost unbelievable. Glorfindel of the House of the Golden Flower, stood his ground bravely. To some people, they may say he was the most beautiful thing they ever laid eyes on. He stood in the path of a Balrog, full of evil, hatred, and a will to destroy.

But he did not run. Everyone was fleeing the city as he went to meet the creature.


Glorfindel drew his sword and pointed it bravely at the terrible demon.

"You cannot pass!"

The Balrog let loose its fiercy breath.

"You shall not pass!" he said again.

A blast of flame was shot towards him. His golden hair whipped out of the way, scorched slightly at the edges.


He slashed at the creature with his blade, but Glorfindel knew it was no use. The Balrog's large black wings swung at him. Yet still he did not flee. He fought back valiantly, not showing any fear nor exhaustion. The Balrog flipped its deadly whip. This time, the aim was true. It struck Glorfindel's body. But he did not fall, flinch, or scream--- though the people around him certainly did.


Glorfindel slashed at the creature, full of resiliency. The whip came once more, missing him narrowly. The Balrog breathed fire and flames engulfed Glorfindel's body. His clothes were burnt, as was his body. The pain he felt was infinite but he was also completely oblivious.

"Foul creature! DARO!"

His sword pierced the Balrog's body. A burst of fire lit the sky. The Balrog's whip picked Glorfindel up. He slashed at it but it was no use. As the creature drew him to its body, Glorfindel caught a glimpse of the cliff beyond the Balrog. They were at the edge. The whip was a vice-grip on his body--- burning, powerful, and destructive. In that moment, Glorfindel knew he would die.

Then he thought, May it be, that I would be the person who dies saving other people's lives, in honour. The Balrog drew him closer--- ever so close to the creature's body. It would die with him.

So be it.

"You cannot win!" he cried.

It was the last thing he said in that lifetime.

I will have victory, he thought. And strangely, he felt his heart soar.

His sword pierced the creature's body, giving it a fatal wound.

The Balrog fell down the cliff, with Glorfindel trapped in his deadly grip. There, they both fell to their deaths. As the golden-haired elf passed on, the flame of the Balrog dimmed and finally faded away... In the end, what the Balrog did not see was the face of his slayer.

Glorfindel died smiling.


"Glorfindel?" Elladan's voice asked tentatively.

He watched as Elrond strolled over and lay a reassuring hand on the shoulder of his long-time friend.

"I was remembering," murmured Glorfindel.

"I know, mellon-nin," said Elrond, meeting Glorfindel's eyes. "I am sorry."

Glorfindel shook his head. "It's all right."

"It's all right," he repeated, almost to reassure himself. "It is over. It is only a memory."

Elladan walked out of his father's study and nearly bumped into his brother.

"Ai! Sorry," Elladan said, slightly startled. "Uh... were you listening?"

"I heard about what happened in Moria," admitted Elrohir. "That is grievious news. Such tragedy for Imladris to lose two very fine warriors."

He lowered his voice, "How did Glorfindel react?"

Elladan was silent. "Some memories never fade," he finally said.

"By the way, 'Ro," he changed the subject quickly. "The Imladris Guard will be going to Lorien in five days. We are part of the company. But I must leave soon; Father asked me to go on a scouting trip with. We will be away for a few days at the most."

Elrohir nodded, "Good-luck and have a safe journey, 'Dan."


Lady Galadriel walked to the balcony and looked beyond the valley of Imladris.

"Darkness is coming," she told herself. "There is great evil out there..."

She felt the flicker of a shadow in the back of her mind.

End of Chapter 2. To Be Continued...


Author's Note: Thus concludes the second chapter. How did you like it (the Warrior's Presentations, Elanor vs. Alcarin, etc.)? Although some have doubts, I have decided that Glorfindel of Rivendell is Glorfindel of Gondolin, the Balrog slayer. I really love Glorfindel. When I read about him, I just thought: How brave yet how sad! Where did he find the courage when he faced the Balrog? He is a beautiful, brave, caring, and tragic character. *Looks at Glorfindel with awe.*

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Coming Up Next: The Promise Rings: What will Elladan and Legolas learn on their scouting trip? The guests of the Winter Festival depart, Elrohir speaks with Elrond... and does not turn out with the best result. More than one person will be thinking about past promises made. And finally, the departure of the twins.





Names--->Meaning Note: Not neccessarily all Elvish names! Can you tell which one isn't?



Elrond--->Elf of the Cave

Glorfindel--->Golden-Haired Elf

Thranduil--->Never Given


Arwen--->Noble Woman


Galadriel--->Radiant Garland

Celeborn--->(Tall) Silver Tree

Elanor--->Sun-Star (a flower)

Alcarin--->Glorious (referring to her appearance)

Celebros--->Silver Foam

Rastaban--->Eye of the Snake

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Feel free to try and guess the chapters from the titles! Note that this is not definite. More chapters may be added and titles may be changed. I'd just like everyone to know that I have a definite plan and layout.

THE FINAL CHAPTER and EPILOGUE has already been written. But I've hidden it in a CAVE, behind LOCKED DOORS, and guarded by DWARVES with AXES!

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

Story Information

Author: ChasingLiberty

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: 3rd Age - The Kings

Genre: Action

Rating: General

Last Updated: 09/07/03

Original Post: 08/26/03

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