Arandil's Drabbles: 1. Age of the Trees - Good

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1. Age of the Trees - Good

Title: Truth (double drabble)
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: Third Person - Nerdanel
Other Characters: Fëanor

“Is there truth in the whisperings I hear? They say you murdered your mother.”

A powerful fury flashed through his eyes and Nerdanel saw his jaw clench even tighter. For a moment, she feared to breathe until she saw the anger replaced by a deep sorrow. He held her gaze but his response was barely audible.

“Do you believe them to be true?”

Nerdanel’s heart filled with compassion, but it was not enough to overcome her disquiet. How to answer such a question of someone she barely knew? She focused her eyes on a point in the distance so she no longer had to bear the intensity of his gaze. It was wreaking havoc on her nerves, even if there was something about it that thrilled her.

“People who are capable of kin slaying are said to have no fëa,” she mused to herself. Turning her attention back to him, she continued. “But yours burns stronger than most.” She watched his face, intent on catching any reaction to what she had said. His eyes no longer gave away what he was feeling as he waited silently to hear her judgment.

“No, Curufinwë. I do not believe any of the whispers.”

Title: Spirit of Fire
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: Third Person Omniscient
Other Characters: Finwë, Míriel

“I feel him stir within me.”

Finwë gazed fondly at his wife as he placed his hand on her protruding stomach. “Is he always this active?” he asked with a smile.

Míriel nodded and leaned in to rest her head on her husband’s shoulder. “I shall call him ‘Fëanáro.’

“Spirit of fire?” Finwë asked, pulling away from his wife and raising an eyebrow. “What do you foresee for him?”

Míriel held his gaze for a moment before answering. “Great shall be his deeds.”

Finwë beamed proudly and hugged her to him, not noticing the briefest shadow pass across her face.

Title: Justified
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: First Person - Fëanor

Burning. Fighting. Death. Destruction.

I watch as the scene unfolds in front of me. In a brief respite from the battle that rages, my anger ebbs as my mind floods with questions.

I have heard some say that the ends justify the means. Is this the truth? If Morgoth is overcome, if we have victory, if the Great Jewels are returned, will my actions be justified?

This is no time for reflection; it is too late to repent. If you are not with us, you are the enemy, and you deserve the same mercy as was shown to my father.

Title: A Shadow in the Door
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: First Person - Finwë
Other Characters: Morgoth

How could something so small be coveted by so many?

It matters not. I hear him banging at the door, using all his fell strength to try and enter the house of my son. He will not succeed; I will use all the strength I possess to stop him.

The door has given way. He stands before me, might and shadow. I should be intimidated but there is no time for that now. He demands what is his. I draw my sword.

His laugh is filled with malevolence. It matters not. “I will die before you possess the Great Jewels.”

Title: Foresight
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: Third Person Objective
Other Characters: Mahtan, Prophetess
InstaDrabble Words: bewailed, diviner, muddles, struts

“What ill deeds have you foreseen? Speak, seer, or get thee from my home. ”

The diviner stood calmly before the smith master. “Though you may not desire to muddle in her affairs, you must stay your daughter from her current path.”

“If you speak of her attention to the son of the king, there is naught I can do. While I may not care for how he struts through the city, she is of the age to make her own decisions.”

“His arrogance you speak of shall be much bewailed, and he shall be named kinslayer before the end.”

Title: Passion
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: Third Person - Nerdanel
Other Characters: Fëanor
InstaDrabble Words: flare, shrug, figment, portion, shallowbrain

He walked towards her and her passion flared within her. He must feel a portion of what she felt …he was standing so close she could feel the heat from his body. There was one way to know.

“What do you desire, Curufinwë?” She waited breathlessly for his answer.

Grasping her hand and fueling her longing, he unexpectedly shrugged. “You are the only one whose skill comes close to mine. I desire your company.”

“Comes close, you shallowbrain?” His want had been a figment of her imagination. Rejection turned her ardor to anger. “Far surpasses is closer to the truth.”

Title: Untitled
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: First Person - Ambarussa
Other Characters: Fëanor
InstaDrabble Words: splash, orange, weapon, fortify

The flames leap up, bright orange against the black night. I hear splashes in the water and turn my head away, willing the screams to stop.

I see my father, the fire that consumes the ships reflected in his eyes; for a moment hiding the haunted expression he’s worn since he heard of his own father’s demise.

I ask him if he roused my brother. He drops his weapon and closes his eyes. I know the answer before he speaks. His words are pained, for what can fortify his spirit now that he has killed my brother, his own son?

Title: Untitled
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: First Person - Fëanor
InstaDrabble Words: tradition, jewel, reverence, acquiesce

Curse the Valar.

Their thralls are we, and naught else despite what lies they spin. Their traditions they expect us to uphold, yet they care not for our wishes, they laugh in their high thrones at our desire for freedom as a parent may laugh at the whims of a child. They respect us not, but expect us to bow to them in reverence and acquiesce to their every request.

Are we not the Children of Ilúvatar? How dare they when they can not prevent one of their own from destroying the Trees, murdering my father and raping my jewels.

Title: Untitled
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: First Person - Nerdanel
InstaDrabble Words: escape, knife, shadow, tear

For me, there is no escape.

Tears can not drown my pain, nor can time diminish it. Like a knife it slices through my being, tearing away pieces of my fëa.

His absence is a shadow on my heart, and with it I have to bear the hollowness of having lost my sons as well.

Is this punishment for my strength? I am one of two women who loved him, should I have taken the same path the other chose? Had I not been able to withstand his passions, would I now be granted rest?

No, for me, no escape.

Title: Untitled
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: First Person - Fëanor
Other Characters: Caranthir
InstaDrabble Words: quietest, confesses, frosts, conniving

A fine powder frosts the table where my tools should lay. They have gone missing; the only clue to their whereabouts two small handprints in the dust. They can only belong to one.

I find him, my littlest one but by no means the quietest. Before I can speak, he confesses. His older brothers, conniving he makes them out to be, coerced him into it. His lower lip quivers.

Atar, please don’t be angry.”

I kiss his forehead. “This time I will not, my little Moryo, but learn from this not to follow others blindly, for that leads to trouble.”

Title: Untitled
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: First Person - Mahtan
Other Characters: Nerdanel

We did not need to run to the white shores with the others. We could see the orange flickering on the far horizon well enough from our house outside of Tirion.


Fire had consumed her husband. Fire had consumed her sons. The same fire that had one day, years past, captured her heart.

I hugged my sobbing daughter close to my chest silently, for there were no words of comfort I had to offer. I thanked the Valar that she herself had not been consumed and then wondered if it would have been better for her if she had.

Title: Forget Her Not
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: Third Person Objective
Other Characters: Fëanor, Finwë

“No joy remained for her; no love, no peace.”

Atar, had she no love for her son, her Fëanáro?”

“All her love and being she poured into her child. Her fëa was spent, she saw naught but darkness. Not even did the silmë hold beauty for her.”

“Then no beauty shall it hold for me.”

“No, Curufinwë, do not disgrace her. Honour her memory; embrace the light. Let her sacrifice not have been in vain.”

“Aye, father. Call me not Curufinwë, for I shall take the name my mother gave me.”

“And I shall hold you dearest to my heart.”

Title: Untitled
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: Third Person - Nerdanel
Other Characters: Fëanor
InstaDrabble Words: press, candle, urges and shining

He pulls her closer; there is naught between them as they move as one through the room. Her back hits the wall. She knows these urges that still flood through him have not yet diminished.

He pulls away for a moment. In the candle light, she can make out the lines of his face: familiar, and yet still so breathtaking.

He is beautiful…

He takes her right hand, pressing it against the wall above her head. Looking at their intertwined fingers, she catches a glimpse of the gold band around his fourth finger, shining in the darkness.

He is mine…

Title: Untitled
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: Third Person - Nerdanel
Other Characters: Fëanor
InstaDrabble Words: secret, safe, darkness, mud

She worked the clay with unusually clumsy fingers. It may as well have been mud tonight. The darkness that she knew consumed her husband prevented her from concentrating on her work and it suffered – as did her marriage, her family – everything.

She flung a piece against the wall, the effort not quelling the anger welling inside her. She left the relative safety of her workshop, the room that had been her refuge as of late. Before retiring to bed, she glared resentfully down the hall at the locked door.

So his secrets would keep him from her yet another night.

Title: Untitled
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: Third Person - Maedhros
Other Characters: Nerdanel
InstaDrabble Words: horses, settled, cosy, listless

He had not wished to accompany her on this journey, but as her eldest son, he felt it was his obligation. Their relationship, once cozy and warm, had grown cold as of late and conversation had ceased between them as soon as the horses had settled into a gallop. Perhaps that was what this journey was about – her last ditch attempt to restore her life to what it once was.

As they approached the garden, he saw the listless body. Beautiful, she was, with a sad expression on her face. Never before had he set eyes on his paternal grandmother.

Title: She Knew
Age: Age of the Trees
PoV: Third Person - Nerdanel
Other Characters: Eärwen, Mahtan, Nerdanel's mother
Gift Recipient: Dawn Felagund

She knew.

Before Manwë’s eagles sped by overhead, bearing the news to the Valar, she knew.

Before Eärwen appeared in the doorway with tears staining her face, she knew.

By the time her mother and father arrived at the palace and found her in her rooms, she had already changed into the simple black dress she had made for just this occasion.

“Why black, daughter?” her father asked.

“It is all that is left when fire goes out.”

And that is just what had happened.

She knew. His fire burned no longer. And she had not been there with him.

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