Rangers and Pirates: 10. reunited

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10. reunited

Rangers and Pirates Chapter 10

Elizabeth also turned to see Legolas standing about three feet away from them, dressed in his black leggings and tunic, holding the robe he had worn for the spell in his hand. She hadn't really gotten a good look at Legolas before Aragorn ran and dove onto the elf, sending them both rolling back a little ways laughing and trying to talk over one another in the excitement of being reunited.

Aragorn was so full of joy to finally see this face; his friend's face glad to see him. Looking down into the sparkling sapphire eyes of his best friend, he wondered how he could have compared Will to Legolas. Legolas laughed as he pushed the ranger off of him and sat up leaning on his elbows.

"I guess that answers the question of are you ok..."

Aragorn was now kneeling beside Legolas, who finally noticed the injuries to his face and reached out, gingerly touching the ranger's face just below his bruised eyes and the area around his somewhat swollen and red nose. Aragorn watched as Legolas' expression changed to one of concern when he noted the crimson stains on his faded black tunic.

"...well maybe you are not as well as you seem."

Aragorn brushed his hand away still smiling down at the elf. "I'm fine this is nothing compared to the condition I was in when I arrived here."

Legolas sighed. "I know the shape you were in when you arrived."

Aragorn frowned and was about to ask him how he had known, when he heard Jack stumbling back up the stairs carrying six to eight extra bottles of rum in his arms. Jack dropped the bottles, except for one, which he immediately uncorked and began chugging back. Aragorn inwardly cringed. If Jack was having this reaction to Legolas just because he looked like Will, what would he do when he found out he was an elf?

Legolas also noticed Jack and laughed as he watched the man stumbling around with his rum. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your new friends?"

Aragorn nodded. "Of course." Standing he offered Legolas a hand up which the elf graciously accepted, and followed Aragorn over to his two companions.

Elizabeth realized why Jack wanted more rum; this man looked just like Will! Rubbing her hands over her face she hoped Jack brought up enough rum for the both of them. However she did find herself becoming intrigued by Legolas, mainly of course because of the resemblance to Will, but there were also things about him that were completely different, like how graceful and elegant his strides were, his long platinum blond hair that was being whipped around him by the breeze coming up the beach, how much paler he was than the rest of them, his hypnotizing blue eyes. Elizabeth then noticed his pointed ears and did a double take not sure whether or not she was mistaken, but they were indeed pointed. She felt the color drain from her face and began pointing at him.

"Your ears are pointed, why are your ears pointed?!"

Jack, also taking notice to the elf's ears dropped the bottle of rum and began pointing at him as well while backing away somewhat. "Who are you?! WHAT are you?!"

"I am Legolas, son of Thranduil, Elf lord of Mirkwood."

Jack just stood stupefied, while Elizabeth looked at Legolas skeptically, forgetting about her sudden infatuation. "ELF, you can't be an elf they don't exist!"

Legolas frowned. "Well since I am an elf I beg to differ."

Aragorn dropped his head into his hands, softly groaning as Elizabeth and Legolas began bickering about elves existing and not existing. In all honesty he was expecting this kind of reaction from Jack, who was just looking back and forth between the fighting woman and elf, but not from Elizabeth, who he could tell was really starting to get on Legolas' last nerve and his as well. Aragorn after a few minutes stepped between the two. "Both of you that is ENOUGH!"

Legolas fell silent at his friend's command as did Elizabeth, both staring at Aragorn waiting for him to take a side on the issue, as was Jack who actually was shifting his gaze from the ranger to Legolas' pointed ears. Aragorn sighed as he turned to Elizabeth. "He speaks the truth Elizabeth, he is indeed an elf."

Elizabeth crossed her arms over her chest and gave both Aragorn and Legolas a cocky look. "I hardly believe in fairytales anymore Strider."

Jack watched as Legolas' face turned to one of absolute loathing, a look Will had mostly reserved for he and Strider, and at the elf's reaction to Elizabeth, Jack himself began to realize Legolas was indeed different from Will. Clearing his throat caused the three of them to turn their attention to him.

"Well Elizabeth you also no longer believed in ghost stories and as Barbossa told you, you're in one."

"How did you know of our conversation?"

Jack smiled broadly, revealing to Legolas his gold capped teeth. "Let's just say Barbossa and I had a little talk while I was aboard the Pearl."

Elizabeth looked between her three companions before grabbing a bottle of the rum Jack had retrieved, and huffily storming off down the beach mumbling curses at them as she went.

Legolas' eyes continued to burn with the fury caused by Elizabeth's words to him. Elves had been the first born, they had left Middle-Earth to the humans' care, and to now find that his kind were thought of as nothing more than mythical creatures who never truly existed made his blood run cold. This world he and Aragorn were now in was the true fairytale world, not Middle Earth and its inhabitants. Legolas was drawn form his thoughts by Aragorn, who laid his hand on his friend's shoulder and gently squeezed it and gave him a sympathetic look. Legolas smiled slightly. These peoples' beliefs were not what was important to him. What was important to him was convincing Aragorn to return home with him. Looking to his left, he took in Jack's appearance, which had to be by far one of the oddest he had seen, which was saying something.

Aragorn's mood began to change when he saw his friend's lighten somewhat. Smiling he patted his friend's shoulder and gestured to Jack. "Legolas this is CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. He has been helping me since I arrived here."

Legolas chuckled slightly when Aragorn emphasized Captain and extended a long slender hand to Jack who cautiously placed his hand in the elf's hoping it wasn't a repeat of the hand shake he and Norrington had shared a week or so back. As the two shook hands and Legolas thanked Jack for watching out for Aragorn, Jack took notice to how light the elf's touch was around his hand.

Jack returned the smile Legolas was giving him and then stated to Aragorn that he liked this version of Will much better.

Legolas cocked his head to the side. "Version of who?"

Aragorn just made a face trying to decide the best way to go about tell Legolas about the brown-haired uptight version of himself and about what he had been doing this whole time when Jack broke in. "Oh it's really no big deal, I found him hurt he volunteered to help me and Will, who by the way you are identical to, on our little voyage to rescue Miss Swann." Jack pointed in the direction Elizabeth had gone, and then pointed at Aragorn. "Young Strider here makes an excellent pirate; well except for the whole sea sick thing."

Legolas faced Aragorn his face full of confusion and disbelief. "Pirates! Le abtua corsairs {you are helping Corsairs}?!"

"Corsairs... aiya {Oh} Corsairs!" Aragorn slapped a hand to his forehead and faced Jack with a goofy grin on his face. "I have heard of pirates before!"

Jack just nodded, smiling lopsidedly at Aragorn, while Legolas ran a hand through his hair and looked down to the ground sighing. "Aiya Estel..."

Aragorn remembered some of the stories he had heard about the Corsairs from his brothers and realized why his friend was concerned. They didn't have all too good of a reputation to say the least. But the men and women he had been sailing with were good people and in his opinion proved that corsairs or pirates weren't all bad.

Jack easily read the dislike on Legolas' face. "Perhaps you aren't so different from Will..."

Jack immediately fell silent from the glare he got from Aragorn, who ground out darkly, "He is NOTHING like Will."

"Then he will have no problem taking commands."

Legolas frowned at the man before him. Who was Jack to think that he would just accept his commands? And why would he be taking commands from this pirate? The only ones who he would take a command from were his father, Elrond, Gandalf and the only human was Aragorn. This ignorant man obviously did not classify with them.

"And why would I be taking commands from you?"

"Well I just assumed that you would now be tagging along with Strider here..."

Legolas shrugged his shoulders. "Your point being?"

"His point is that I promised to help him on this journey until it was finished..." Aragorn lowered his eyes while pushing a stray strand of hair out of his face and spoke quietly so only Legolas could hear, "...which I fear it is far from being...if my foresight was correct."

Legolas was now at a total loss. It was obvious that his friend intended to stick to his word and help this man, who Legolas at the moment didn't like much. But he also figured the pirate must have his good qualities if Aragorn was willing to risk his life to help him. But then his thoughts drifted back to Elrohir's warning to him. If they stayed here too much longer they would both be stuck in this place, but if he tried to force Aragorn out against his will, he would deepen the man's connection to this world. Legolas then also realized that no matter what they would have to wait for they had none of the supplies needed (except the robe he had worn) to repeat the spell so they could return to Middle-Earth.

Not having any other choice Legolas reluctantly agreed to accompany Jack. I cannot believe I am doing this, wait until my father finds out about this...he is going to KILL me!

Jack smirked at the elf and handed him and Aragorn a bottle of rum "Welcome to the Caribbean, elf boy."

Aragorn chuckled at the face his friend made at being called 'elf boy'. Legolas sighed and looked at the bottle in his hand and then to his friend. "I have a feeling I'm going to need A LOT of this over the next couple of days."

"If you think you need a lot now wait until you meet Will!"

Legolas groaned. He had completely forgotten about this Will who he looked exactly like and it seemed no one here liked much. What have I gotten myself into?

Elladan jumped at the sudden knocking at the door. Turning to his twin they both gave each other identical looks of alarm at the sound of their father's voice filtering through the door demanding to know what they were doing.

"Nothing Ada!" was Elrohir's response while his twin just sat staring at Legolas, quietly pleading for him to snap out of his current state of being.

"Then what is all this?!" Both spun around at the sound of Gandalf's voice coming from behind them. Turning they saw him standing in the door way to the adjoining room, the one door they had forgotten to lock. The twins cringed as the lock was thrown and their father stepped in, followed closely by Thranduil, who immediately began making his way towards his son only to be stopped by Gandalf.

"You cannot disturb him Thranduil for he is now in a delicate state of being. Any disturbance and he could be lost."

The blond elf lord looked helplessly between the wizard and his son who was murmuring the way Aragorn had been doing the past week. Thranduil felt his temper begin to boil over as he turned to face the twins who at the moment were cowering under their father's glare. Gandalf slowly made his way over to the younger of the twins and suddenly grabbed Elrohir's' arm in a vice like grip. "What were you three thinking?! Do you have any idea what you have now gotten Legolas into, how dangerous the risks are?!"

Elladan looked at his twin and then to the ground. "We all knew the risks, which is why Legolas decided to try the spell, he has as good a chance of bringing Estel back and he didn't want Ada to be lost as well."

Elrond stood in shock at what his son said, while Thranduil looked back at Legolas. "And now I may have lost my son as well."

Elladan and Elrohir apologized to Thranduil before they turned and left the room leaving the three elders alone. Gandalf placed his hand on Thranduil's shoulder. "They are right my friend, Legolas does have as good a chance as Elrond, and your son is strong I believe he will be able to come out of this."

"I hope you're right." With that Thranduil turned and exited the room, closely followed by Elrond, who called after him.

"Mithrandir is right Thranduil; Legolas is strong, do not lose hope."

Thranduil stopped and looked over his shoulder. "As is your son, but he hasn't been able to wake has he?" Elrond watched silently as Thranduil continued down the hall and prayed that Legolas and Aragorn were both strong enough to wake for their now shared dream.

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