Rangers and Pirates: 11. Aragorns identities revealed

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11. Aragorns identities revealed

Rangers and Pirates Chapter 11

The fire burned high into the night as the four drunks continued to dance and sing around it. To an observer looking on, the sight would seem very odd, as three men and a young woman all sang a song about pirates.

"We're devils and black sheep and really bad eggs! Drink up me 'earties, yo ho! Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!"

Jack and Elizabeth linked arms and spun around laughing as an extremely drunk Legolas and Aragorn continued to hop around singing the words to the song. or rather the very few words they remembered, in no particular order.

Jack spun away from Elizabeth, almost slamming into the drunken elf. "I love this song! Really bad eggs! Woo." Jack fell to the sand with a soft thud and took another swig of his rum as the other three made their way over to him. "When I get the Pearl back, I'm gonna teach it to the whole crew, and we'll sing it all the time!"

Legolas grinned goofily as he smacked Aragorn on the arm, making him gag a little on his drink. "Estel, we should :hic: teach this song to your brothers as well!"

Aragorn nodded in agreement as he fell flat on his back and gazed up at the stars. "Yah know what I think? I think we should get drunk more often! Rum is good, rum is my friend."

Jack frowned as the two began laughing about Aragorn's rum analogy. "Why did you call him Estel?"

Legolas chugged back some more rum before answering. "Because Estel is his name."

"But I thought his name was Strider." Jack said in confusion.

Aragorn sat up, leaning on his elbows. "Both are my name, as well as Aragorn and a few others." Jack and Elizabeth looked at each other and then back at the ranger as he began to explain his names. "You know me as Strider, ranger of the North, but I am also known as Estel, adopted son of Lord Elrond of Rivendell, and I have only recently learned my true identity, which is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, chieftain of the Dunedain and heir of."

Aragorn began snapping his fingers, trying to recall something. "Legolas, help me out here, I'm drawing a blank."

"Drawing a blank on what?"

Aragorn frowned at the elf, who obviously wasn't paying any attention to him. "Who am I the heir of?"

Legolas scratched his head. "Isildur.yeah that's it."

After a few moments of silence, Jack's curiosity got the better of him. "And what exactly are you the heir of, mate?"

Aragorn seemed to sober at the question. Sighing, he looked at Jack, who was obviously waiting for an answer. "I am the heir to the throne of Gondor."

Jack and Elizabeth's eyes widened at the answer, which was most certainly one they were not expecting. The four of them had cleared up the issue of how Legolas had gotten there and the issue of elves and such earlier in the day, with Jack and Elizabeth eventually accepting that the elf and ranger were from another world, which they called Middle-Earth. But to find out that Strider was actually a king or future king from that world was almost too shocking and incredible to believe.

After a brief silence, Jack grinned. "You're a King?! My lord you should have told me sooner!" Jack placed his hand over his heart and bowed his head in a joking way at the ranger, who had a look of despair because of his heritage and a hint of annoyance from Jack's joke, on his face.

"I said I was the heir, I never said I was the King!" Aragorn snapped angrily, his voice rising to a shout as the rum had impaired his ability to control his tone.

Jack's head shot up at Aragorn's shouting and found himself being glared at by the ranger. If looks could kill, Jack would most certainly be dead. He of course had his doubts, seeing as how they were all drunk as skunks, and he had just assumed that Aragorn was fibbing, but he began to change his mind upon seeing the reaction his joke had sparked. He was silent for a long moment. "You're serious, aren't you?"

Aragorn just stared at the pirate with the light from the fire dancing across his features, making him look older and wiser, and giving Jack and Elizabeth a brief glimpse of the fair, powerful, and caring king he would one day become.

After about five minutes of awkward silence, Legolas suddenly gave a small cry of surprise, making his companions look at him. Legolas looked between the three of them and stuck out his bottom lip in a pout. "My rum went bye- bye!"

He then turned his bottle over to prove it was indeed empty. Aragorn finally lost control and burst out laughing at the elf who was still pouting over his lack of rum, while Jack and Elizabeth joined in on the ranger's laughter as well.

"I'll tell you what Aragorn."

Aragorn wiped tears of mirth from his eyes and looked over at Jack. ".when I get the Pearl back, and if you two can't get back to your Middle-Earth, what do you say to sticking with me and sailing the open seas?"

Aragorn and Legolas looked at each other and it was Legolas who agreed to take Jack up on his offer if they were unable to get back. Jack smiled and tossed the Elf another bottle of rum as Elizabeth turned to him hiccupping.

With a guffaw at the interaction between Jack and Elizabeth, Aragorn turned his attention back to Legolas, a stupefied expression on his face as his friend began to practice his archery. Hiccupping, he addressed Legolas, not realizing that he had begun to pick up a bit of Jack's brogue. "Mellon nin, what exactly be ye doin' over there, shooting arrows all willy-nilly into the palms?"

Legolas, grunting by way of a reply, kept shooting, disturbing a flock of sleeping macaws who chattered amongst themselves at the rude interruption of the arrows. Cawing down to the archer, one unfortunate bird had his tail feathers split neatly in half by an ill-aimed arrow.

Leaving the drunken Elf to his practice, Aragorn turned to spy Elizabeth, laughing as the disturbed parrot flew down to complain loudly to Legolas about being disturbed, a surprising amount of sailor vernacular peppering its vocabulary and making Elizabeth blush.

Legolas stumbled over to the group, dropping to his knees. His arrows spent, his bow left hanging on one of the attacked palms, he settled back onto his knees eyeing Jack and Aragorn. "You know Estel I was thinking that if we take up old Jack here up on his offer."

"You'll be positively the most fearsome pirates in the Spanish Main!" Elizabeth clapped her hands in glee, giggling a bit and looking about for more rum.

Jack shook his head. "Not just the Spanish Main, love, the entire ocean, the entire world. Wherever we want to go, that's what a ship is you know. It's not a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, that's what a ship needs. But what a ship is. what the Black Pearl really is.is freedom."

Elizabeth held up her bottle and toasted, "To freedom!"

Jack raised his bottle and toasted the Black Pearl before he again began chugging back the liquor, only this time he ended up passing out.

Aragorn chuckled and got to his feet with a small stagger, saying that Jack had a very good idea. The ranger turned and helped Legolas to his feet, although they both nearly ended up back on the ground again, and then they headed off a little further down the beach. They lay down side by side as they had done in the past on their many previous hunting trips and adventures, and Aragorn rolled onto his back to look up at the stars. He was amazed to find that they were the same here as they were at home. After a few moments, Aragorn rolled over onto his side and faced Legolas. "I'm glad you're here with me, Legolas." Legolas turned his head and smiled broadly at his young human friend. "So am I, mellon nin." With that, the two friends slipped into a deep sleep.

Jack woke slowly to the sounds of the waves crashing to shore and the smell of burning wood?! His eyes flew open and he sat up, turning to see that Elizabeth was burning the food and rum, with the palm trees also igniting. As another explosion went off, Jack hopped up and ran towards her, waving his arms in the air.

"No! Not good! Stop! What are you doing? You burned all the shade, the food, the rum?!"

Elizabeth walked past him a little ways, surprised to see that Aragorn and Legolas were still out cold and not showing any signs of getting up for a long time yet. She smiled slightly before she answered the frantic pirate. "Yes, the rum is gone."

Jack's eyes went wide. "Why is the rum gone?!"

Elizabeth turned suddenly and gave him a smug look. "One, because it is a vile drink that turns even the most respectable men into complete scoundrels. Two, that signal is over a thousand feet high. The entire Royal Navy is out looking for me, do you really think there is even the slightest chance that they won't see it?"

Jack just stared at her, his eyes still wide. "But why is the rum gone?"

Elizabeth just rolled her eyes and turned away from him, taking a seat on the sand. "Just wait, Captain Sparrow. Give it one hour, maybe two, keep a weather eye open and you will see white sails on that horizon."

Jack was so furious he took out his pistol and was about to aim it at her, but then he thought twice about it and putting the gun away stalked off. Once he was far enough away, he began imitating her. He stopped suddenly, looking off into the distance, where he spied a white-sailed ship not far offshore.

"There'll be no living with her after this." Jack sighed and turned around, making his way back to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth smiled at Jack, who was looking more miserable than she had ever seen him. "I told you it would work."

Jack gave her his meanest 'I hate you' look, before suggesting that they wake the still unconscious ranger and elf.

"Strider. hey Strider!" Jack called as he shook the ranger's shoulder.

"Maybe he's going by a different name today." Elizabeth commented.

Jack just made a face at her before shaking the ranger again. "Aragorn, get up!"

Aragorn grumbled as he moved his head ever so slightly, looking at Jack out of the corner of his eye, which was barely even open. "What do you want?"

Elizabeth, who was standing behind Jack, chose that moment to look at Legolas. She suddenly gave an ear-piercing scream, which caused Aragorn to sit up so quickly that he and Jack slammed foreheads, while Legolas jumped to his feet and immediately dropped into a crouching defensive position.

"Where are they?" Aragorn sat up and rocked back and forth slightly. He'd already had a headache from the hangover, and now the pain had been doubled from smashing foreheads with Jack.

"Where is what?"

"The orc, I heard it's screech!" Legolas demanded.

Jack sat up from where he'd fallen backwards into the sand, still slightly dazed. "That was Elizabeth who 'screeched' and what the hell is an orc?"

Elizabeth stared at Legolas and began stammering. "You.you were dead!"

Legolas looked at her, confused. "I was?"

"Your eyes were open!"

Once Aragorn's brain let him process what Elizabeth was saying he groaned and let himself fall back, his arms outstretched. "He is an elf and elves sleep with their eyes open, not closed."

Elizabeth looked at Legolas and scrunched up her face. "That is so freaky, how can you sleep like that?"

"Well, I can't exactly help the way I sleep!"

Both Jack and Aragorn grumbled as the two of them began bickering again. The argument finally came to a halt when Jack began screaming shut up repeatedly, sounding like a broken record.

Aragorn chuckled to himself. This is going to be a LONG day.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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