Rangers and Pirates: 15. Bring me the Horizon...

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15. Bring me the Horizon...

Rangers and Pirates Chapter 15

Meanwhile in the square.

Jack stood staring blankly out at the crowd of people who had gathered to witness his execution. A soldier nearby began to read the list of crimes that he had been convicted of. Suddenly, he found himself wishing that he had gone with Strider. I am an idiot.

"Jack Sparrow, be it known that you have."

Jack rolled his eyes and murmured to himself. "CAPTAIN, Captain Jack Sparrow."

".for your willful commission of crimes against the crown. Said crimes being numerous in quantity and sinister in nature. The most grievous of these to be sited herewith: piracy, smuggling."

Elizabeth stood nearby with her father and Commodore Norrington. "This is wrong."

Governor Swann just eyed his daughter. "Commodore Norrington is bound by the law, as are we all."

Elizabeth just made a face and blocked out her father as she listened again to Jack's charges.

".impersonating an officer of the Spanish Royal Navy, impersonating a cleric of the Church of England."

Jack smiled fondly at that memory. "Oh yes."

Aragorn stood with Legolas and Will behind a pillar listening to Jack's charges as well. Once he had found out where Jack was and what Will was planning, he and Legolas hadn't thought twice about volunteering their help to Will. Aragorn smiled, halfway amused as the list continued to include sailing under false colors, kidnapping, looting, arson, and so on. "Is there anything Jack hasn't done?"

Legolas just laughed. "Apparently not."

Will began to move off towards Elizabeth smirking somewhat as he went. There really isn't anything he hasn't done.

Will let the smirk fall from his face and stood tall with an emotionless face as he stopped in front of the Commodore and Governor Swann. "Governor Swann, Commodore." Both men nodded at him. ".Elizabeth." She turned at looked at him and he drew a deep breath before he continued. "I should have told you every day from the moment I met you. I love you."

Elizabeth smiled at his words, but her smile quickly faded as Will turned and began to push his way through the crowd, closer to the gallows. She then noticed a hooded figure moving in the same direction, and recognized the hood as being the one that Aragorn had always worn. How did he get back here?

A bird squawked nearby, and she turned to her right to see Cotton's parrot sitting on a flagpole. Just beyond that she caught sight of Legolas creeping stealthily up the staircase on the far wall. She smiled ever so slightly and gripped her stomach and chest. "I can't breathe." She fell backwards in a pretend faint, drawing her father and Norrington's attention away from Jack's three rescuers and towards her.

Jack looked up when he heard Will shouting for the crowd to move, and watched as the blacksmith tried to push his way through the gathered people, who were beginning to scream as they caught sight of his drawn sword.

In the blink of an eye however, the executioner pulled on the trapdoor release lever and Jack felt the floor drop out from under him. He had been preparing to feel the noose tighten around his neck, but instead came to an abrupt halt when his feet landed on something. Glancing down her could see Will's narrow sword under his feet. That's a REALLY wonderful trick.

But because the sword was so narrow, Jack found himself struggling to keep his feet balanced on it as Will dashed up to the platform to fight the executioner and keep him away from Jack. Jack's shoes began slipping off the surface of the sword and he found himself struggling even more to keep balanced on the sword blade.

Thankfully, he didn't have to struggle for long as a whistling noise pierced the air. The next thing he heard was the rope tearing and feeling it give way, which caused him to land hard on the ground. Sitting up slightly he frowned when he saw a dark-colored arrow shaft with green and gold feathers protruding from the wooden post where it had embedded itself. It can't be. Jack jumped involuntarily when a pair of firm hands grabbed his bonded ones and hauled him to his feet. The pirate's eyes widened when a familiar being smiled at him from beneath a hooded cloak. "Aragorn?"

Aragorn didn't respond at first. He unsheathed a dagger and sliced through the bonds on Jack's hands. He looked at Jack once the pirate's hands were free. "Did you think I would just turn my back and leave you to die?"

Jack shook his head no and then pulled the noose over his head and off his neck and both he and Aragorn took off with Will following close behind.

Legolas began to make his way back down the steps, but found that his path had been blocked by a group of soldiers that were climbing the stairs and advancing on him. The prince turned, intending to go back the other way, but found that he was now pinned in by another group of soldiers coming from behind him. He eyed the drop to the ground; it was somewhere between twelve to fifteen feet long. Legolas made a face, he didn't really feel like making that drop, but he had jumped from higher places in his life. He vaulted off the stairs and hurtled towards the ground. He surprised a great many people when he landed sure-footed and almost immediately took off running. Thanks to his natural speed, he quickly caught up to his companions and helped them to fight off the soldiers.

Jack and Will were using the long length of rope that had been the noose to trip the soldiers and to make them crash into each other. At one point, Aragorn and Legolas dropped back to handle several of the guards and to give Will and Jack a better lead on the soldiers. However, they were soon nearly overwhelmed and were forced to retreat again. They turned and ran up a small flight of steps in time to see Will and Jack flip and roll past a few of Norrington's men.

"Are we supposed to do that?" Aragorn asked.

Legolas didn't answer, but instead shoved the ranger forward after Will and Jack. The foursome didn't get much further before they were completely surrounded. Jack now stood with Will, Aragorn, and Legolas surrounding him, defending him from the soldiers with swords drawn, except for Legolas who had his bow drawn and an arrow notched and ready to fly.

Norrington came up to them and pointed his blade at Will. "I thought that we might have to endure some manner of ill conceived escape attempt, but not from you. And I didn't think that they were fool enough to come back here."

Legolas looked back over his shoulder at Norrington. "Amin feuya ten'lle {You disgust me}."

Norrington of course, didn't reply, but the governor took a step forward and addressed Will. "Upon our return to Port Royal I granted you clemency and this is how you thank me? By throwing in your lot with him? He's a pirate!"

Aragorn rolled his eyes. The people of this time were incredibly narrow minded, but Will's response surprised him.

"And a good man."

Aragorn smirked as Jack pointed at himself proudly.

".If all I have achieved here is that the hang man will earn two pairs of boots instead of one then so be it. At least my conscience will be clear."

"You forget your place, Turner." Norrington said softly, his voice deadly.

Will didn't back down. "It's right here, between you and Jack."

Elizabeth pushed her way through the soldiers to stand with the four men, next to Will. "As is mine."

Everyone just stared in shock at her for a moment, until the governor ordered the soldiers to stand down, which they did reluctantly.

Norrington looked heart-broken as he stared at Elizabeth. "So this is where your heart truly lies?"

She nodded. "It is."

Aragorn almost pitied him at this moment until he remembered what Norrington was really like, and then the ranger lost all sympathy for Norrington.

There were a few moments of awkward silence, until Jack looked up and saw Cotton's parrot flying overhead. The pirate captain smiled as he realized that the Black Pearl must be nearby. Jack tapped Aragorn on the shoulder, and when the young ranger looked at his friend, Jack nodded up at the parrot. "It's time we went our separate ways. Remember what I told you."

Aragorn nodded sadly as Jack leaned in closer to Legolas and whispered a soft thank you to the elf prince, before he stepped away from the group protecting him and made his way boldly up to the governor. "Well, I'm actually feeling rather good about this. I think we've all reached a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically." The governor winced and turned his head away from Jack.

Next Jack leaned in closer to Norrington and tapped him on the chest. "I want you to know that I was rooting for you, mate. Know that." Norrington looked confused, and Jack seized that moment to back closer to Elizabeth and Will.

"Elizabeth." When she looked over at him, he gave her a sad look and shook his head. "It would never have worked between us darling. I'm sorry." Legolas couldn't hold back the laugh that escaped him as Elizabeth gave the pirate her usual death glare, while Will looked at Jack with confusion for the reference.

Jack backed a bit closer to the wall. "Will. nice hat." Jack said and Will grinned in response as he looked up at his large plumed hat.

The group watched as Jack hopped up a few steps and continued to back toward the wall. The soldiers immediately moved to detain him again, but Jack continued to back away from them. "Men! This is the day that you will always remember as the day that you."

The pirate's speech cut off as he backed up to far and toppled over the wall, his arms failing as he fell towards the water below the cliff. Aragorn and Legolas were the first to reach the wall and saw Jack resurface below them. They were joined a moment later by Will, Elizabeth, Norrington and his men, and Governor Swann. Norrington's second in command laughed. "Idiot. He has nowhere to go except back to the noose."

Legolas smiled at Aragorn as his keen elven sight caught sight of billowing black sails coming into the bay. He nudged the younger man and nodded toward the ship, watching as Aragorn smiled as well.

Aragorn watched as Jack began to swim towards the Pearl, but the smile faded from his face as he felt a pulling on his mind. Legolas picked up on the sudden change. "What's wrong?"

Aragorn tried to shake off the feeling, but it just grew stronger and everything seemed to become more distant and far off, and even though he was there, it felt as if he was watching events unfold instead of playing his part in them.

Legolas smiled. "I think our time here is coming to an end Strider."

Aragorn sighed. "You feel it too?"

The elf nodded at the ranger, and then realized that the soldiers had actually moved away from them, or rather, they were ignoring them as they usually did. Legolas turned as Norrington called Will over to him.

Elizabeth reached out and grabbed Will's arm, stopping his forward motion. Obviously she was afraid of what Norrington was going to do to Will. Will smiled sadly at her. "I will accept the consequences of my actions." He approached Norrington, stopping in front of the commodore.

Norrington raised his sword again and placed the blade near Will's neck. Aragorn and Legolas both held their breaths as they watched. The commodore looked the blade up and down before he spoke. "This is a beautiful sword. I would expect the man who made it to show the same care and devotion in every aspect of his life."

Will nodded and smiled at Norrington as he thanked the man, before he moved back to Elizabeth. Aragorn thought that he and Legolas had gotten off free as Norrington began to leave, but the soldier who had called Jack an idiot stopped him. "Commodore! What about Sparrow and his two companions here?"

Aragorn straightened under the glare that Norrington gave he and Legolas, but was both surprised and relieved at the man's response as his glare changed to a confident smile. "Well, I think that we can afford to give all three one day's head start." With that, Norrington turned and walked back into the fort.

Aragorn didn't know why he felt relieved, after all it wasn't like he and Legolas were stuck here the way they were before, but it was still a relief.

"So, this is the path you've chosen, is it? After all." Elizabeth looked from Will to her father. ".he is a blacksmith."

Elizabeth smiled and studied Will for a moment. Then she reached up and removed Will's hat. "No. He's a pirate." Will cupped her cheek, and then lowered his head and kissed her. She returned the kiss, and it quickly grew deeper and more passionate.

Aragorn turned away from the unfolding scene and looked back at the bay, joining Legolas in watching what was happening on the Black Pearl. Aragorn strained his eyes as he watched Jack get heaved over the railing and onto the ship. Aragorn began moving around, trying to see if he could get a better view of what was going on, but he couldn't. "Legolas."

The prince didn't even wait for Aragorn to finish his question. "There is a man helping Jack stand."

Aboard the Black Pearl.

Jack looked up at Gibbs. "I thought you were supposed to keep to the code."

Gibbs smiled. "We figured they were more actual guidelines." Bending down he offered Jack a hand up, which the captain accepted and then Gibbs led him over to the steering wheel where Cotton handed him his hat.

Jack smiled and nodded. "Thank you." He placed the hat on his head.

"Captain Sparrow." Coming up behind him, Ana Maria draped a coat around his shoulders. ".the Black Pearl is yours."

Jack walked up to the wheel slowly and once it was before him he rubbed his hand along it and smiled as he remembered the many journeys he had had aboard this ship, and the ones that he would still have. Although he didn't think that any of them would ever compare to this last voyage, where he had fought undead pirates alongside a future king and an elf prince from another world. I really know how to pick 'em.

Suddenly he snapped back to reality and saw that his crew were all smiling at his obvious loss of attention. He began barking orders to them, and they all scrambled to obey. Once they were all attending to their tasks, he glanced back in the direction of the fort, where he could see the ranger and the elf before he took out his compass and stepped behind the wheel. He nodded at his friends, uncertain if they could see him, but thanking them nonetheless.

"Now.bring me that horizon." Jack said to himself as he glanced down at his compass. He began to hum. "Da a dad a da. And really bag eggs.drink up me 'earties yo ho!"

Back in Middle-Earth.

Aragorn and Legolas rode next to each other in silence. After Jack began to sail away with the Pearl, the two had been woken by the twins, who were slightly panicked. Apparently they had slipped into a similar state of 'dream' as before. Only this time it only took a cold bucket of water to wake them up.

Aragorn chuckled. Elrond was going to love the story that went along with Elrohir's black eye, courtesy of a cranky, wet Legolas and a fifteen minute chase through the woods.

"What's so funny Estel?" Legolas asked. Aragorn grinned even more as he turned to the elf.

"I was just thinking about my brother's black eye."

Legolas rolled his eyes. "Aragorn.that's the last time that we are going to see them, right? I mean, no more unexpected trips?"

Aragorn reined in his horse and stared off to the horizon. "Well, I don't know."

Legolas stopped his horse as well and looked at his friend, slightly worried. "What are you saying?"

"Remember, I said at LEAST once more." Aragorn grinned mischievously and wiggled his eyebrows at the elf, who shook his head and nudged his horse back into a walk.

"No offence, but I hope we won't be running into them again."

Aragorn laughed as he watched his friend ride off after the twins. The wind suddenly picked up and whipped the ranger's hair around him, and Aragorn picked up the faint scent of the ocean, mixed with the fragrance of wildflowers. The ranger once again looked off to the horizon and smiled contently. I'm a pirate, or was.ah who cares!

"Now, bring me that horizon.da a dad a da. And really bad eggs. Drink up me 'earties, yo ho!"

the end for now...


No, not realy the end. Go and check out the sequal!

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