Rangers and Pirates: 2. Running and chaos

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2. Running and chaos

Rangers and Pirates Chapter 2

Note: Some of the scenes are going to be changed around somewhat but I guess you guys already knew that huh? And towards the end it's gonna be kind of jumpy because it's going between Jack, Will, Aragorn and a little bit of Elizabeth...just giving you a fair warning!

Running and chaos

Thranduil stood with Legolas and some healers watching Aragorn move around and speak silent words. He had never seen or heard of anything like this before in his long life. "What is happening to him Ada?"

Thranduil shrugged his shoulders, "I do not know. Legolas, round up a few messengers and tell them to look for Gandalf, I doubt Elrond will be able to help him when he arrives."
Jack made his way back around to the fireplace. "You need to find yourself a girl, mate! Or, perhaps the reason you practice three hours a day is that you already found one, and are otherwise incapable of wooing said strumpet. You're not a eunuch, are you?"

Will looked thoroughly pissed and Jack didn't know if it was because of his lack of girl analogy or if it was because of his "eunuch" comment. "I practice three hours a day, so that when I meet a pirate, I can kill it!" The two once again resumed their fight.

Aragorn, however, stood stupefied in the corner as the battle continued and realization hit him. This wasn't Middle-Earth. His heart was pounding so hard he thought it was going to burst through his chest. What was he going to do? Elrond was going to kill him when this mess got sorted out, well if it got sorted out. At least I didn't drag Legolas into this. He was so lost in thought that he missed Jack catapulting Will and himself up to the rafters, in fact the only thing that snapped him out of his stupor was a muffled yell. Aragorn looked up to see a large cloud of dust and a weaponless Will stumbling about. Aragorn watched as Jack pulled out one of those strange weapons and point it at Will who almost looked betrayed.

"You cheated!"

Jack gave him a small smirk. "Pirate. Move away."

Will stood his ground between the pirate and his only exit. "No."

Jack was starting to look panicked, it wouldn't be long before he was found and now he had no idea about what had happened to Strider. "Please, move."

Will still refused "No! I cannot just step aside and let you escape."

Jack readied his pistol to fire, "This shot is not meant for you..."

Aragorn's eyes grew wide as he watched the man who was sleeping smash Jack over the head with his liquor bottle. Jack fell face first to the ground and almost like clock work the group of solders they had been hiding from broke through the door.

The man who Aragorn was guessing was their leader stepped closer to the man who had knocked out Jack. "Excellent work, Mr. Brown. You've assisted in the capture of a dangerous fugitive."

"Just doing my civic duty, sir." Will made a disgusted face at them. He was the one who had fought the pirate and kept him here and instead Mr. Brown gets the credit.

Aragorn stayed pressed against the wall. He didn't know what he could do for Jack now that all these men were here. Aragorn froze and held his breath as one of the solders wandered too close for comfort. Fortunately he overlooked the ranger and moved back to the group gathering Jack up. Aragorn mentally thanked the Valar that he was raised by elves who had taught him how to successfully blend with his surroundings. Aragorn again turned his full attention to the leader of the group of solders who smiled cockily at his men. "Well, I trust you'll always remember this as the day that Captain Jack Sparrow almost escaped. Take him away."

Aragorn cursed under his breath as Jack was lead away by Commodore Norrington. Now who was he going to trust?

"Who is there?"

Aragorn froze. How loud did I say that? He absent-mindedly moved his hand to the hilt of his sword and watched as Will picked up a new sword and began searching for him. Aragorn slipped closer to the door as Will moved further in the opposite direction, past the fire place. In one swift movement he threw the door open and ran out of the shed into the open streets of the town. Aragorn stood in the middle of the road trying to figure out what direction to go in.

"You!" Spinning around he saw Will stalking towards him. Aragorn took off in the direction where the least amount of people seemed to be going and tried to find a safe place to hide. After about 20 minutes he wandered far into the wooded area surrounding Port Royal.

Aragorn sat against a tree mentally and physically exhausted. He had cleaned his wounds the best he could, and had changed into the spare black leggings and tunic he had packed. Aragorn sighed as he thought about his situation. He had no idea where to even begin in his search to find his way home, and it seemed that the only person it he could maybe trust was lost to him. Aragorn brought his knees up to his chest and rested his head against them and let the sobs and tears escape him. He cried for what seemed like hours before exhaustion and sleep over took him.
"What do you mean you don't know what's wrong with him?!" screamed an enraged Elladan at the poor unwitting messenger from Mirkwood.

"We found him on one of the paths. He was attacked by orcs. The healers said he should have passed from his injuries but he hasn't. They can't figure out why he is in the current state he is in."

Elladan threw his hands in the air. "This is ridiculous!" Elrohir placed his hand on his twin's shoulder.

"Elladan don't take out your anger on Talathdur." The younger twin said soothingly, even though he was nearly frantic with worry for his younger brother too.

Elrond emerged from his study looking more frustrated than he did when he went in. "Elladan, Elrohir pack whatever you need quickly. We are leaving for Mirkwood immediately. Talathdur if you would be so kind as to inform the stable hand that we need our horses prepared..."

"As you wish, my lord." Talathdur bowed before running off to the stables.

Elrohir stepped closer to his father. "What did you find Ada?"

Elrond sighed "I found absolutely nothing on the matter."
Aragorn woke to the sounds of cannon fire and chaos erupting all around him. Grabbing his pack and weapons he took off back towards the town. In the bay near the docks he could see a large black ship with tattered sails, and all around the town, fog was creeping in.

Will grabbed a sword and ax before heading out to fight the invaders who were destroying Port Royal and killing the town residents. As soon as he was out of the shed he threw his ax and hit one of the pirates in the back, causing him to fall to the ground. Will grabbed the ax as he ran by the fallen pirate and taking on his next opponent. The fighting was vicious, and many of the men of the town were doing their best to defend themselves, but it seemed hopeless.
Elizabeth Swann ran down the staircase as the butler was about to open the door. "Don't!"

The butler ignored her and opened the door to find two pirates standing on the other side of it. Pintel smiled evilly. "Hello chump." Elizabeth screamed when Pintel shot the butler. "Girl!"

Elizabeth's eyes went wide as she turned and ran as quickly as she could back upstairs to her room with the pirates right on her heels. She jumped when her maid grabbed her. "Miss Swann, they've come to kidnap you."

Elizabeth felt a chill run down her spine "What?"

"You're the Governor's daughter." The maid was earnest, and frightened, though she was bravely trying to hide it.

Elizabeth held back her panic well "They haven't seen you. Hide and as fast as you can run to the fort."
Jacks' head shot up at the sound of cannon fire. "I know those guns. It's the Pearl." He smiled as he set his eyes upon the black-sailed ship.

One of the prisoners in the next cell looked at him disbelievingly. "Black Pearl? I've heard stories. She's been preying on ships and settlements for near ten years. Never leaves any survivors."

Jack faced the man with a smirk plastered on his face. "No survivors? Then where do the stories come from, I wonder?"
Aragorn notched another arrow in his bow and fired. His arrow imbedded itself right between the unsuspecting pirate's eyes. Aragorn frowned when he went to retrieve his arrow. He was quite sure he had just beheaded this man a little further back. Aragorn shook off the suspicion there was no way that it was possible. But then again, how was it possible that he was here? Aragorn looked around as the area brightened. Looking up he saw that the light was coming form the once cloud-covered moon. He yelped and jumped back in surprise when he looked back down at the pirate. The pirate was now nothing more than some rotted flesh and tattered clothes hanging off of a skeletal frame. And I thought Orcs were the ugliest things I ever saw.
Jack looked back in disbelief at the gaping hole in the opposite cell wall. The last shot from the cannon's had blown a hole in the cell block. in the outer wall of the cell next to his own. God, he had the worst luck. Jack grabbed the bone the others had been using earlier to try a lure the dog holding the keys to them, and began tapping it on the floor.

"Come on, doggy. It's just you and me now. It's you and ol' Jack, come on. Come on, good boy. That's it, good boy, come on! Bit closer, bit closer. That's it, that's it, doggy. Come on you filthy, slimy, mangy cad. No, no, no, no, no, I didn't mean it. I didn't..." Jack drew his arm back in at the sound of foot steps coming toward him.

The pirate named Twigg looked around. "This ain't the armory."

The other pirate with him smiled wickedly when he saw Jack. "Well, well, well, look what we have here Twigg - Captain Jack Sparrow."

Jack inwardly cringed as the two approached him. "Last time I saw you, you were all alone on a godforsaken island, shrinking into the distance. His fortunes aren't improved much." Twigg mocked.

"Worry about your own fortunes, gentlemen. The deepest circle of Hell is reserved for betrayers and mutineers." Jack replied.

The other pirate reached through the bars of Jack's cell and grabbed him around the neck, with the moon light revealing his rotted arm. "So there is a curse. That's interesting." Jack gasped as his windpipe was constricted.

The pirate tightened his grip. "You know nothing of Hell!"

With that the two comrades left Jack kneeling on the floor of his jail cell. "That's very interesting.
Elizabeth looked down at the medallion in her hand. She was now hiding in a storage closet in the dining room. "Come out and we promise we won't hurt you. We will find you, Poppet. You've got something of ours and it calls to us. The gold calls to us." Elizabeth held her breath as Pintel and Ragetti slowly made their way to her hiding place. Elizabeth looked up when the light that was coming through the crack of the doors faded.

Pintel opened the doors "'Ello, Poppet."
Aragorn continued to hack and slash his way through the sea of undead pirates, making his way back towards the blacksmith shed. Aragorn froze when he saw a pirate had Will trapped with some kind of a hook around his neck. Aragorn sheathed his sword and pulled out his bow.

The pirate pulled Will closer to him. "Say good bye..." The pirate suddenly dropped the hook and looked down at his hand with a dark arrow shaft protruding form it.

Will looked up and ducked quickly as a sign came hurtling at them, knocking the pirate through a window. "Goodbye."

Aragorn put his bow away and ran over towards Will. "Are you alright Legolas...?"

Will looked at him in confusion. "What did you call me?"

Aragorn mentally kicked himself." Are you ok?"

Aragorn noticed that Will's gaze had shifted to over his shoulder. Turning he saw a young woman being lead away. Will spoke her name in horror. "Elizabeth."

Will immediately took off after her, with Aragorn right behind him. Aragorn hadn't noticed Will had stopped running and nearly skidded right into him. The pirate in front of them looked up in shock; the bomb that rolled in between them didn't go off. Will smirked cockily at the pirate, right before another came up behind him and Aragorn. "Outta my way, scum!" The pirate knocked them both over the head causing them to black out.

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