Rangers and Pirates: 4. Sea Sickness

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4. Sea Sickness

Rangers and Pirates Chapter 4

Sea Sickness

Elrond was woken by a soft knocking on the door. The elf lord rose and stretched his tired muscles before carefully making his way past Legolas, who had finally fallen into a deep sleep. Opening the door, he found an ecstatic Elrohir standing on the other side. "Ada, Gandalf has finally arrived. Elladan and Thranduil are with him now."

Elrond nodded and pushed past the younger twin. "Stay with Estel, and please try not to wake up Legolas. He has finally fallen asleep."

Elrohir smiled and stepped into the room. "Yes Ada. Once the door was closed Elrohir carefully made his way past Legolas and sat down on the bed with Aragorn. He pushed a stray hair out of the young Dunedain's face and then gently took his foster brother's hand in his own. "Everything is going to be okay Estel. Gandalf is here and he is going to help you find your way, I promise."

Aragorn leaned over the railing and again emptied the contents of his stomach into the waters below. He hated being sick, but at least this time he was with two others who knew what it felt like. Being raised by elves had its low points and one of them was when he got sick. Seeing as how elves could never get sick, he had no one to relate to on the matter.

Once the nausea had subsided somewhat, he sank down onto the deck and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He let his head fall back against the railing and tried to sleep, but the rocking of the boat and the flipping of his stomach made it an impossibly hard task.


Opening his eyes he saw Jack standing in front of him, holding out a glass of water to him. "Drink this."

Aragorn shook his head. "No, I can't keep it down."

Jack placed the glass next to him on the deck. "Drink it when you can then." Aragorn groaned and shut his eyes as his stomach flipped again. Jack laughed and patted the sick ranger on the shoulder. "Don't worry, you'll get your sea legs before this is all over."

Aragorn smiled despite his nausea. "Hannon le, mellon {Thank you, friend}." Jack just nodded at the strange words and then went back to steering the ship. Aragorn decided to try and drink the water, and immediately regretted the decision.

Reaching into his pack he pulled out his bag of various herbs and sorted through it until he found the lavender. He crushed the plant in his hand and then sprinkled it into the water remaining in the glass before deeply inhaling the sweet smell. He could immediately feel it settle his nerves and stomach as it always had when he was a child. Sighing contentedly, he wrapped himself in his cloak and fell into a light sleep. He wasn't asleep for long when he woke up to a conversation between Jack and Will, who were down on the lower deck.

"When I was a lad living in England, my mother raised me herself. After she died, I came out here, looking for my father." Will said.

Jack just stared straight ahead, making no reaction to Will's statement. "Is that so?"

Will turned and headed up the steps after Jack. "My father.Will Turner. And in jail it was only after you learned my name that you agreed to help. Since that's what I wanted, I didn't press the matter." Will now stood behind Jack. "I'm not a simpleton, Jack. You knew my father."

Jack didn't turn to the younger man when he replied. "I knew 'im. Probably one of the few who knew him as William Turner, everyone else just called him Bootstrap, or Bootstrap Bill."

Will frowned. "Bootstrap?"

Jack nodded as he kept his eyes on the horizon. "Good man, good pirate. I swear you look just like him."

Aragorn groaned and pulled the hood of his cloak over his head. He knew that from here on out this conversation was not going to go well.

Will's eyes grew dark with anger. "It's not true, he was a merchant sailor; a good respectable man who obeyed the law."

Jack rolled his eyes as he turned to face Will. "He was a bloody pirate, a scallywag."

Will's eyes grew even darker as he unsheathed his sword and pointed it at Jack. "My father was not a pirate."

Jack turned back to staring into the distance. "Put it away, son. It's not worth you getting beat again."

"You didn't beat me; you ignored the rules of engagement. In a fair fight, I'd kill you."

Aragorn grumbled and was about to tell them to shut up when all of a sudden Jack turned the wheel, sending a sail crashing into Will, who now clung on for dear life as he dangled over the water. Jack turned and walked a little closer to Will. "And that's no incentive for me to fight fair, is it? And as long as you're just hanging there, pay attention. The only rules that matter are these: what a man can do and what a man can't do. For instance- you can accept that your father was a pirate and a good man, or you can't. But pirate is in your blood, boy, so you'll have to square with that someday. And me, for example, I can let you drown, but I can't bring this ship into Tortuga with just me and a sea sick ranger." At this Aragorn narrowed his eyes and stuck his tongue out at Jack. "Savvy?"

Going back to the wheel and turning it in the other direction, he brought the sail and Will back in, sending Will crashing to the deck. "So, can you sail under the command of a pirate, or can you not?"

Will sighed, then looked up at Jack. "Tortuga?"

Jack smiled and nodded. "Tortuga."

After they had arrived and docked in Tortuga, Aragorn had been the first one of the three off the ship, desperate to be on solid ground again. After traveling further into the town, however, he found himself wishing that he was back on the Interceptor.

Jack, however, seemed to be quite intent and happy here. "What do you think of Tortuga?"

Will glanced around. "It makes a rather lasting impression."

Jack turned to Aragorn, who at the moment had a rather unflattering woman hanging on him. "And what are your thoughts, Strider?"

Aragorn shrugged the woman off and rolled his eyes. "Oh there are no words to describe how delu {hateful} this place is."

Jack just smiled and continued to lead them through the town. "If every island were like this one, no man would ever feel unwanted." Aragorn huffed and pulled his hood back over his head. "Scarlet "

Aragorn looked up in time to see a red-haired woman stalk over to Jack and slap him across the face so hard that his head snapped around. Jack scrunched up his face. "Not sure I deserved that."

Another woman, this one with blond hair came up to them. Jack smiled again. "Giselle "

Giselle put her hands on her hips and looked between the three of them, focusing on Jack. "Who was she?"

Jack tried to play innocent, but ended up getting slapped by her as well. After she left in a flurry of skirts, Jack looked at Aragorn and Will. "I may have deserved that."

Aragorn's eyebrows shot up when Jack dumped a bucket of water on a heavy- set man sleeping in the mud with some pigs. The man immediately woke up and began sputtering. "Curse you for breathing, you slack-jawed idiot " Then the man focused on Jack and blinked. "Mother's love Jack You should know better than to wake a man when he's sleeping. 'S bad luck."

Jack put the bucket on the ground and knelt down in front of him. "Ah, fortunately I know how to counter it. The man who did the waking buys the man who was sleeping a drink. The man who was sleeping drinks it while listening to a proposition from the man who did the waking."

Gibbs frowned for a moment as he tried to process Jack's words. Then he brightened. "Aye, that'll about do it." He started to get up, when Will suddenly doused him with more water. "Blast it I'm already awake "

"That was for the smell." Will said calmly.

Gibbs looked annoyed for a moment, but finally shrugged. Aragorn smiled. "Well in that case." Before Gibbs could move he was hit with another bucket of water from Aragorn. ".that should do it." Aragorn sniffed the air and made a face. "Well, maybe not."

Aragorn thought that he was going to vomit again from the smell of the tavern they entered and was repulsed by the fighting and the immoral women throwing themselves at the men there. Jack told Will and Aragorn to keep a sharp eye out as he led Gibbs to a corner table with their drinks.

Gibbs sat across from Jack and sipped his ale. "Now, what's the nature of this venture you're in?"

"I'm going after the Black Pearl." Gibbs choked on his ale, and smacked his chest to clear his windpipe. Jack continued. "I know where it's going to be, and I'm going to take it."

Gibbs looked at Jack like he was crazy. "Jack, it's a fool's errand. Well, you know better than me the tales of the Black Pearl."

Jack scooted in closer to Gibbs. "That's why I know what Barbossa is up to. All I need is a crew."

Gibbs shook his head. "From what I hear of Captain Barbossa, he's not a man to suffer fools, nor strike a bargain with one."

Jack smiled. "Well, then I say it's a very good thing I'm not a fool then, aye?"

Gibbs sat back in his seat. "Prove me wrong. What makes ye think Barbossa will give up his ship to you?"

Jack smiled slowly. "Let's just say it's a matter of leverage, aye?" The pirate cast his eyes in Will's direction, but Gibbs didn't understand. Jack sighed and began motioning his head towards Will, until Gibbs finally glanced over at the blacksmith.

"The kid?" Gibbs frowned.

"That is the child of Bootstrap Bill Turner. His only child, savvy?"

Realization dawned on Gibbs finally and his eyebrows shot up. "Is he now? Leverage says you, I think I feel a change in the wind says I. I'll find us a crew, there's bound to be some sailors on this rock crazy as you."

Jack picked up his mug. "One can only hope. Take what you can."

Gibbs raised his mug. "Give nothing back." The two chugged down their ale and slammed down their mugs when they were finished

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