Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice: 59. 3017 - Timeline and Characters SPOILERS

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59. 3017 - Timeline and Characters SPOILERS

March 1st     Denethor sees Thorongil in the Palantír (late evening); Supper with Boromir; Faramir still in Pelargir.

March 2nd     Weekly Council meeting.

March 3rd     Thorongil/Gollum (Palantír); Boromir remembers a battle by the Falls of Rauros and the Nindalf (lost 67 men); Supper with Denethor - discussing Faramir and Osgiliath.

March 4th     Faramir returns from Pelargir; Nuncheon with Denethor, Boromir and Faramir.

March 5th     Boromir and Faramir visit Indis' grave in Rath Dínen - go on to Mindolluin; Denethor sees the past in the Palantír; then Finduilas; Misses daymeal with his sons; They also miss it - stay too long on the mountain; Boromir & Faramir begin search for Denethor.

March 6th     Denethor awakes in the tower; Meets Faramir in his rooms; Reunion and breakfast with Boromir and Denethor and Faramir; Faramir and Boromir discuss Denethor's behavior; Great Hall - Boromir contemplates the King and the Steward's role; Boromir and Faramir have words - ends in friendly tussle; Húrin chastises them; Denethor sees attack on patrol at Henneth-Annûn by Easterlings; Sees Easterling army amassed at the Wetwang (Nindalf); Sends errand-rider to Henneth-Annûn to warn them; Boromir takes a company and rides north to prepare for battle (pre-dawn).

March 7th     Full Council meeting; Denethor & Faramir bid each other good night; Denethor looks for signs of Boromir; Sees Henneth-Annûn in rest - knows rider has not arrived; Denethor confused - Faramir calms him; Boromir arrives Amon Dîn around 1am; Leaves around 4am; Arrives Cair Andros around 11am; Practice session with men around 6pm; Denethor sends Faramir to Osgiliath; Orders a full battalion to Henneth-Annûn under Faramir; Damrod and Mablung join Faramir.

March 8th     Faramir arrives Osgiliath around 1am; Rests; Heads for Henneth-Annûn around 5am; Ambush at 11am; Faramir wounded; Boromir meets the enemy in battle at around 1pm; Battle over by 4pm; Company rests for the night; Denethor 'sees' Sauron; Damrod saves Faramir and leads the battalion back towards Osgiliath; Around 4pm - Damrod tends to Faramir's wounds; Resumes trip to Osgiliath; Faramir unconscious - arrows were poisoned; Denethor and Húrin discuss Warden's duties, wife for Boromir, and Faramir's duties; Denethor 'sees' signs of Boromir's victory and vision of Faramir; Faramir and company arrive Osgiliath around 8pm; Damrod decides to leave Osgiliath; Council meeting.

March 9th     Boromir leads troops towards Henneth-Annûn; Damrod takes the wounded Faramir and a small company across the Pelennor to Minas Tirith 8am - the trip takes all day; Arrive 9pm; Denethor questions his choice of Húrin as Warden of the Keys; Denethor and Húrin discuss evacuation; Denethor stays by his son's side all night and most of the next day.

March 10th     Denethor heads to Osgiliath; Stopped by Damrod; Sends Derufin instead; Boromir and company reach the pool near Henneth-Annûn; Boromir leaves his troops and heads with Arthad, his aide, to Henneth-Annûn; Leaves Henneth-Annûn around 1pm; Rider meets him and his company around 5pm; Boromir arrives at the Harad campsite at 6pm; Immediately departs with half a company towards ambush sight.

March 11th     Boromir reaches the ambush sight around 2am; Knows Faramir must have commanded the troops; Searches for Faramir; Boromir leaves at 3am and arrives in Osgiliath at around 10am; Mablung and Derufin greet him; Derufin is temporary head of the troops at Osgiliath; Denethor spends half the day with Húrin and Imrahil; Mablung tells Boromir of attack and Faramir's wounding; Boromir and Derufin reunited; Boromir leaves for Minas Tirith around 2pm; Arrives in the City at 7pm; Immediately goes to the Houses; Faramir and Boromir are reunited; Boromir is too weary to meet with Denethor; He is excused; Denethor again spends the night at Faramir's sick bed.

March 12th     Faramir wakes and shares a dream with Denethor; Their relationship strains even further; Denethor meets with Imrahil, Húrin and Boromir in his study; Boromir visits Faramir, then goes to captain Osgiliath; Council meeting.

March 22nd     Boromir returns from Osgiliath; 'Rescues' Faramir from the Houses; Meets with Denethor and Imrahil

March 23rd     Betrothal announcement; Awards given; Boromir heads towards Rohan; Denethor and the Palantír; Boromir meets with an angry Captain Guilin; Éomer sets out from the Mering Stream to Edoras; Faramir has relapse; Spring Festival (Tuilérë).

March 24th     Boromir sets out from Amon Dîn to the Mering Stream; Faramir meets with Denethor; Ordered to Osgiliath; Boromir arrives at Eilenach.

March 25th     Faramir's message reaches Boromir; Faramir starts out for Osgiliath; Boromir starts for Nardol and further; Denethor meets with Húrin and Imrahil regarding granaries and such.

March 26th     Faramir wakes late afternoon and meets with Derufin; Council meeting.

March 27th     Faramir, Derufin, Damrod and Mablung begin refortifying the garrison at Osgiliath; Denethor and Imrahil ride to the Harlond; Denethor turns aside and heads for Osgiliath; Faramir and Denethor meet.

March 28th     Boromir reaches the Rohirric garrison at Mering Stream; Refused entry into Rohan; Denethor inspects the Rammas at the Forts and the Harlond.

March 29th     Boromir leaves one company behind and rides with the other to Amon Anwar; Company attacked; Arthad in charge of the betrothal ceremony.

March 30th     Denethor senses the Palantír only shows his sons when they are dead; Boromir is surrounded and taken captive; Orcs wait until nightfall, then prepare to leave; Faramir comes to Boromir in a dream; Éomer rescues Boromir; Long night's vigil over Boromir's broken body; Éomer sends errand-riders to Minas Tirith to notify Denethor of Boromir's wounding;

April 1st         Mardil meets with Éomer; Mardil sends troops to find and destroy the Orcs; Denethor and Faramir both have misgivings.

April 2nd        Boromir worsens - decision made to bring him to Minas Tirith; Rohirrim ride as scouts; Healer refuses to let them leave that night; Tends Boromir.

April 3rd         Healer says Boromir is strong enough to move; Three Gondorian companies (one that was left by Boromir at the Mering and two from Amon Anwar) leave with Éomer's éored for Minas Tirith.

April 7th        Boromir and company reach Nardol. Council meeting.

April 8th        Lady Míriel enters Minas Tirith; Boromir reaches Eilenach; Ethuil begins (spring); Spring Ball is held in Merethrond; Treachery discovered at Boromir's camp.

April 9th        Faramir rides to Amon Dîn; Receives new mount; Rides to Eilenach and meets with Boromir, Mardil and Éomer.

April 10th      Betrothal ceremony rescheduled; Boromir reaches Amon Dîn; Mardil returns to Amon Anwar; Éomer accompanies Boromir; Faramir sends healer under guard to Edoras; Concerns of treachery in the City.

April 11th      Boromir arrives in Minas Tirith; Denethor hears the tale of Boromir's journey.

April 12th      Boromir wakes; Denethor has second thoughts about Míriel; Denethor meets with Éomer.

April 14th      Council meeting; Boromir and Míriel meet.

April 15th      Betrothal ceremony.

April 21st      Miriel leaves for Dol Amroth.

May 20th       Faramir and Damrod leave for the southern fiefs.

May 30th       Attack on the homesteads of Anórien; Boromir and Arthad leave for Cair Andros; Miriel notified not to come to Minas Tirith for Loëndë.

June 21st      Mithrandir comes to Minas Tirith; Hirgon placed in charge of errand-riders; sent to Cair Andros with orders for Boromir

Loëndë        Midsummer's Day (June 22nd our calendar). Council meeting. Imrahil does not attend.

June 24th      Tarostar hanged as traitor; two more supply wagons to sent to Cair Andros; Hirgon is made Captain of Errand-Riders

June 25th      Faramir arrives at Dol Amroth; Míriel accosts him in Finduilas' garden; Miriel dies; Damrod takes knife meant for Faramir; Galador arrested.

June 28th      Boromir battles Easterlings; Arthad dies in battle; Egalmoth becomes Boromir's Aide; Belegorn becomes Denethor's aide.

June 29th      Faramir leaves Dol Amroth; Galador and wife banished to Athrad; Battleof Cair Andros continues.      

June 30th      Boromir returns to garrison of Cair Andros, then heads for Minas Tirith; discovers massacre.

August 1st     Boromir returns to Minas Tirith; meets with Mithrandir and Denethor.

August 5th     Faramir departs Dol Amroth after the mourning period.

August 15th    Imrahil arrives in Minas Tirith; Faramir arrives at Pelargir; stays for three days; meets with Lord Amandil.

August 22th    Faramir returns to Minas Tirith with undulant fever.

Sept. 5th        Faramir's fever finally breaks

Sept. 19th -20th  Council meeting.

Yáviérë         Harvest festival (Sept. 21st our calendar).

Oct. 19th        Faramir made Captain of Henneth-Annûn.

Oct. 20th        Faramir leaves for Henneth-Annûn whilst Boromir leaves for Amon Dîn.

Mettarë         Midwinter day; last day of the year 3017 (December 21st our calendar).

Yestarë         New Year's Day (December 22nd our calendar).


Amlach           Henneth-Annûn Captain

Amlaith           Denethor's third aide in three years

Argon             Master Warden of the Houses of Healing

Arthad  †        Boromir's aide after Derufin leaves him; does various duties in Minas Tirith whilst Boromir is in Rohan; dies at Battle of Cair Andros.

Baranor          Aide to Captain Guilin at Amon Dîn; father to Beregond; Recalled to Minas Tirith and made tutor for esquires.

Belegorn         Lieutenant under Mardil at Amon Anwar; recalled to Minas Tirith as Denethor's aide.

Beregond        Guard at the Causeway Forts; promoted to Captain of Amon Dîn; demoted and made Boromir's aide.

Damrod          Ranger from Henneth-Annûn

Derufin           Of Blackroot Vale - Aide to Boromir

Dirhavel          Healer - Osgiliath

Egalmoth         Lieutenant in Boromir's company; becomes his aide

Éomer             Third Marshal of the Riddermark

Galador           Father of Míriel

Galdor             Promoted to Captain of Amon Dîn

Gelmir             Acting commander of Osgiliath; Captain

Guilin  †          Captain of Amon Dîn; then Captain in Boromir's company; Dies at the Mering Stream

Gwathmor        Father is friend of Imrahil; Belegorn's father

Gwinhir           Captain of the garrison at Pelargir - 2997; given the post again in 3017

Hador              Cair Andros Captain

Hirgon             Lieutenant in charge of the outpost at the Causeway Forts; Promoted to Captain of Errand-Riders

Húrin               Warden of the Keys

Ivriniel             Sister of Prince Imrahil

Lothíriel           Daughter of Prince Imrahil

Mablung           Ranger from Henneth-Annûn

Mardil              Captain of Amon Anwar

Míriel  †           Cousin of Prince Imrahil, betrothed of Boromir of Gondor

Nerdanel          Wife of Prince Imrahil

Ragorn             Captain; member of Denethor's personal guard

Tarostar            Lieutenant in charge of Errand-Riders Company

Tarranor            Boromir's horse (remembrance)

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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