Annals of the Dúnedain - Of House Halvarís: 1. Meeting of Silvanís and Rían

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1. Meeting of Silvanís and Rían

1. History of the Halvarís Family Line (As compiled by Gilrénna, granddaughter of Hanasían) Here is the family history of Hanasían and of the line of Halvarís as known to date. Records after the sack of Arthedain in TA 1974 are few, and the records of the line before this have for the most part been lost. But for a journal of Elendur, a Captain of the Eastern Watch who became a close friend of one of his seconds, Silvanís. In it were writings of not only he, but were some parchments written of Silvanís by an unknown author who was obviously close to him, some of Silvanis's own writing, and some accounts of Ladies Rían and Ráinna of House Hollinstad Dúnedain.

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Silvanís was a Dúnedain soldier serving on the Eastern Watch under King Araphant, and though the name is not spoken of, is the earliest known male ascendant of the line. Born in TA 1918, he entered the service of the King in TA 1939. In TA 1940 he was assigned, as was most of the young soldiers of the day, to the army of the Eastern Watch and spent much time in the Weather hills. Those days were darkening evermore, and the hill men of Rhûadur were becoming evermore cunning. Formerly a part of Arnor, Rhûadur had long ago fallen under the shadow of Carn Dûm, and the men were now willing captains of the Witch-King. Their orc and warg raids were becoming more and more frequent, though all were driven back. Still, the service that Silvanís gave to his King was long and hard.

Before Silvanís had his assignment, he had met a daughter of Hollinstad, Captain of the King Araphant's Guard. Her name was Rían and she was a fair beauty. It was Midsummer's Eve and the Ceremony of Captains had commenced in the evening. Also it served as celebration of Prince Arvedui's marriage to Princess Fíriel, the daughter of King Ondoher of Gondor. At the Celebration of Captains, newly promoted Captains accepted their promotions from the King, and the newly promoted seconds accepted their promotions from the Prince. There was much revelry afterward with a banquet and ball.

Silvanís did not draw favor from Hollinstad. In fact, the whole celebration was a sour taste to him. For Rían, his elder daughter was very much the sparkle in the young Prince Arvedui's eye. But when the Kings Araphant and Ondoher met in Halifirien, it was agreed that their lines needed binding for the sake of all the Dúnedain. It was agreed that Ondoher's daughter Fíriel would wed Araphant's son Arvedui and she would become princess of Arthedain. And so ended Hollinstad's prospect that his daughter Rían would become the princess of Arthedain.

He watched as Silvanís and Rían met at the banquet. A lowly second commander of the Eastern Watch is what he saw... nothing more than a Ranger (Rangers during the time of the Kings were a band of dark, rough and mysterious soldiers, fully loyal to the King. Their watch was that of the North Downs and the steppes between there and the mountains to the east. They would make raids into the dangerous country of the Ettenmoors and would at times be sent on 'special assignment' by the King, bypassing the command and the Kings Guard). Though Silvanís and Rían acted like they only first met at the banquet table (they sat across from each other, they had actually met earlier in the day and Hollinstad knew it. Silvanís passing by on the street saw Rían at a seamstress's house fitting a new off-white silken gown. He waited at a nearby armory looking at the weaponry, and stepped out in front of her as she passed. He offered to escort her home, and she agreed. But there across the way from the seamstress's house, in a tavern beer-garden was Kallam, a young officer of the Kings Guard.

Kallam was close to Prince Arvedui for they were the same age and grew up in the Kings house. Though he had assumed Rían to be the desire of his friend Arvedui and he respected that. But with the betrothal and marriage of Prince Arvedui to Fíriel, the Princess of Gondor, all that changed. He saw his friend grow distant to Rían out of necessity. Rían, for her part, fancied the Prince, and accepted Kallam as friend, but little desire did she have for him as husband. Yet he sat beside her at the banquet table.

That afternoon when Silvanís and Rían arrived at the palace, Hollinstad was waiting there, looking darkly at the young soldier who had accompanied his daughter. Hollinstad would very much like to see his daughter wed Kallam, for he was of good lineage whose ancestors served as Kings Guardsman like his, and it would be proper. His view of Silvanís and those of his standing, though of high Dúnedain blood, were not of the Palace Guard, let alone the King's Guardsmen.

Silvanís, after accepting his assignment, held to the shadows and the kegs of ale, and watched the people having fun. But for a few grim faces of elder guardsmen, most were caught up in the night. Silvanís found his arm taken by a beautiful Rían and they were soon all about the dance area. Long was their night of joy, but as the hour grew late and after the King retired, Rían's father confronted Silvanís. It didn't go well and Silvanís soon left. Leaving the city's confines to find a place in the tall grass to watch the stars. There he pondered the lovely Rían before he dozed for a time when he awoke to a dream come true in the form of a kiss from Rían...

The sunrise found them bound together in the morning dew, and Silvanís awoke suddenly knowing he had to report. He parted with Rían with a long kiss, and she made for the palace in the shadowy mists of the morning. Silvanís barely made it to roll call, and their commander, Elendur, gave the young regiment their orders. They would leave in two hours for the Weather hills.

Rían wrapped herself in her cloak, and made her way home. Seemingly managing to get in and to her room without waking or being seen. But her younger sister Ráinna, who was 9, saw her enter her room. Ráinna entered Rían's room and scared her. Rían jumped over and shut the door quickly, signaling to Ráinna to keep quiet. Their sisterly discussion of whispers took only a short few moments, and Rían knew that to buy Ráinna's silence, it would cost dear. This Ráinna would keep to herself until it would become useful, and she left the room, shutting it a little harder than the silent latch Rían would have preferred. Rían was soon asleep in blissful dream, with thoughts of waking to seek out Silvanís dancing in her mind. Her disappointment and sadness would wait several more hours. Silvanís managed to gather his belongings and horse, and on his way back to report to muster, he left a note with the seamstress for Rían. Silvanís and Rían would not see each other again for a long long time....

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