Last Age of Elves: For What He is Worth, The: 4. To Heal His Wounds

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4. To Heal His Wounds

To Heal His Wounds

When Legolas awoke, he found himself being tended to by a patrol member, and that he was still lying in the forest.

Sitting up abruptly, he cried, "Roh!"

Strong hands attempted to push him down, but Legolas started struggling.

"Roh!" he shouted, as events started coming back to him.

Gwenophor, the patrol leader, came up to him.

"Legolas, calm down, we are attending to Elrohir - "

Legolas did not listen, and instead tried to crawl in the direction of where he last remembered Elrohir to be. The soldiers relented, and allowed him to find his way to Elrohir. A loud gasp was released when the sight of Elrohir's fallen state, with his numerous injuries, came to Legolas.

"Roh!" Legolas rushed forward and grasped his hand, tears springing to his eyes. "Is he alright?" he asked Gilnath, who had been attending to Elrohir.

Gwenophor helped Legolas into a more comfortable position.

"Lord Legolas, please allow us to attend to him," Gilnath said.

"Please, Roh, do not leave me!"

"Legolas," Gwenophor said.

"I am sorry for being so cold to you these past weeks, Roh!"

His plea reached Elrohir, who started to stir.

"Lass," he croaked. "Are you still angry with me?"

Legolas broke into a relieved smile and leaned forward, pressing their lips together in a tender kiss. Elrohir's eyes widened.

"Valar, Roh, I was so scared when I saw you fall!"

Elrohir looked up into his face, while Legolas started pressing kisses to his hands and examining his wounds.

"Lass, you are crying."

"I cannot survive without you, Roh. Please, promise me not to do this again!"

Gwenophor, who had retreated to a polite distance when Elrohir had woken, drew closer as he saw how Elrohir was suffering from his injuries.

"Legolas, we need to tend to Elrohir," he said, signalling for Gilnath to resume binding Elrohir's wounds.

Legolas seemed not to hear, and instead tore off a strip from his shirt, poured some healing water over it, and started wiping Elrohir's face. He was relieved to see that the blood wiped away to reveal no wounds, save for a small cut on the bridge of his nose. He applied a salve to that, taking the utmost care to relieve any discomfort.

His devotion and meticulous attention did not escape the notice of any around, and brought back his earlier words to Elrohir.

"I am a warrior, Lass, and it is by choice that I risk my life, to defend all that is worth defending; to defend you."

Legolas had slit open Elrohir's tunic, and was peering at his broken collarbone.

"Please, Roh, rest. I am afraid this is going to hurt while I bind it."

Legolas turned to retrieve some bandages, revealing a bruise on the side of his forehead which had swelled to a large size, partially hidden by his hairline.

"Valar, Lass, you are hurt too!" Elrohir cried. "Gwenophor, Legolas is hurt!"

Gwenophor tried to pull Legolas aside, but failed. Instead, Legolas cupped Elrohir's face in a palm, forcing their eyes to meet. It was not a moment too soon, for Gilnath exerted a sudden force to set his collarbone, causing excruciating pain to shoot through Elrohir, who fainted, his last conscious thought being that of staring up into the adoring face of his mate.

Gilnath bound his shoulder, and, together with Legolas, finished attending to the other injuries. By this time, the other members of the patrol had finished constructing litters in which to carry the other injured and their fallen Lord. Legolas left Elrohir then, returning to the battle-site, and started sifting through the piles of Orc-bodies, resisting the urge to gag at the foul stench. It was not long before he found Elrohir's broadsword.

Seeing that Elrohir was still unconscious, he turned to Gwenophor.

"What is the casualty count?"

"Five injured; Nissuwair did not make it."

Legolas let out a long sigh and closed his eyes, breathing a silent prayer to the Valar for his fallen comrade's feä.

"I would that this ends. So many lives lost, so many hurts."

"We live in dark times, Legolas. Another ship sails next month. My father will be among those who have chosen."

Legolas looked up, his eyes filled with sympathy and pain. "I am sorry, Gwenophor."

"Nay, do not be, mellon. Our parting is only temporary. We will meet again when I choose to leave these shores."

"It will be a while yet ere we even start contemplating leaving," Legolas said, casting an eye on Elrohir. "There is much that binds us here."

"Elrohir loves you and holds you in the highest regard, Legolas," Gwenophor said. "I have never heard him talk of any other in the terms he attributes to you."

His inadvertent words struck home at Legolas's heart.

"He would have been happy, dying so that you could live."

Legolas had to turn away so that Gwenophor would not see the tears that had built up in his eyes.

"Shall we head back to Imladris? There may be more Orcs out here," he said, before walking over to Elrohir and insisting on carrying one end of the litter.

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Last Age of Elves: For What He is Worth, The

Sivan Shemesh - 07 Dec 05 - 5:00 AM

Ch. 4: To Heal His Wounds

Legolas is afraid that he would lose his lover, and yet he is hurt too, but what is more important to him is to save Elrohir than saving himself.

Wonderful chapter mellon-nin.

Sivan Shemesh

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