Midsummer Drabbles: 1. Midsummer Drabbles

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1. Midsummer Drabbles

A Midsummer's Night

It was midsummer. The night was hot and heavy with sighs. A breeze sighed down from the mountains and raised goose-bumps on his naked skin.

If he had the permission…
If wishes were horses…

She would be on the terrace now and dance with her hair flowing in the wind…

He sat alone in the shadows. Never had a night seemed longer! Never had a night stirred his blood like that!

But he knew he had to wait.

Many years would come and go, ere his midsummer would be complete, ere he could woo and wed the one he loved.


Crouching Elf, Dreaming Peony

He slouched with an almost catlike grace next to the sultry flowers. His raven hair flowed over his naked shoulders. They shone like ivory in the westering sun. The heavy blossoms seemed to strain towards him, to caress him in pinks and violets and breath-taking purple, breathing their summer scent onto his skin.

But he was oblivious to that touch.

His fervour, his attention was completely captured by the one in front of him.

He exhaled ever so softly, allowed himself to fall forwards –

and expertly caught the frog that he intended to place in his brother's bed that night.


Horse Sense

He sighed, stretched and reached for his pouch.

His horse snorted.

He raised one bushy eyebrow at his steed.

The horse chewed on his bit in pointed silence.

"Look," he said. "You know how much pleasure this affords me. Do you begrudge me even this small delight?"

The horse ignored him.

"Only one," he argued. "It's still far to our destination. I need a break!"

The horse gave him a wide-eyed look.

"At least let me enjoy a peaceful moment in the sunshine!"

Can horses grin?

The horse turned to graze. The wizard stuffed his pipe back into his pocket.


Strangers in the Night

His fingers travelled down her naked body.

"And then we rode South," he took up his tale after having bestowed a fiery kiss.

His fingers delved.

She gasped.

"You are trying to evade me," she accused him. The venture had been dangerous and there were new scars on his body.

"I am?" He moved closer to her.

"Men!" She tried to move away. "Alleged to be steadfast…"


She had been afraid that they might be like strangers to one another, after such a long time…

He looked into her eyes.
Question met answer.

"Never," he whispered, and took her.

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