Maedhros' End: 7. Chapter 6-Very Much A Family Part 1

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7. Chapter 6-Very Much A Family Part 1

"Go now. Bring him out."  Although the words were softly spoken, each one sliced across her heart like the edge of a razor-sharp blade. Still she hesitated as she prayed for any sign of a miracle.  Knowing all the while that in the end, she would have to obey.
Sitting in one of the two chairs he built, Maedhros picked up the wooden figurine from the cloth lying across his lap and cradled it in his hand. Needing no additional light other than the Shimmer, he smiled as he inspected his handiwork. The seed oil he had just finished rubbing into the carved wood had helped to create the illusion of soft feathers. The tilt of the tiny bird's head and its raised wings were a single precious moment captured from the remnant of a bough that had fallen after a recent storm. It was his physical interpretation of the little voice that had brought him back from the brink of despair during the first bleak days of his arrival. The short years that followed had not dimmed the sound of that voice.
Although the small wooden bird looked as if it was ready to take flight, it perched quietly in the safety of Maedhros' fingers. It was to be a present for his savior…his other tithen aiwe. If only he had the proper tools and a forge, he would have shaped the bird out of silver. He would then add delicate knotting and swirls to make a fine ornament for her hair. But the forest was his only source of material so he had to be satisfied with that.
A smile crept slowly across his full lips. The anniversary of her birth was approaching. Unlike the Eldar, her people did not have the power to know the moment of begetting.  Instead, they celebrated the birth of a child on that date each year.
As he ran his thumb along the bird's tiny beak, he hoped Elizabeth would be pleased with it. He wanted her to have this token of his affection…of his gratitude for all the things she had done for him. She had loyally stood by him while he regained his strength, and helped his mind to heal.  Some how she continued to keep him secret from her people. He knew it had been hard at times to do this, but her courage and resourcefulness was remarkable in one so young.
Besides the extra food she brought from the Bramford kitchens, she also continued to bring scrolls and books from her family's library to help nourish his mind. She even brought him some of her brothers' clothing: allowing him the freedom to venture out more easily into the countryside on his quest for knowledge.  He endured his banishment with these small comforts, and her visits filling his solitary days.
He still did not know what his future held, but he knew it was not to be confined to the Shimmer and the rock walls of his cave.  So he set out to learn all he could of his new home.  At first, it saddened him to find that there was little difference between the worlds. The men here participated in the same kinds of wars he had fought. Their justifications for them were pitifully familiar.  They had their own misguided attachments to false oaths that drew them towards the same foolish ends. Maedhros had seen enough of this kind of warfare.  Battles that were the same empty gestures in which Elizabeth and he shared in the mutual loss of fathers and brothers.
Looking up from his labor, he watched the doorway as he listened to familiar footfalls in the passageway. Maedhros smiled, she was in a hurry.  He wondered what news she brought with her today? But his smile quickly faded as Elizabeth appeared in the doorway, out of breath, and obviously upset.  She tried to speak, but found it hard between deep pulls of air. 
Maedhros' apprehension increased as he searched her face.  Tears filled her eyes as she tried to speak.  When she finally did, Maedhros' concern turned ominous. She stretched her hand out to him. "You must come," her small voice said anxiously.
Quickly wrapping his gift in the cloth, Maedhros laid it gently on the ground near the pool.  He slid his sword into its scabbard, and then took Elizabeth's hand in his. As she hastily led him down the passage, the pounding of his heart echoed deep inside his chest. Something was very wrong.  His apprehension only increased when Elizabeth refused to answer his questions. He did not know what awaited them outside.  Only that he was prepared to face any threat in order to keep her safe.
Waves of panic rushed through him as Elizabeth suddenly let go of his hand and began to run ahead.  He called after her, but she ignored him.  She was out of the passage before Maedhros could stop her.  His breath caught in his throat, his mind reeling. She was running straight into danger.  He swiftly drew his sword.
Maedhros rushed out of the opening into the brilliant sunshine and stopped. Although his eyes quickly adjusted to the surrounding brightness, he did not move as he looked at the scene before him.
Elizabeth stood safely near one of the standing stones, Maedhros could see the wrinkled hands of the older woman holding her shoulders as they kept their charge from running to him.  The girl's frightened eyes were fixed on the small group of soldiers with swords drawn, clustered protectively around the elegantly dressed woman standing on the pathway.
Maedhros could see the family resemblance between Elizabeth and the woman who stood calmly scrutinizing him with her intense dark eyes.  Without her icy gaze leaving his face, Margaret Bramford raised her bejeweled hand and her soldiers quickly moved towards the stranger.
"NO!" Elizabeth screamed. She broke away from the woman's grasp and ran to Maedhros.
Maedhros had to make a quick decision; he threw his sword to the ground. He was determined not to fight the advancing men. 

- O -


After the discovery of the Shimmer, what remained of the night passed quickly into morning. When Ailsa finally awoke, she knew she had a fresh purpose.  Now that everything was out in the open, there were no more barriers left.  It now fell to Ewan and Ailsa to protect Maedhros' secrets and the days that followed became the true beginning of their stewardship of Egla Tir.


With Maedhros' help, they could now focus on both the Archives and the Shimmer taking all the various written accounts and make them into a chronological record. Maedhros' recollections were invaluable as they put together most of the history of what he called the "First Age." 


He was proud to tell them of their heritage, and was more than pleased with their interest. But still, Maedhros had grave concerns. The off chance that Ewan and Ailsa might see images of him as he participated in battles against other Elves was never far from his thoughts.  He prayed they would never see him or his brothers committing any of the kinslayings. To have to relive the slayings was torment enough, but to have to see their reaction to the carnage the family had caused was something he dreaded most deeply.  He knew their opinion of him would change irrevocably if they saw him in full murderous fury. How could it not? He would never be able to face either one of them again after that. For now, whatever its reason, the Shimmer mercifully continued to keep such things from their eyes.


Then there were the sounds and voices still emanating from the Shimmer to consider. The reason why or how the voices came through the barrier was still a mystery. Except for the incident with the lone Elf on the battlements, there was no contact with anyone else. The Elf's image, however, continued to wander unbidden through Ailsa's thoughts. She still remembered the unwanted sadness she felt from him. His moon-softened face was branded in her mind as he whirled around again to see who had spoken behind him. To her regret, neither the location nor the Elf had manifested themselves again. 


Ewan, however, reasoned that the barrier had somehow been weakest at that point. Hoping to find another such weakness, Maedhros tried making himself heard within the mist. He would call a greeting or question into the Shimmer and wait for a reply. Frustration filled his eyes as he patiently stood waiting for any kind of a response, but he received none. He attempted do this many times, but with the same result.  Finally, Maedhros gave up and returned to translating conversations for them.


Their questions naturally multiplied as he went through the various stories unfolding in the mist.  Ewan couldn't help being amused whenever Ailsa made Maedhros repeat an Elvish phrase or word. He could tell she was falling in love with the language. Ewan had even tried shouting into the Shimmer a line or two himself.


Maedhros was delighted that they had an ear for the Elvish tongue. So it was only natural when he began to teach it to them in earnest. He would take them on walks around the estate and tell them the name of things much as Elizabeth had done when he first learned English. Her gentle voice still echoed in his memory as she pronounced the words. During restless nights…when rest was elusive, he used Ewan's recorder to put together lessons for them.


He told them Egla Tir meant "Forsaken Watcher."  That the writing on the gate and at the bottom of the great window in the hall was a kind of family motto, Nai ve i Valar mer…"May It Be As the Valar Desire."  To Ewan and Ailsa, these rather sad phrases still sounded beautiful when Maedhros spoke them. 


Maedhros' students were more than eager and learned quickly. He taught them there were two forms of Elvish. Sindarin was used most often, and was filled with the wonderfully lyrical sounds that fascinated Ailsa so much. His people had adopted this form for everyday use, especially after their own language was forbidden to them.


Quenya from the Blessed Realm was much older.  This was the language of the Noldor, of their lore, song and poetry. Its usage was delegated to rituals, but never in public once Thingol, King of Doriath and Over-lord to the Sindar banned it.  When asked why, Maedhros reluctantly explained. "It was the language of …the Kinslayers. It had no place in Middle-earth." Ewan and Ailsa mourned the fact that the Oath had even cost Maedhros the use of his own language.


It also brought home the fact that although the Shimmer had become a learning tool for them; it had been created for a far different reason. Their excitement over its existence couldn't overshadow its true purpose. It was there to punish Maedhros, and it would continue to do so…forever. 


This was made abundantly clear as they stood beside him listening to the soft voices coming from the glowing mist. Maedhros' body would suddenly stiffen, as a recognized face would appear. They could only imagine what he endured as his own face softened into memory. It was hard to stand quietly by and hear the cheerless sigh of longing as it escaped his lips. To see his long slender fingers lovingly touch the unyielding surface. Sometimes it was too much for Ewan to even stay in the room. Ailsa, however, was determined to remain even though it broke her heart to witness him trying to will his hand through the Shimmer…to touch the beloved kinsman or friend on the other side.


When he felt her gaze, his hand would stealthily drop and he would begin talking about something else. Ailsa always made believe she hadn't noticed what he was doing, but she could see for just those few fleeting moments the unspoken desperation living deep in his eyes. She kept praying the work they were doing would somehow help him find some peace.  How necessary they were to that end, she just didn't know.


- O -


Living in an age where electronic communication was an everyday occurrence, it didn't take long before it was decided they would record the visions in the Shimmer on videotape.  They would then have a 24-hour record that could be rewound or slowed down to help decipher what was going on in the various scenes. Whole sequences could be pieced together then. However, much to their great disappointment, it was impossible.  As they replayed the first tape, it was obvious the camera had only recorded a constant blinding white light. They found it was the same with the second and third tapes as well.


After checking the video camera and finding it was functioning normally, Ailsa suggested trying a digital camera.  Regrettably, the results were the same.  It seemed modern technology was useless. The Shimmer wasn't going to allow its images to be recorded.  Resigned to doing their research the "old fashioned way," they began to work in shifts. The only pieces of modern equipment they were able to use were her father's small hand-held tape recorder and the computer. 


Occasionally during one of her shifts, Ailsa would pause as she wrote down some bit of information. It still felt so strange. Was she actually writing about another world?  All her training had prepared her to work with the past of this world.  Now, she was trying to make sense of a place known only to three people. It was going to be a big job, and as much as she would have loved to have Kyle take part in it, she knew that it was a Pandora's Box she just couldn't open. 


Besides, poor Kyle was busy fighting some unexpected red tape that was hindering his departure to Turkey. He was clueless as to when he would be able to leave. So as far as he was concerned, she was busy working on her Masters thesis with the help of the extensive library at Egla Tir.  Ailsa knew it was important he believed that tiny lie.


On the other hand, Ewan thanked God that he had all this work to occupy his mind. He hadn't talked to Patrice since she called days ago. He tried to focus on other things because he knew decisions would have to be made soon. He just couldn't bring himself to think about the inevitable outcome. Somehow 25 years had to count for something. Maybe time would let them both see things differently.  He hoped with all his heart that they would be seeing the same future.


In the meantime, he found working with Ailsa a comfort. Sharing Maedhros' secrets made them even closer. They were allies; explorers in a great journey of discovery and it gave him great joy. She was now a colleague, someone who understood his work and was more than willing to be part of it.  On Ailsa's part, she no longer wondered about her future. It would always be tied to Egla Tir…and, of course, Maedhros.


They worked hard together, but they had their moments of fun. Ailsa's only regret was that Maedhros still seemed to hesitate joining in.  As first, she thought he just misunderstood their sense of humor.  But later, she could actually see him purposely stepping back as he tried to raise that stupid wall of his. What could he be so afraid of?


Maedhros watched the interplay between Ewan and Ailsa with mixed pleasure. There was something very warm and enchanting about the way they enjoyed each other's company.  His mouth curled into an unconscious smile as he remembered the good natured joking he and his brothers shared before the Oath changed everything. His smile melted away and he quickly tried to bury his thoughts again.


He continued to watch as Ewan teased Ailsa about something or other.  Ailsa feigned being insulted and teased him back.  The two broke into silly laughter. Maedhros was touched by the simple happiness they shared. He could feel their happiness wash over him and try to take hold. It made him pause. What magic did they use to inch their way into his heart so quickly? Making him want to stop time as he tried to protect them from the destiny they would have to face. The one fate every heir of Egla Tir shared. How could he possibly bear losing them to the inevitable? He recoiled from such thoughts, the torment of these feelings only reinforced the certainty that he would not be able to endure it, and that he did not want to. 


- O -


As each scroll and tome was inspected, they found many of the stories Maedhros told them had a very familiar ring.  Ewan was most intrigued by the legends that resembled so many of the tales from our history.  Even some of the fairy tales they found took on a different meaning as they recognized elements from Maedhros' world. 


Ewan started to think there was definitely something connecting them.  He began to roam through various websites and aggressively researched the books at his disposal. He even dug up some old files of his and reviewed them.  Eventually, he began to formulate a theory that seemed to him at first…impossible. But over the years, he had come to appreciate that the impossible was never meant to be unknowable.


So late one afternoon, as he sat behind the desk in the Archives paging through his notes, an audience of two gathered to hear him out. Maedhros leaned against the edge of the desk patiently expecting some new discovery or other.  While Ailsa stood by the stairs her arms folded across her chest as she stared at her shoes wondering when she'd be able to return to the Shimmer.


Nervously looking at his various written comments and well executed graphs, Ewan tried to decide where to begin. He finally stopped shuffling his papers and looked up.  "Now, bear with me for a moment." He looked directly at Ailsa. "Try to suspend everything you've been taught about our history." Ailsa smiled indulgently, and gave him a slight nod.


"Maedhros told us that many of our legends and tales are similar to events in his world.  I originally thought that civilizations just shared basic tales because of the types of stories they were. A legend telling of ancient Vikings destroying a foul 'fireworm' becomes an English knight slaying a dragon, and then a German hero slaying the same type of creature in the dark forests of the Schwartzwald hundreds of years later. Since we've been watching the Shimmer, I've wondered if these similarities are really just coincidences. Or are these legends the true history of events much older than we know." 


Ailsa couldn't move her attention was focused on her father as he spoke. Ewan cleared his throat.


"For some time now, I've had a nagging question running through my mind. How could these accounts of Maedhros' people become part of our own legends and histories?  As far as we know, Maedhros has been the only person from Middle-earth to travel to our world." He paused as his eyes met theirs. "What if it's not a coincidence?"  Ailsa glanced over at Maedhros; his face had darkened into a scowl, but his eyes were riveted to Ewan's face.


"Then I started to really look at the pieces of the puzzle. Several years ago, I did some research into saga-based cultures and I discovered a legend they all shared. I did more checking and found this legend seems to thread its way through many other cultures as well. What came up again and again was the same basic story of an ancient civilization that covered our world ages before recorded history. It seemed that long before humans were truly civilized, a race of enlightened beings covered the Earth. This civilization had elements of great power, its people nurtured a vast knowledge of the natural world, and in many cases, there was magic involved. Their time came and then, for whatever reason, the people disappeared, fading into legend leaving only hints of their existence."


Ailsa shook her head slightly as she walked over to the desk and began to skim her father's notes. After a moment, she stared back at him in disbelief. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?"


A smile inched its way across Ewan's lips. "Why not? What if all those legends of previous civilizations are true?"  Ewan looked at Maedhros and his smile deepened. "It could be possible."  Ewan took a breath. "Go to any book store and you'll find shelves full of books about lost civilizations, lost continents, even lost periods of time. What if the historical timeline we've been told as fact, is actually wrong? Our history could have began thousands of millennia before we think it did?"


Ewan's face broke into a wider smile. "Maedhros told us that his people returned to Aman. What if the images in the Shimmer showing us those ships leaving Middle-earth are more than just a great migration?  Yes, the Elves left Middle-earth, but left it in the hands of another race? This lost civilization is not a myth, or legend? Just simply a time we have forgotten."


Ailsa eyes brightened as she tried to comprehend the possibilities, but as Maedhros listened, a nauseating ache began to grow deep in his stomach. He stared at the floor not wanting to believe what he was hearing. This can not be!  Maedhros shut his eyes as he tried to will himself to a quieter mind.


"Why must we believe we're dealing with two separate worlds? What if long before this place was called Earth, it was called Middle-earth?" Ewan's grey eyes sparkled with enthusiasm. "Maedhros, what if your banishment is not to another world, but just a journey of time?"


Weeks ago, Ailsa would have scoffed at such an idea, but lately her understanding of many things was different. How much more would their world become having such a long ago past to remember. Why not? She turned to Maedhros and excitedly took his arm. "That would mean…" Her words fell away as she saw his pale face. He opened his eyes and she could see deep sorrow flickering in their depths; his body seemed to tremble.


"Maedhros?" Ailsa began to feel anxious.


Maedhros stood up and removed his arm from her grasp. He walked to the stairs, stopped and gripped the railing. Ailsa could see he held the railing so tightly the knuckles of his hand had grown white. Taking several unsteady breaths, he tried to control himself.  Why do they not understand?  Are they so blind, they can not see what this really means? 

Ewan looked at Maedhros; his apprehension grew as he realized something was definitely wrong.  "Maedhros, doesn't it make sense?" He quickly glanced at Ailsa who looked as concerned as he was. Slowly, Maedhros turned, and stared openly at them. His face was like a mask.


"The only sense I have is the absolute certainty that the Valar are more cruel than I ever imagined." Each word he spoke echoed with black despair.  He turned, and slowly climbed the stairs.


Once Maedhros had disappeared above, Ewan blew out a long sigh. "Well, I don't understand.  I thought he would be pleased to know how much more all of this is.  I mean, people alive today could very well be the descendents of this Second Born he's told us about."  Ewan's brows drew together as he tried to fathom what he'd done to affect Maedhros so. "I feel as if…as if I've…offended or even hurt him in some way."


Ailsa's attention was drawn away from the empty stairwell as she heard the uncertainty in her father's voice.  As he stood behind the desk, she could see the guilt he was feeling in his very posture. "You didn't do anything wrong, dad. I think your theory has just surprised him that's all."  But she was beginning to piece together what it all really meant to Maedhros.  "Look, I'm going to go find him."


"Are you sure he'd appreciate your company at this precise moment?" Ewan couldn't deny the feeling their help might be useless right now.


"I don't want to be company." She corrected him. "I just can't let him be alone."


Ewan lifted his file of research remembering how pleased he was with himself a few minutes ago.  Shaking his head, he slammed the file back on the desktop in frustration, startling his daughter. He looked up at her.  "You needn't go to him, Ailsa," he said.


- O -


He knew where he had to go and quickly made his way past the back of the house, down the garden steps and into the woods. The sun moved slowly over the treetops on its way to the coming sunset. Thin shadows of tree branches crisscrossed over the path making a patchwork design on the fallen leaves. The unusual silence within the wood resonated with the self-reproach he felt. Fool! What a great fool! He cursed at himself.  Even in the sunlight, the surrounding air felt chilled. Coming out of the trees, he stopped abruptly on the rock ledge. Very near the edge of the cliff, Maedhros stood like a statue cut from the surrounding stone, his face towards the sea. Ewan's stomach lurched as he wondered how he was going to be able to face him?


The wind rushed past Maedhros' rigid body; his dark auburn hair roughly flew about his head in rebellious tendrils. Ewan took a few tentative steps towards him; still not certain this was the wisest thing to be doing. As he reached Maedhros' side, he could actually feel the misery emanating from the Elf.  Bringing the back of his hand up to his mouth, he coughed unconvincingly.  Although the wind beat against him, he tried to stand motionless as he waited for Maedhros to notice him.


Without turning, Maedhros' deep voice rose above the wind and pounding surf. "I know you are there, Ewan." His voice sounded steady, but Ewan knew better.


Maedhros stared dry-eyed at the seascape before him. The knowledge that the Blessed Realm actually lay silently beyond the horizon burned deep into his heart. Secreted away, it was hidden from his eyes in its cloak of mist and shadow. How many times over the long years had he stood in this very spot staring into the West dreaming of his world, remembering his home? Missing it with his whole being even as the pale gulls floating on the wind echoed the very call of its bright shores. The call that ran through his veins at times like flame. His silver grey eyes scanned in vain the bank of clouds lying just above the water. The waves below the cliff beat their rhythm onto the shore.  MurdererKinslayer…Banished… Forever!   


Ewan watched Maedhros as he struggled with this new revelation. He wished there were some way he could take it all back. Ailsa had told him how much Maedhros suffered as he bore the guilt of what he and the family had done. Only now did he realize the scope of Maedhros' punishment. Ewan hated being the cause of any more pain to this already overburdened soul.  Especially when he had received only respect and unconditional acceptance from him. Right now, the feeling of uselessness was what he hated most of all.


Finally, Ewan couldn't stand it any longer. "Maedhros, I'm really sorry for anything I said that upset you."  He tried to smile, but remorse held the expression in check.  "It's only a theory you know, and I've been proven wrong before." Ewan felt his cheeks flush with his admission. "Listen, I normally can't even get my own colleagues to agree with me."


Maedhros raised his hand. "I will not allow you to belittle yourself in an attempt to comfort me." He turned and looked into Ewan's guilt-filled eyes. His own eyes softened. "You should be proud of yourself, Ewan. You have found the truth for me at last."    


Ewan felt worse hearing Maedhros praise him. "Well, I could still be wrong." 


Silently, Maedhros turned his attention back to the sea. The sun had begun to broadly paint the sky with an apricot colored light.  The bank of clouds now shone with the many threads of pale pink and gold reflecting within its depths. Time stood still as the two figures continued their silent vigil. After a while, Maedhros let out a low sigh, and his shoulders fell slightly.


"I had resigned myself to my punishment long ago. Truly, it is more than just."  He seemed to speak more to himself than to Ewan, but every word dripped with such bitterness. "I found a kind of solace knowing that my world was safe.  The shimmer showed me how life continued, despite what my family had done.  But to find Middle-earth no longer exists...that it went on and now is…gone…forever." The last few words were hardly above a whisper.


His hand rose and gestured toward the horizon. "That Aman is out there now, but will always be beyond my reach." His fingers slowly curled into a fist as he lowered it to his side. "It is a blow I was unprepared for." He closed his eyes as he tried to control the cry of anguish that lingered in his chest.


"The Shimmer shows us nothing that is real, Ewan. Like the reflection on a pool, no more than the play of light on the surface of the water. There is nothing to go back to." The dead calm in his voice was a little frightening.


"We can't be sure of that, Maedhros."  Ewan felt awful, he realized Maedhros had harbored the tiniest sliver of hope that he would be able to return to his world one day.  Now he had ripped that hope from him with his stupid theory.


Maedhros heard the concern in Ewan's voice.  He steeled himself and forced himself to face the troubled man. He placed his hand on Ewan's shoulder. "It is as it should be, Ewan." Maedhros gently shook his head. "After all this time, I finally have the proof that forgiveness is not to be mine." There was a catch in his voice. "That I belong nowhere." His eyes brimmed with unshed tears.


As the words left Maedhros' lips, Ewan frantically wished he could stop them some how. "That's not true," he insisted. "You belong to Egla Tir. You belong to the land and its people." Reaching up, he put a reassuring hand on Maedhros' shoulder. "You belong with us…with your family. Ailsa and I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you."  His eyes grew more determined as he spoke. "We can help you find your peace, Maedhros. I promise."


Maedhros smiled as he felt Ewan's words rush to fill a hallow place deep inside him; a place that had been empty far too long. He could see within Ewan's offer of help that he actually cared what happened to him.  Maedhros saw it in the concern coming from this man who's hand rested so awkwardly on his shoulder. Not since his brothers had he felt this way. Ewan was offering him something that went beyond help. He offered him the comfort of family and the love that went with it. As he had welcomed Ailsa's affection, he now welcomed Ewan's with his whole heart.


Drawing Ewan closer, he gently brought their foreheads together. Maedhros looked into clear grey eyes that were very much like his own. "Thank you, toron nin."


Ewan was startled as Maedhros touched his forehead to his. He could feel the deep emotion in Maedhros' words. Embarrassed, he cleared his throat as he gently stepped back. "You're welcome." He said and looked clumsily at the ground for a moment. He then looked at Maedhros. "Well, I…I guess I should get back." A few more moments ticked by. He raised his hand and almost touched Maedhros arm again, but put it into his jacket pocket instead. Ewan's mouth twisted into a half-smile. "You'll see, everything will be all right." Without another word, he turned and walked back toward the trees.


Maedhros' smile deepened as he watched Ewan leave. Out of the madness of this new reality, he had found his family once again. No longer would he have to accept the role of silent watcher or be considered as something only to be tolerated. Over the years, many of the heirs regarded him as nothing more than an unpleasant secret…something to be avoided. One or two had offered friendship, but no more. Others felt it was their duty to remind him he was an unnatural participant in their lives. 


Many of the recent heirs had only looked upon him as a source of income.  He was there to provide them with a lifestyle that kept them away from Egla Tir and as far away from him as possible.  These years had left him questioning his motives as he continued to search for each new heir. Each generation proving again and again, they had no sense of who they were which only increased his loneliness. But Ewan and Ailsa were different; he thanked Eru for that.


Their regard for him was equal to the feelings he returned. Whatever the outcome…regardless of their future, his family would endure. I have felt the warmth of my family's love, and I will not be without it again.  Maedhros sat staring defiantly into the West.  Ewan was right, through his family he could find the promise of peace. He closed his eyes and prayed; he prayed hard that just this once, time might be his friend.


To Be Continued in Chapter 6 – Very Much A family Part 2

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