Prisoner of Gondor: 1. 01 - On the way to Gondor.

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1. 01 - On the way to Gondor.

Title: Prisoner of Gondor

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Feedback: I would love it, and appreciated.

Rate: NC-17

Summary: Legolas and Glorfindel were on their way to Gondor, but on their arrival, things go wrong. One is put in the dungeon, after being horribly humiliated, and the other enjoys the good life. Will the prisoner find hope, or die alone in the dark dungeon after the humiliation?

Missing scene. BDSM, dirty language. Rape. Sex, and the whole circumstances that followed. Including torture, suicide, thought of death.
In these chapter there is a lot of torture, if you can't bear this, just LEAVE.
If you are: It is your own risk/responsibility. You've been WARNED!

Disclaimer: I do not own J R R TOLKIEN's character. Only the horses' names.

Pairing of this chapter: Glorfindel/Legolas

Beta: Manon


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
…you're delirious
So consumed in all your doom
Trying hard to fill the emptiness
The piece is gone and the puzzle undone
That's the way it is

"Beautiful" - Christina Aguilera
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chapter one: On the way to Gondor.

Legolas was on his way to Gondor when he saw Glorfindel riding on Elrond's horse, Deriay, and wondered to himself where Elrond could be. But Elrond was nowhere to be seen, so he said nothing, and approached Glorfindel with his own horse, Arod.

"Glorfindel! Where is Elrond, and why are you riding his horse?" he asked, speaking in his soft voice.

"If I remember correctly, he received an urgent letter asking him to go to Gondor as soon as possible. I'm now bringing his horse back to Gondor" Glorfindel said, hoping that Legolas wouldn't ask any more questions.

"What is wrong in Gondor?" Legolas asked him with a worried look on his face.

"I wish I knew," Glorfindel answered. He was actually lying, but he did not want to mention the real reason to Legolas.

"Where are you going, my friend? Back to your realm?" Glorfindel asked, trying to change the subject.

"I am on the way to Gondor to visit my dearest friends. I will then make my way home after I have seen them," Legolas answered. Continuing, he asked: "Did you see the letter?"

"No, Elrond did not let me read it," Glorfindel told him. He did not want to discuss it any further with Legolas. He only wished to continue on his journey.

Legolas tried to read him, but without success. Glorfindel was blocking him, so Legolas just sighed to himself, trying to find some peace in his mind. He had a strange feeling about Glorfindel, but could not put his finger on it.

The shadows lengthened as night-time approached. They made camp, and they began to talk

"Legolas, for a long time I wanted to ask you a question in private," Glorfindel said, looking over to Legolas to see how he would react. When there wasn't any comment, he continued. "Do you have a lover?" he asked. He saw that Legolas was shocked by the question, for his eyes were wide and his mouth open.

"Pardon? Did I hear correctly? Did I have a lover? You must be kidding, right?" Legolas asked, puzzled. He looked over to Glorfindel, and saw him nod. Still puzzled and confused, Legolas asked: "Glorfindel, what do you want from me?"

"I want to make love to you, Legolas. That is what I want," Glorfindel said to him and continued: "Do you know that you are the beautiful elf that I have ever seen?" He saw that Legolas still had his mouth open with shock, and reached over to kiss the honeyed lips. Legolas drew back when he saw that Glorfindel wanted to kiss him. Glorfindel followed him, until Legolas found himself up against Glorfindel's horse. He saw that Glorfindel's eyes were closed. Just as Glorfindel was closing in for the kiss, Legolas quickly moved to the side so that Glorfindel kissed the horse's arse instead.

Laughter was heard, and Glorfindel opened his eyes. He was surprised to see Legolas laughing at him, his finger pointing straight at Glorfindel's face.

"What is it?" Glorfindel whispered, not finding his situation so amusing. He saw that Legolas was still laughing at him, so he yelled at Legolas "WHAT IS IT?" The smile and joy that were showing on Legolas' face vanished, and Legolas began to pale, almost to the point of fainting.

"Oh, Legolas, you are in my hands now – I will take care of you," said Glorfindel as he reached for Legolas before Legolas fell to the ground.

As Legolas heard Glorfindel's last words, he tried to get away from him, but Glorfindel caught him before he could move.

"Did you see who you kissed?" Legolas whispered to him; he felt he had no strength left.

"Of course I saw – it was you, you are the only one here," Glorfindel said.

"Except it wasn't me that you kissed," Legolas said, looking over to Glorfindel. He saw that Glorfindel had a shocked look on his face.

"Then if it wasn't you that I kissed, who did I kiss?" Glorfindel demanded, still holding Legolas in his arms.

Legolas looked at Glorfindel with fear in his eyes. He did not want to tell Glorfindel, but knew that Glorfindel would persist until Legolas answered him. "You kissed your horse," he whispered.

"I what?" asked Glorfindel incredulously. "And where, exactly, did I kiss the horse?" There was no reply from Legolas – he just stared mutely at Glorfindel.

"Do you have a mirror, Legolas?" Glorfindel's voice was icily calm. Legolas nodded slowly. "Legolas, give me you mirror. NOW!" ordered Glorfindel, letting go of Legolas so that he could get the mirror for Glorfindel.

Slowly, Legolas handed the mirror to Glorfindel. Glorfindel snatched the mirror away and, looking into it, realised that Legolas was right – he had kissed a horse; the *rear* end of a horse, to be exact. No wonder he could smell horseshit; he thought it may have been nearby, but in actual fact, it was on his face. Furious, he grabbed one of Legolas' hands and used it to try and clean his face.

Legolas started to protest, but Glorfindel did not want to listen him – he was beyond listening.

After he had cleaned his face, Glorfindel pushed Legolas' hand away with disgust, and watched as Legolas fell on the ground.

Legolas was now feeling ashamed for what he had done, but knew that there was nothing he could do. What is done, is done. You cannot, move the wheel back, only forward. He turned away, feeling ashamed of himself, so he couldn't what Glorfindel was doing. After several minutes, he felt a rope being tied around his body tightly. It was beginning to cut off his blood flow.

"What are you doing?" Legolas whispered to him.

"Now I will make sure that you will pay," Glorfindel said to him.

Legolas couldn't breathe as he felt the rope press his bones near his lungs. He was beginning to turn blue – death was near. He could feel it, and saw the Halls of Mandos open up to welcome him, and knew that death was touching him. Darkness overtook him before he lost consciousness.

The freezing water woke him from unconsciousness. For a moment he felt as if he were drowning, till he felt strong hands pulling him out of the water and throwing him onto the grass. The force of the throw caused him to lose consciousness again. Blood was dripping from a cut on his head.

Glorfindel saw there were marks on Legolas' skin from the rope, and saw the blood dripping from the wound from Legolas' head. At first he tried to ignore it, but then as the blood continued to drip, he took some healing herbs from the pack on Elrond's horse and, making a paste, placed it on the wound to stop the bleeding.

Legolas was still unconscious. Glorfindel tried to rouse him by slapping him with all the force he had.

The sting from the slap brought Legolas to the edge of consciousness. He was vaguely aware of Glorfindel trying to rouse him, but he did not want to open his eyes. He just hoped that this was a nightmare, and wished for Aragorn to help him, to save him from this.

Legolas had begun to tremble – he felt the coldness of the water seeping through his body. Glorfindel moved closer to him, and tried to warm Legolas by holding him. An idea came to Glorfindel's mind, and he started to remove his clothing and that of Legolas.

"Legolas, I'll make sure now that it will be warm for you," Glorfindel said to him, a smile showing on his face.

"No" Legolas whispered. He felt weak and unable to move.

"Now you are mine. I have desired you since I saw you for the first time at the council, and now you are mine," Glorfindel said to him, desire shining in his eyes. Passion overtook him, and he took Legolas.

The pain was blinding. In tears, Legolas begged Glorfindel to stop, but Glorfindel did not hear him. Glorfindel continued pounding into Legolas' body, driving harder and deeper; he was totally beyond any reason.

"Stop, please stop." Legolas whispered, but knowing it was futile.

'Aragorn, I wish you were here to help me. I need your help, mellon [friend]' Legolas thought, but knew there was no one there to help him.

Still Glorfindel continued; it was after several minutes that he finally stopped. He left Legolas lying naked on the grass, and he walked to the lake to wash himself.

Legolas closed his eyes. The pain and the sorrow started to claim him, and for a moment he wished he could kill himself, but his knives were too far away for him to reach, and he could not move; he was in so much pain.

Glorfindel washed himself quickly and went back to see how his lover doing. He saw Legolas still lying on the grass naked, and his eyes closed. He rushed over to Legolas to see if there was still a sign of life. He felt a sense of relief when he could still hear Legolas' heart beating – Legolas was still alive.

"Legolas, don't you dare die on me," he whispered in Legolas' ears.

Glorfindel was holding Legolas like a baby, trying to make Legolas open his eyes.

"Legolas, my love. Open your eyes – it's driving me crazy." Tears started to fall as his gaze passed over Legolas.

Still Legolas had not moved.

"I hope that Aragorn can wake you up," Glorfindel whispered to Legolas.

As Legolas heard the name Aragorn, he tried to open his eyes.

"Legolas, I'm sorry for what I've done to you," Glorfindel said softly.

Legolas slowly opened his eyes. He saw Glorfindel holding him. They both were naked.

"Legolas, my love." Glorfindel sighed, and saw Legolas staring at him.

"Where are my clothes?" Legolas whispered, as he felt the air fill his lungs.

"I'll dress you. You don't have to be afraid of me," Glorfindel said to him.

"I will do it alone," Legolas whispered, feeling ashamed.

"No Legolas –you do not have the strength to do it," said Glorfindel fiercely.

"No, Glorfindel. I will do it alone." Legolas tried to raise his voice and claim his clothes.

Glorfindel put his hand on Legolas' mouth and said to him, "I will dress you, Legolas. If you tell anyone what happened, I swear that you'll suffer, and you'll wish that I had left you to die," he said to Legolas.

Legolas eyes were full of misery and sadness. He felt useless, like a mouse in the corner. He had no place to hide.

"Now I'll dress you, and we will ride together to Gondor," said Glorfindel. Continuing, he said: "I'll make sure that you'll not even tell your dearest friends. If you do, they will suffer because of you. I will be watching you, Legolas Greenleaf."

Legolas paled when he heard Glorfindel's words. The clothes hid the bruises and the rope-burn; only the mark on his head remained.

Glorfindel put Legolas on Arod, and then mounted Deriay. He took the rope he had used on Legolas, and tied it on Arod so that he could lead him.

They reached the gates of Gondor.

"Remember what I said to you before," Glorfindel whispered to Legolas before they entered Gondor.

End of Chapter 1.


This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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Author: SivanShemesh

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Era: 4th Age

Genre: Drama

Rating: Adult

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Prisoner of Gondor

Peregrin_Ionad - 22 Jul 06 - 11:08 AM

Ch. 1: 01 - On the way to Gondor.

no no no why does glorfindel have to be like this. not that I am not going to finish the story though!

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