Aragorn's Secret Weapon: 12. Chapter 12

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12. Chapter 12

Title: Aragorn's Secret Weapon 12

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta:Manon & Tinorial Peredhil

Rating: PG-13

Warning: Angst full ahead, fluff, and humor. Bad or good endings… lol!

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them for my own evil plans.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Aragorn has a plan on how he will finally beat Legolas. But will Legolas find out? And if he does, what he will do?

Note: Estel's age is 7, and Legolas's age is 14 and only an elfling compared to the other elves.

Part one: Family


It is easier to believe than to doubt.

E.D. Martin, The Meaning of a Liberal Education

Elrond opened his eyes, feeling a presence staring at both he and Elladan, a minor presence, which worried him.

'Legolas,' he thought.

"'Quel amrun, hir-nín." Glorfindel greeted his lord.

"Hannon-le, mellon-nín," Elrond answered weakly, even though his throat was dry.

"Why am I in the healing room?" Elrond asked confusedly.

"Do you not remember, mellon-nín?" Glorfindel asked as he glanced at his friend in wonderment.

"No…" Elrond answered, and then he gently asked for water as his throat began to throb painfully.

"Do not move, mellon-nín. Just rest, and I will bring you the water," Glorfindel said softly, and walked out of the room. He noticed Erestor looking at some herbs in Elrohir's hands.

"What are you holding, Elrohir?" Glorfindel asked, smiling at the looks they gave him.

"Estel brought me the herbs," Elrohir answered.

"Why are you not in the room? Has something happened?" Erestor asked fearfully.

"Elrond is awake; he asked for water," Glorfindel answered and added in worried tone, "it seems that he does not know what exactly happened to him, nor why he is in the healing room. Watch him!"

They saw Glorfindel heading for the kitchen and entered the room.

"Ada!" Elrohir ran to his father when he saw that Elrond was awake. He clasped his hands on his father's shoulders, but found it difficult with Legolas sleeping on Elrond's chest.

"I have missed you," Elrohir said to him.

"I have missed you too, ion-nín," Elrond said as he glanced at his son. "What happened to me?"

"Oh… well… Estel found you on the floor, not moving. He was in a panic when he woke me up. When I said that your body was weak, he left the room and came back with herbs," Elrohir answered, opening his hands to show his father what he was holding. "These herbs…"

Elrond's eyes grew wide as he realized what had happened and he quickly looked at Legolas, who still slept peacefully. "Did you say that you gave me those herbs?"

Elrohir nodded, watching his father.

"Oh… Elbereth. What have I done?" Elrond murmured. He hoped that nothing would happen to the princeling because of the herbs; he knew of their affect, and prayed to the Valar that Legolas would not be affected.

"It can be fixed; we will help each other as we did before. Do not worry," Elrohir said as he tried to comfort his father.

"Oh, I do not know what I would do without you." Elrond covered his face in his hands. He felt his son's hands squeezing his shoulders comfortingly.

"I know… you could give Erestor and Glorfindel more lessons on the collection of your herbs…" Elrohir grinned at him as he smiled.

"Yes," Elrond glared at his son, then he added with a smile on his face, "you are right about that." The elf lord coughed and wondered what could possibly have happened to Glorfindel.

"Where… cough… where is Glorfindel?" Elrond asked, and swallowed as he tried to wet his throat. This was unsuccessful, as his throat grew even drier.

"I am here!" Glorfindel called and hurried towards his friend.

Elrohir took the glass from Glorfindel's hands and settled with his father. He watched carefully as Elrond sipped the water, warning the older elf not to drink too fast.

Elrond smiled and thought, 'At least he learned something from my lectures.'

"What should we do with the princeling?" Erestor asked, noticing the whole situation. He had not wanted to disturb the father and son's conversation, so in the meantime, he watched Elladan and Legolas for any movement.

"I am taking him back to his room; he needs his bed, and I know that that is the right option." Glorfindel suggested, but was stopped as Estel entered the room.

"No!" Estel exclaimed, "You will not take him."

"And why not, exactly?" Glorfindel asked curiously.

"Because… because…" Estel tried to say something, but nothing realistic came to his mind.

Glorfindel smiled and lifted Legolas in his arms, singing him a lullaby until he approached the room to lay him down. Then he kissed Legolas' forehead as he covered him with a blanket and said softly, "Sleep my child, good dreams, and we will wait for you. Sleep now."

Glorfindel closed the door, and walked back to the healing room with a smile upon his face.

Elrond looked at the incoming Lord and advised him gently, "He is not your son, and you have got to remember that, mellon-nín."

"I know, but I cannot ignore him. Thranduil is in his kingdom and his son is here, with no father's love…" Glorfindel said seriously, glaring at his lord.

"I understand," Elrond said, smiling at him.

Elrohir noticed the glance between the two lords and tried to break the silence by asking, "Ada, why has Elladan not awoken yet?" He truly was worried about his twin.

Elrond turned his head towards his son, but did not know what he should say. "I do not know my son, but I hope that he will open his eyes soon," Elrond confessed.

"I hope so too; I need to apologize to him about my behavior, about all the awful words that I said to him before." Elrohir moved the burden that was in his heart as he confessed to his father.

"Come to me, ion-nín," Elrond bid gently with open arms.

Elrohir walked towards him and welcomed his father's embraced. "Hannon-le, adar, and I am glad that you are well."

Elrond noticed the silence; where there was silence, it meant that one of his sons was missing. "Where is Estel?"

"Oh… I forgot to tell you before…" Erestor apologized. "We sent him to the kitchen. We thought that he might be hungry."

"Who thought?" Elrond asked in a curious tone as he glared at the three elves.

"I did, adar, and Erestor," Elrohir answered.

"I cannot believe that!" Elrond said, tears forming in his eyes, and he glared hard at his frowning advisor. "I cannot believe that I neglected him so much! What kind of father would do such things to his sons?"

Elrohir glanced at his adar with shock in his eyes. He could feel how miserable his father felt. It seemed that since he had found Elladan, their house was at war. All attention was turned towards the unconscious twin, hoping that he would open his eyes.

Elrohir closed his eyes and breathed deeply. Then he glared at his adar and said in a trembling voice, "No adar… you did not neglect him. In fact, we all neglected each other lately, and this is no one's fault."

Elrond glared at his son. He opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came.

"Hir-nín, I wanted to ask you a question, but I want a serious answer." Erestor turned towards his lord and continued, "The herbs that Elrohir was gave you, did you drink all of them?"

Elrond closed his eyes and swallowed hard before answering. "Well… the… the herbs… no… no all of them…"

"But when we came in this morning the glass was empty. Who drank them?" Erestor asked, but he felt that he already knew the answer. 'Legolas.'

"Legolas. Mellon-nín, this has solved the puzzle; it explains why he is sleeping so peacefully," Glorfindel answered his friend.

Erestor glanced at his lord and added, "Hir-nín, I think that Legolas has become addicted to those herbs, and only an amount of food can save him before it affects him more!"

"Arrange for the food to be made ready for the princeling right away!" Elrond ordered.

The three elves nodded and Glorfindel said softly, "And if possible, I would to be the one to feed the princeling, should it come to that."

"When Estel comes back from the kitchen, send him to me and then play with him. I fear that he might need some joy after all we've been through and while we are waiting for Elladan and Legolas to open their eyes," Elrond said, his gaze moving to his oldest son, wishing with all his heart to see the boy's shining eyes and smiling face.

Elvish - English:

'Quel amrun, hir-nín - Good morning, my Lord

Hannon-le, mellon-nín - Thank you, my friend

End of Chapter 12.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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Author: SivanShemesh

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Era: 3rd Age - The Kings

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