Aragorn's Secret Weapon: 5. Chapter 5

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5. Chapter 5

Title: Aragorn's Secret Weapon 5

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Aranel & Manon

Rating: PG-13 Warning: Angst full ahead, fluff, and humor. Bad or good endings… lol!

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Tolkien. I just borrowed them for my own evil plans.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Summary: Aragorn has a plan on how he will finally beat Legolas. But will Legolas find out? And if he does, what he will do?

Note: Estel's age is 7, and Legolas's age is 14 and only an elfling compared to the other elves.


"The nice thing about being a celebrity is that if you bore people they think it's their fault."

- Henry Kissinger (1923-)

In Legolas' room…

Lord Elrond saw the distressing sight in front of him; his son, the sadness showing very clearly on his face as he held Legolas.

Prince Legolas. And his eyes were closed.

Elrond hurried over to his younger son, and tried to take Legolas from him. But Elrohir did not want to let go; he did not want to leave his friend.

"Let go of him, my son, let me save him…" Elrond asked his son.

Elrohir knew he had no choice and let go of his friend. He watched how his father tried to heal Legolas.

'Forgive me, my friend, for not being there for you… when you needed me the most…' Elrohir thought sadly, and wiped the tears from his face.

Elrond leaned over Legolas and whispered into his ear.

Elrohir tried to fight his tears; he was angry at both his twin and his father. And he was upset that he could not hear what his father was whispering.

Elladan and Estel entered, bringing the bag of herbs.

"Here it is, adar…" Elladan handed Elrond the bag.

"Thank you," Elrond said. Without moving his eyes from the prince, he added, "Leave now, all of you. I need to be alone with him; it will be difficult to save him if you're around."

Elladan was the first to leave, followed by Estel. Elrohir, on the other hand, did not want to leave his friend; he wanted to stay as long as he could.

Elladan came back when he noticed Elrohir hadn't followed them. Going to his brother, he tried to guide him gently from the room, but Elrohir struggled to stay.

"Please, brother, do not make it hard for us and for Legolas, please brother…" Elladan said to his twin. Estel, standing in the doorway, watched his elder brother pleading with Elrohir.

Elrohir's shoulders slumped, and Estel went in to help Elladan take Elrohir out of the room, closing the door as they left.

Elrond stayed with Legolas. It was hard; Legolas was hurt emotionally by Elladan's words. For a while Elrond had even begun to lose hope for the prince.

Then he began to think of Thranduil, the King of Mirkwood. It would be too painful for him to lose his child again; it was a matter of pride as well.

Elrond replaced the herbs on Legolas' head, and it seemed that he saw a vision in his mind.

Elrond started to pray, hoping that the Valar would save the princeling from another fall, for his time had not yet come.

'I guess you are back to the old times,' Elrond thought. He was filled with despair.

Elrond kept talking to the prince in the hope that Legolas would do his part, but there was no movement seen from the princeling.

In the meantime… outside Legolas' room…

The silence was heavy as Estel stood there with his brothers. They had not moved.

"Ada will take care of him, 'Ro," Estel said to Elrohir, putting his arms around his brother's waist.

But Elrohir removed Estel's arms and left them without saying a word, his heart still heavy from all the recent events; Legolas had frightened him.

"'RO…" He heard his name being called, but he ignored it.

'You should have told me, my trusted friend, you should have not kept it inside,' Elrohir thought in despair.

"If only you had told me…" Elrohir whispered.

Elrohir needed fresh air. He felt as if he was suffocating, and he left the house.

"Give him time, little brother. " Elladan put his hands on Estel's shoulders, knowing that he wanted to follow Elrohir.

"Do you think Legolas will be alright?" Estel asked in fear, worried about Legolas and how his brother was affected by it.

Elladan nodded, hoping that Legolas would be alright. Most of all, he hoped in his heart that Legolas would forgive him in time.

Lord Elrond left the room, certain now that Legolas would be fine.

His pride was the only thing that mattered now. It had happened before, and he thought he had accepted it, but he had not

Elladan watched his father as he left the room; he looked exhausted.

"Father," Estel ran over to him, causing his father to fall.

Elladan hurried over helped his adar to rise on his feet, and took Estel in his arms.

"Will Legolas recover adar?" Elladan asked.

Elrond looked at his sons, and said softly, "It will take time, as you know, though I do hope that everything will be fine from now on."

He noticed that someone was missing. "Where is your brother?"

Elladan looked at his father and answered quietly, still thinking that it was his fault "He could not stand the waiting, ada – he ran out." Elladan released Estel, and the boy went to stand next to Elrond.

"Find him, Elladan, find him and bring him here. He needs to know that Legolas will be fine," Elrond said to him. Taking Estel, he added, "Go, I'll see what I can do for my stomach; I've been hungry for years!"

Estel laughed as he heard his father's words, and hugged him tight.

"I will take Estel with me. He must be as hungry as I am, and I know you are too, my son. Just look at you." Elrond gestured to Elladan.

Elladan's hair was a mess, and so was his face. Elrond could see the hollowed out cheeks on his son's face, and knew that Elladan blamed himself for what had happened.

"I will later. I want to go and find Elrohir first," Elladan said to them. He left the house, leaving Elrond with a thoughtful expression on his face.

Elrond did not know what would come from this – no one knew. The only one who might have known was Prince Legolas, who still let pride rule him, hurting everyone including himself. This was something the prince would never learn.

But before Elrond went to the kitchen he felt that perhaps his son needed comfort as well.

Still holding Estel's hand, they went out into the garden. Elrond knew it was Prince Legolas' favorite place for coming to terms with his thoughts without anyone to disturb the peace, and knew that he would find Elrohir there.

He watched as Elladan tried to comfort Elrohir, but the other did not seem to want his company.

Elrond went closer towards his two sons, hoping that Elrohir would at least listen to him.

"Elladan!" He called his son over.

Elladan turned towards his father; his eyes were wet with tears.

"Take your little brother to the kitchen. I will stay here…" Elrond said, stroking Estel's hair.

"Yes Adar," Elladan said, and took Estel's hand in his.

As they left, Elrond moved towards Elrohir, his eyes not leaving him. He noticed how distressed Elrohir looked, the tears flowing freely down his cheeks.

Elrond put his hands on his son's shoulders and said softly, "He did not mean it, my son."

Elrohir turned his eyes towards his adar and said accusingly, "Yes, he did! He wanted Legolas' pride to be hurt…"

"I believe that you are wrong, my son." Elrond looked at Elrohir, noticing the anger and sadness that was on his face, and explained, "He only wanted for your little brother to win, and because of that his words hurt Legolas."

"But… Legolas took it to heart, and that it was meant to hurt him, Adar," Elrohir said, as he looked in his father's eyes.

"He will be fine, my son, he will be fine." Elrond embraced his son.

"I hope that you are right, Adar," Elrohir said, and whispered, "I hope you are right, because I do not wish to lose a loyal friend like him; he is like a brother to me…"

"You will not lose him, my son." Elrond looked again at his son and wiped his tears away. "You will not lose him."

End of Chapter 5.


I do hope that Elrond is right in what he said...

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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Author: SivanShemesh

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