A Warrior's Courage: 1. A Warrior's Courage

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1. A Warrior's Courage

Laying flat on his stomach, the mighty warrior slowly pulled his way across the hard, cold floor – being careful to stay well within the shadows and out of sight. He knew he had this one chance, this one moment, before those around him began to wake and realized he was missing.

He continued to inch his way forward until he was just below this fearsome leader, and pausing, listened for the slow steady breathing that signaled a deep, sound sleep. He rolled swiftly and soundlessly to the head of the bed and smoothly transitioned into a low crouch. Noting the unfocused eyes, the warrior's face broke out into a triumphant grin as he loosened a feral battle cry - and with golden hair flying, made a desperate leap towards the sleeping form!

"Ada, WAKE UP!!!! It's your begetting day - wake up, wake up, wake up! You must be Ages old by now, right?"

Thranduil loosened a breathless chuckle as he gazed in delight at the little imp above him. "I am not so old that I cannot catch you, my little squirrel!" he exclaimed as he lunged at the elfling who suddenly began to scramble across the bed. Unfortunately, the mighty warrior was not as swift as the fearsome lord and was instantly captured.

The nanny, who was becoming increasingly worried over her missing charge, stopped as she began to pass the King's door when she heard the Prince's high-pitch squeals of delight mingle with the King's rumbling laughter. Happy begetting day, my lord, and with that thought and a smile, she turned to leave.

Legolas is quite young here...say, about 16... :D

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Author: laureleaf

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Genre: Humor

Rating: General

Last Updated: 07/22/06

Original Post: 07/21/06

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A Warrior's Courage

Bridellwyn - 28 Jul 06 - 2:49 AM

Ch. 1: A Warrior's Courage

Isn't it fascinating that elves celebrate the day they were conceived, not the day they were born?

Sorry, I got a little zoned out there.  Another sweet little drabble.

Who's the nanny?

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