As the stars brightly shine: 1. Blessing

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1. Blessing

"… and on Frodo's right hand, upon the middle and little fingers he set fine rings of mithril, slender as threads of silk but bearing each a small gem shining like a star…"

The History of Middle Earth: The End of the Third Age

The faint song of a woodland thrush was upon the morning summer air as the sun began to rise above the distant horizon of the Far Downs. A soft scent of lavender was within the passing breeze as it came through the open windows of a smial just beneath a small hill covered in blossoming clover. As the hours drew by the laughter of children fell across the fields and meadows while tents were being raised among the fragrant array of foliage that lined the far pasture of a rather large hobbit hole on the eastern edge of Greenholm. It was to be a day of merriment for a wedding was to be held that afternoon and it was quickly noted that every hobbit holding an invitation was sure to be in attendance. Nearby within a quaint garden a gentle hum could be heard lifting with a tender voice now breaking into words unfamiliar to the many ears that stood around in silence, listening contently to the song that fell into a quiet whisper until at last when the melody came to an end. It was then that a rather stout young hobbit came from the small crowd that had gathered before his garden gate with a smile full upon his lips. His long chestnut brown hair fell in deep curls around his brow and shoulders and his eyes were bright and merry. He made his way through the garden gate and came to rest at the edge of the stone walk where he found a hobbit much older in years kneeling before a small row of tiny green sprouts with a large watering can in hand as he tipped it over, bringing down a gentle spray of water upon the plants.

"My, my." The younger hobbit replied with a hearty laugh. "If it isn't Samwise, out in my garden of all places where he could be on a day such as this. Even when you're far from home no garden is safe from your hands!"

"So it seems my dear Fastred." Sam said with a smile as he stood to his feet placing the watering can on a small wooden bench nearby covered in climbing ivy. "It seemed so inviting with the garden gate open and all. I could not help but put my hands to work since I have not tended to my own bit of earth in Hobbiton since I have been here."

"Aye, it must be hard being so far away from the things you love." Fastred replied giving Sam a firm pat on his back.

"That it is." Sam sighed. He then grew silent seemingly lost in a memory and then he turned to Fastred with a faint smile upon his face.

"You should not worry." Fastred said as he rested his hand on Sam's shoulder. "You will see your Rose shortly, and besides she and Elanor are only staying with my sister Fiona, which is but a stone's throw away from my smial. Remember she is returning to your side today when at last everything is in order for the wedding."

"Ah yes." Sam replied softly looking out over the open pastures that seemed to go on for miles into the western sky. "But there seems to be something more."

"You are nervous perhaps, as are we all." Fastred said quietly as he began to make his way to the path that led through the garden gate. "Come now Samwise, the hours are passing quickly, it is time we should return to my home and prepare for the celebration to come!"


A gentle wind swept along the fields as Sam stood in silence before an open window in Fastred's dressing room while Fastred began to pull his hair taught at the nape of his neck. He tied it back neatly with a thin piece of shimmering white silk taking but a moment to peer at his reflection in the looking glass that rested upon a short wooden table. He pressed his hands firmly along his white silken vest coat smoothing out a few small wrinkles before dusting away the tiny bit of lint that had fallen onto his deep brown trousers. He then turned to Sam and with a bright smile he stood tall awaiting for the moment when his companion would come away from the window. A moment passed and then Sam looked to Fastred his face glowing with happiness as he brushed a tear away from his sun kissed cheek.

"You look quite handsome my lad." Sam replied coming away from the window as the sun shone brightly upon his visage. "Yet there is a little something I have for you." Sam said with a smile as he made his way to the dressing table where a small black wooden chest lay adorned with silver finals.

"This is made of lebethron." Sam whispered drawing the chest up into his hands. "It is a fair wood that grows in Gondor beloved by the many craftsmen of that land." He then turned to Fastred holding his hands out before him. "Go on now." Sam said softly. "Open it." Slowly Fastred walked to Sam, his fingers trembling as he reached out to the silver catch that held the lid closed. He pulled the latch open and with sweaty palms he lifted the lid as his eyes widened with the sight of what lay inside. Gingerly he touched his hand to the shining metal fearing he would damage the finery he beheld.

"That is mithril is it not?" Fastred replied quietly pulling his hand away.

"Yes, it is." Sam said smiling as he placed the chest into Fastred's hands. He then reached inside taking out what rested within on a bed of blue velvet. Sam took in a deep breath holding onto the shimmering treasure for moment as he recalled the day it first came to him by a soul once thought lost in a great abyss.

"So long ago it seems when this circlet last set upon my head while I sat at the King's table on the field of Cormallen with Frodo at my side." Sam replied softly raising his hands towards Fastred's head.

"I can not accept this." Fastred said as he lifted his hand gently pushing the circlet away.

"Nay." Sam replied as he shook his head. "It is yours now. For you and Ellie… something to pass along your family line. A wedding present as you could say."

"Then I can not turn your gift away." Fastred softly whispered as he knelt to his knee allowing Sam to place the circlet of mithril silver upon his chestnut brown hair. Fastred then stood to his feet and he stood tall before Sam as the ring of metal slowly fell down over his brow.

"It suits you well." Sam said with a tender laugh as he pushed the circlet high onto Fastred's head. "Perhaps I shall ask my dear friends Merry and Pippin for an ent draught to help you grow into it." Sam replied firmly placing his hand on Fastred's shoulder. He smiled brightly and then looked down to his hands as Sam took away the wooden chest setting it on a table nearby. For a moment a still silence filled the room and then Fastred took in a deep breath rubbing his nervous hands together.

"This Frodo you spoke of…" Fastred began. "He is Frodo Baggins is he not?"

"He is." Sam answered as he pulled his best vest up over his cream colored tunic. "Why do you ask?"

"Elanor speaks of him often." Fastred replied. "He meant a lot to both of you it seems."

"More so me than Ellie, but she has a place for him in her heart since he meant so much to me." Sam said softly as he slowly buttoned his vest. "He is the one who thought of her name the day she was born. She was named after the golden star flower that bloomed in the grass of Lórien. I only wish he could be here to see her on her wedding day so he could see with his own eyes what a lovely flower she did blossom to be." Sam replied with a gentle sigh. "She is everything and more… just as he foretold." Sam then turned to the open window standing still, saying not a word as the afternoon breeze came through his hair. Many minutes seemed to pass before he took in a deep breath looking to Fastred with a tender smile upon his lips.

"Come now my lad." Sam said as he came away from the window leading Fastred towards the open door across the hall that overlooked the garden Sam had been found in that very morn. "No more dwelling on what could have been. It is time to look to what lies ahead in the days to come."

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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