Never Again: 25. An Acceptable Interruption

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25. An Acceptable Interruption

Chapter 24

An Acceptable Interruption

"My king?" Arnien stuck his head through the door into King Elessar's office. He looked somewhat anxious, yet pleased at the same time.

"Yes, Arnien, what is it?" Aragorn asked the captain who had thankfully intruded on his paperwork. Not that he was actually accomplishing anything on it.

Legolas had left to travel to the havens just over six weeks ago. Aragorn had never felt such a loss as he had felt losing his lifelong friend, not only to the sea, but also in the elf's memories. If only things had been different.

The sadness had lifted some, by the wonderful news that Arwen was expecting their first child. Yet, at the same time, the sadness deepened. Aragorn desperately wished his friend could be here to see his child when it was born, could be here to teach him archery when he or she was older, could teach his child about the elves by just being there, as he had with the child Estel so many years ago. But it was not to be.

"You have a visitor, sire. The party asked to remain anonymous, as they wish to surprise you. I am sure you will appreciate the break from your work, and I know you will enjoy this visit, sire. I have shown them to the king's library, they await you there." Arnien told his king with a smile.

The king was at a loss, as he could not imagine who would come to see him while requesting their identity to remain anonymous. Arnien did not seem concerned in the least, so it was someone he knew well. Then he smiled. His brothers, of course. The sons of Elrond would do something of this nature for sure. Though, they would be more likely to just sneak in, if they wanted to surprise him. Now he was not so sure. But whoever it was, would be welcome to pull him away from staring at his desk, as he had been doing all day.

Aragorn walked quickly to the library, his mind once again turning to Legolas and that day the elf had sat there and told him he was leaving. The library was now a haunting place, and the king wished Arnien had chosen some other place for him to meet the mysterious guest.

Striding confidently into the room, Aragorn paused in the center of it. He did not see anyone here. The man turned slowly, looking around the room, but no one was there. He frowned. THIS was something his brothers would most definitely do. But how to avoid looking surprised when they popped out of ..

"Estel." The soft voice silenced his thoughts immediately... It was not possible.

The man turned back towards the door and froze. Standing in the doorway, leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest, was Legolas. A small smile was on his face as his eyes twinkled.

"Legolas?" The man asked in disbelief.

"Aye," the elf responded, straightening and moving towards the man. He came to a stop before Aragorn, as the king's eyes began to glisten.

"You are here." Was all the man could think to say.

"I am here. I would think that obvious, Estel." The elf's smile grew as he placed his hand on the man's shoulder. Aragorn was too stunned for a moment, to return the gesture. He mentally shook himself and did likewise.

The two friends just stood there like that for a long moment, just looking at each other smiling. Legolas broke the greeting by pulling the man into a tight embrace. The king returned it wholeheartedly.

"I am here, and I am staying as I promised. Forgive me for the anguish I have caused you." The elf requested.

"There is nothing to forgive," the man responded as they released each other. "But how are you here? I thought..."

"That I was sailing because I could not bear the call of the sea upon my heart, even more so, when I could not remember you or Gimli. I have found, however, that the call of friends upon my heart is greater, and it would not let me step foot on to a ship." Legolas smiled softly as a tear slipped down the man's cheek. The elf brushed it away with a finger. "I have remembered everything, Estel, and I am here to resume my duties and title, if Tathar is willing to relinquish them. If not, I will just have to kill him to get him out of the way." Legolas grinned as the king shook his head, a small chuckle coming from his chest. Yes, the elf he knew so well had been returned to them.

"No, that will not be necessary. That is one elf who would much rather follow another, than lead alone. Tathar has been somewhat lost without your presence. I think he will gladly give your duties and title back, once he has knocked you down in his enthusiasm to see you." Aragorn replied. "I don't know how it is possible that you did not sail, and you must tell the story, but it is enough that you are here." Aragorn then realized there was a missing piece to this picture. The king looked behind the elf, then frowned. "Where is Gimli? Does he know of this?"

Legolas nodded, "I left Gimli in Aglarond four days ago. Perhaps, we should find the Queen? Then I will only have to tell the story once." Legolas answered. Aragorn was greatly relieved the dwarf was aware of what was going on. He was surprised Gimli had not insisted upon traveling back to Ithilien with his friend.

"Aye, let us do that." Aragorn told the elf. Then he smiled brightly at Legolas, "There is much we must tell you as well, my friend." The man and the elf left the library side by side, joy filling both of their hearts. It was a wondrous reunion.

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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