In Dreams: 1. Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain

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1. Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain


House of a Thousand Jeweled Threads

The workshops known as Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain had been famous for more than three thousand years producing tapestries and other needlework treasures that were the pride of great human and elven households throughout Middle Earth. The consistency of the high quality of the work produced had earned and maintained their outstanding reputation over the centuries.

Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain resulted from a partnership formed between Serindi, an elleth who had earned a reputation for the beauty and artistry of her creations, both needlework and woven tapestries, and her husband, Thavron, a skilled woodworker and carver.

Their family included a son, Aegnor and a daughter, Lalaith. Aegnor and his wife Hareth, were killed in an orc attack leaving their small daughter Amarie behind. Surpassing her grandmother in both design ability and skills, Amarie also proved capable in the management of the workshops and when her grandparents and aunt Lalaith answered the call to the Western Lands, they didn't hesitate in turning the workshops over to her.

Over the next two hundred and seventy years the small elven town on the western border of Mirkwood shrank down to less then half its original two thousand inhabitants as various elves heeded the call to the Western Lands and increasing orc attacks took their toll. Amarie now faced the necessity of finding a safer haven for the workshops and her people.

Serindi was a name given to Miriel, the mother of Feanor, because of her surpassing skill in weaving and needlework. Amarie's grandmother was named for her.

Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain - House of a Thousand Jeweled Threads

Chapter One.

    Amarie pushed her chair back from the large worktable and stretched her stiff back.  It had been a long, tiring day and the daylight was fading. She had continued the work long after her assistants had stopped but she was pleased with the progress they were making on this last group from Minas Tirith for cleaning and repair. Of the seven they received, work had been completed on six. She studied the final large tapestry spread out on the table and made notes where further repairs were needed. Amarie smoothed a hand over the figure of a Dunedain king and his queen and smiled with pleasure. Her grandmother and her sisters had created them over a thousand years before and they still were as bright and colorful now as when they had been then.

    Sighing, she spread a protective fabric cover over the worktable and put away her workbasket on the storage shelf. Mentally adding to the list of things needing to be done, she noted she would have to inventory the silk and wool threads soon. Leaving the workrooms she crossed the courtyard to the living quarters. Pausing before entering she gazed sadly back over the valley. There was a hint of spring with the smell of damp earth in the air and some of the trees changing into a light veil of yellow green.  A full moon was rising low in the eastern sky.

    The main door to the gathering room opened. "It looks like Tilion will have clear sailing tonight, Sadi." she commented without turning. "I will miss all of this."

    "Penneth, you have been working late, again, " Sadi scolded.  "I think a light supper, a hot bath and an early night to bed is in order for you."

    Looking at her great aunt  who had been her nurse growing up and now was responsible for their much shrunken household, Amarie wrinkled her nose and laughed.  "You make me feel about 20 years old and back in the nursery. But that sounds wonderful, especially the hot bath and bed.  I am not hungry though."

    "I never could keep you in the nursery then," she scowled back, " and you never would do as you were told either." She sniffed and turned toward the kitchens, " I will fix something to eat and bring it to your chamber.  I still think you work too hard."

    Suddenly serious, Amarie shrugged tiredly. "It has to be done. We can't accept anything new until we relocate and I want to get as much done and out of here so that we have less to move."  She followed Sadi into the main hall.

    "Have you received any responses to your letters yet, penneth?

    "No," Amarie sighed discouraged, "I am hoping  that Gandalf will have better news when he stops back here next month. He seemed somewhat amused when I asked him why he thought we would be welcome at Imladris, but there has been no word from Lord Elrond as of yet."

     "Oh Sadi," she suddenly brightened, "Just think, if Lord Elrond agrees I will be able to study the tapestries in the library and research many things from the wonderful books."

    Sadi wrapped her arms around the elleth and gave her a hug. "I am sure, in fact, I know, everything will work out. Now go take that bath and get ready for bed.  I will bring some food to your chamber."

    "I will, but please, just some tea and fruit? I don't think I could eat anything more."
    "Very well, penneth, but don't be long."

    Amarie lay in the tub reluctant to move. Finally as a chill crept into the water, she stirred, reached for a towel and wrapped it around her wet clean hair. Taking a second one she tiredly dried her skin then slipped a nightdress on. Wrapping a robe around herself she moved into the bedroom just as Sadi placed the tray with tea and a plate of fruit on the bedside table. She crossed to the small stool next to the fireplace where a fire took the chill off  the spring evening air.

    "Come penneth, let me comb out your hair just like I did when you were little."

    Amarie sank onto  the stool, briskly rubbing her hair with the towel. When she finished, Sadi ran a comb through the long amber brown tresses.

    "It has been a long time since I did this, penneth," she sighed.  "I hoped that I would have some little elleths  to spoil by now."  Amarie smiled but ignored the dig. Finally with her hair dry and combed out she gave Sadi a hug and told her to go to bed. 
    "Very well,  penneth, but you need to drink your tea before it grows cold, then get you to bed."

    "I will, pen vuil, now go."

    "Sleep well."

    "I will."

    Sadi doused the lanterns and softly closed the door behind her.

    After Sadi had left, Amarie relaxed into bed with her cup filled with a fragrant spiced tea.  All too soon, her eyes grew heavy and she put the cup back on the table and snuggled down in to the soft bed anticipating her dream world.

yrch-orc (pl)
penneth-young one
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain -house of a thousand jeweled threads
Tilion -a Maia, steersman of the moon
pen vuil- dear one
Sadi – Lady Saeldae, (wise shadow) sister to Serindi, and great aunt to Amarie

This is a work of fan fiction, written because the author has an abiding love for the works of J R R Tolkien. The characters, settings, places, and languages used in this work are the property of the Tolkien Estate, Tolkien Enterprises, and possibly New Line Cinema, except for certain original characters who belong to the author of the said work. The author will not receive any money or other remuneration for presenting the work on this archive site. The work is the intellectual property of the author, is available solely for the enjoyment of Henneth Annûn Story Archive readers, and may not be copied or redistributed by any means without the explicit written consent of the author.

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