In Dreams: 14. A Juicy Tale

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14. A Juicy Tale

Chapter Fourteen

                    A Juicy Tale

Looking down at the small form lying in a bed much too big for it, Elrond smiled down and shook his head. "Little one, you must lay still, all this wiggling will not help the burns on your arm and shoulders to heal any faster, in fact it will add to the time you must stay."

The small face looked back mutinously, "I have been here for two days and I want my naneth and Juicy. I want to go home!"

Elrond gave a startled look across at the healer who had just finished changing a bandage and washing some food bits from his patient's face.

"Juicy?" he questioned.

"Juicy is his dog, and his naneth is the elleth who received the severe burns pulling this one from the wagon.  She is in a healing sleep until some new skin forms over some of the worst burns."

Turning back to the small ellon in front of him Elrond studied him for a long moment. "I am afraid, little one, that your naneth is still resting and it will be a while before you can see her. I do believe though we can try to bring Juicy to see you. Do you know where he is?"

The small face crumple into tears, "No, and I miss him."

 "I will see if Glorfindel and the others can help us find him. What does Juicy look like? And when was the last time you saw him?"

"He is this big," he gestured with small hands indicating a dog about a foot high and long, "and he is brown and black with a white tummy. He has real long floppy ears. He got scared when they took me out of the wagon and put me on that carry thing.  They chased him off when he tried to come with me."

"Very well, I will do my best to find him. But in the mean time you must promise to remain as still as you can." Elrond said very seriously.

His small tearstained face returned the look just as seriously and nodded several times vigorously. "I promise."

Elrond smoothed the ragged singed curls back and pulled the covers up over the small chest. "Now sleep little one."

Sometime later that day an embarrassed Glorfindel entered Elrond's private rooms holding a very dirty, very wiggly bundle of fur at arms length. 

Taking an amused look at his long-suffering friend, Elrond burst out laughing. "That, I take it, is the long lost Juicy? Where did you find him?"

"I didn't, he attached himself to one of my warriors just after we got here. He knew that the animal came with the Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain group and has been feeding him. When he heard that we had been searching for an animal that matched its description, he brought it up from the barracks."

Wrinkling his nose up in distaste, he added,  "As you can see it isn't the cleanest and its smell is as bad as that of an orc."

"Elrond," Glorfindel ground out. "I am not an ellon minder. You have to do something about corralling these young ones.  I found an elleth in my rooms sweeping the  floor.    She had straightened up my things.  One ellon even followed me into the privy while…."

Elrond collapsed back in his chair in laughter wiping tears from his eyes.

"It isn't funny." Glorfindel snarled.

"I'm not the one who set himself up as their hero," Elrond gasped between gales of laughter.

"That does it," Glorfindel stalked across to the desk and dumped the dog in the middle. "You asked me to find the damned dog and I did."
"I am now informing you officially, My Lord, that I am leading the group going out on patrol this afternoon and I do not expect to return for at least two months." He stalked across the room.

"You expect it to take that long to find the missing cows?" Elrond chortled.

Glorfindel slammed the door behind himself as he left.

"Oh my, I do believe we have angered him somehow." he addressed the small dirty fur ball sitting in front of him and studying Elrond with small bright black eyes.

"He is right however, you are very dirty and you do smell like an orc, we must do something about that before you can see your master."  Lifting Juicy from the desk, he crossed to the bathing room beyond his bedroom and placed the small dog in his bathing tub.

"That should hold you while I prepare your bath."

Juicy stood up against the side and began to twist and wiggle his small body in ways that Elrond found hard to believe possible but he found himself laughing at Juicys' antics anyway. He filled the vessel bowl sitting on the counter with warm water and pulled towels from the nearby shelves.  He studied the supply of soaps.

"I doubt you would enjoy any of these but you will need something rather strong to get all of that … dirt out of your coat." He addressed the wiggling dog. "Now lets get you cleaned up."

He found it almost impossible to restrain and wash the dog at the same time. It took three refills before soap and water managed to remove the last of the dirt.  Wrapping one of the towels around the dog he dried him and carried him back into the sitting room. Released from the confines of the towel Juicy shook himself several times and began to explore the room, He lifted his head at the sound of a bird and headed for the balcony.

"Oh no you don't, my little friend." Elrond grabbed him just as the dog was going over the balcony edge. "If you need to go out you will go out with a collar and leash.  I am not going to bath you again, nor am I going to chase you. You have caused enough trouble."  Setting the dog down after closing the balcony doors he searched for something to use as a leash.

Juicy squatted.


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