In Dreams: 21. The New Beginning

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21. The New Beginning

Chapter Twenty-one

                The New Beginning

The results of the renovations of the workshops overwhelmed Amarie. Wandering from room to room she tried to take it all in and failed.  She loved the feeling of space and light.  Her artisans were eager to show her the improvements their suggestions inspired, but they all agreed that the sliding doors were the best of all. Checking out the progress on the assembly and placement of the looms and worktables she found that she had little to fault.

They had been hampered in the previous workshops by the arrangement of the old looms that had been too big and heavy to move.   With too few workers remaining to take them apart and having to maintain work schedules they had to live with it. Her chief assistant knew well her thoughts on work flow and taking advantage of the clean slate he included those changes they had discussed in the new arrangement. They would now be able to work much more efficiently in less space.

The other improvements also earned her approval. They had set aside a room for her to use as a studio and where the historical design cartoons and other  reference materials would go.  It opened out onto the garden terrace  through one of the sliding doors and it was as pleasant a workspace as she could wish for. Amarie was in tears when she found that her people had set up the design tables her grandfather had constructed for her grandmother and which she had not known they included in the move.

The spacing of the storage rooms through out the rest of the workrooms allowed for the proper dispersal of the threads and fabric close to the areas where they would be needed. They had even added a room where they could hang the various tapestries as they were finished and tables where they would be folded and packed for shipment.  She found the central location of the main gathering room with its nearby kitchen a wonderful addition and could hardly wait for their first celebration.

For the better part of the day Amarie listened to her people as she worked along side by side with them. They were so excited by their new workspace they could hardly wait to get started again at their work. Finally she sighed contentedly, called them all together, and spoke.

"This is a wonderful change. With the blessings of the Valar, the direct assistance of Lords Elrond and Erestor and your support and hard work, Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain, is reborn here in the shelter of Imladris' walls. Thank you all so much. Now everyone go enjoy an evening free of work and care and we will start here in the morning."

With their cheers ringing in her ears Amarie moved through the newly planted gardens and savored the smell of summer flowers, damp earth and the music of the river as it swept by the terrace edge. Finally she turned toward the main house to join Sadi and Lord Erestor for dinner in the main dining room.

Lord Erestor had promised to show her the tapestries in the library after dinner and give her what history he had on them, but he was also hoping she would have some based on her own knowledge to give him in return. He also mentioned that there were three others she might enjoy, but would say nothing more about them.

"Sadi, are you dressed? Now that I have finished bathing and dressing, I find I am most hungry."

"Yes, penneth, I just want to finish putting these clean things away then I will join you."

Amarie followed the sound of her aunt's voice and stood in the doorway to her bedroom as she watched her place things in the chest near her bed.

"What did you think of the houses, Sadi.  Did any of them look promising?"

"Actually they were all quite nice, but I find I rather like the idea of staying here in the main house.  Obviously any rooms we would have would not be like these guest rooms, and I wonder if they would object  if we used the furniture we brought with us."

Amarie looked at her aunt in surprise. "Well, I am willing to give it serious thought.  We can ask Lord Erestor about seeing the rooms and about the use of the furniture. I am curious, though, why you are considering staying here."

Sadi grinned at her niece, "I like the idea of not having to cook or clean and here the house elves do that along with any washing needed. You also have to admit the views from here are addicting."

Amari returned the grin. "Any particular view you have in mind?"

"Maybe, but I will have to think about that a bit more before I talk about it."

There was a knock at the sitting room door and Erestor called out. "Ladies, are you ready for dinner?"

"Yes my lord, we will be right there." Amarie called out. The elleths picked up shawls against the night air cooled by the  nearby waterfalls, swept out the door and each placing an arm on one of Lord Erestor's was  escorted down to the dining room.

    "I am indeed a very lucky elf to have two such beautiful elleths as my companions for dinner." He smiled at them. It was a very merry dinner for all involved.

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