In Dreams: 3. The First Dream

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3. The First Dream

Chapter Three.

                    The First Dream               
                *    *    *    *    *
The elleth was restless in her sleep, her fingers plucking at the blanket that covered her slender figure and finally sinking deeper into her dreams.
Her senses suddenly awakened.
He was here! But  how?

She turned on her side to face him. With the moonlight streaming through the doors leading to the balcony, the room was almost as bright as day.

Oh, He was beautiful! She swallowed hard. He was magnificent!!

He was tall, his unbound hair a black curtain over his shoulders. He wore a pair of dark grey silk sleeping pants and a long open charcoal silk robe. His feet were bare.

Grey eyes locked with amber eyes for a long silent moment.

"Lirimaer, your dreams called to me." He moved closer to the bed,  "I am answering."

She staring up at him stunned.

"You were expecting me, were you not?" he questioned.

"No, I mean, yes," she gulped. "Are you real?"

He chuckled at her confusion, "As real as you want me to be."
He bent and drew her from the bed and over to the chair by the fireplace. Without hesitation she followed him.
"What would you have of me?" he questioned as he sat and pulled her onto his lap. "Dreams are like ships, they let us sail where we want and in dreams we shape our desires as we would. What should this dream do for us?"

She hesitated.

He waited patiently.

"I would very much like to make love; but not as I dreamed before." She lowered her head hiding her face behind her hair. "Always before in my dreams there was just shadows.  Any relationship was empty, without fire. This time I would like it to be different."

He studied her seriously for a moment and then lifted a hand to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. "I would take great pleasure in making that happen."

He lifted her into his arms and carried her back to the bed. Gently setting her down, he dropped his robe over the end of the bed and removed her gown from her trembling body.  His hands caressed her shoulders.

"Lirimaer, why do you tremble?"
"Because you are more than I have ever dreamed, and…..." she paused embarrassed.

 He threw his head back and laughed delightedly.  "Lirimae, such thoughts would give any male elf an exaggerated opinion of himself. I only hope I meet with your expectations!"

He drew her close and kissed her even as he lowered them both to the bed. His hands began a leisurely exploration of her body pausing from time to time to allow his mouth to treasure a sweetly curved neck, nibble a quivering mouth, and move slowly around a sensitive ear.  A moan escaped her and she bit down on her lip as he moved on to a breast where a rosy nipple was now pebble hard and tender to his touch.
"Meleth," her soft voice caused him to pause.

 Grey eyes met amber eyes in question.

"I would like to touch and taste you also. And you have more cloths on then do I." Her hands moved over his hard chest and tugged at the tie belt of his sleeping pants.

Grey eyes smiled and he lay back to let her undo them and lifted his hips so that she could push them down his legs and off over his ankles. She pulled back and settled on her knees when she saw his arousal, hard and erect against his stomach. He watched her reaction with amusement.

"Oh, even better than I hoped."  She looked up at him in awed delight.

Again he laughed and pulled her back into his embrace.  She felt his heat against her stomach and she rubbed sinuously against him.

"Easy Lirimae," he warned, "or this dream will be over before it has really begun."

She began her own slow exploration of his body with her hands and lips. She studied the proud thrust of his arousal.
Amber eyes lifted to grey ones questioning. He nodded.

Her hand gently curved around him, massaging with a light touch. She stroked him with tender fingers and gently ran one finger along  the base of his arousal.

" Lirimae." he shuddered, impatient for her next move and growled.  "Lirimae, taste me.

Her hair blanketed his groin and aching shaft in a cloud of silken tresses.  She paused then licked at him, first delicately, then taking his balls into her mouth, suckled them pulling at each one in turn. She nipped at his engorged tip and sucked him into a soft, wet and hot mouth.

She paused looking up at hot charcoal eyes, "Meleth, you taste of musk and honey." She licked her lips before returning to her task .

She took him deeper into her mouth again and again and she gently caressed his balls with her fingers. He gave up all rational thoughts and savored the pleasure her hands and mouth were giving him. He felt the heat building in his loins and knew he was reaching his climax. He tangled his hands in her hair and grasping her head, bucked his hips against and into that hot mouth.

"Lirimae." he cried and collapsed into oblivion. 

                *    *    *    *    *
lirimaer-lovely one

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