In Dreams: 30. I'm Confused. Are You

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30. I'm Confused. Are You

In Dreams……
Chapter Thirty

                I'm confused. Are you?

                *    *    *    *    *
She had been awakened by the unfamiliar sounds of rushing water. She was puzzled as she turned her head and looked around the room.  It held familiar things but was unfamiliar to her. The sound of rustling leaves and warm breezes entered through the large open doors and she was drawn from the bed to their threshold. As she stood there looking at the moon lit gardens below she felt the pull of a silent voice. Without thinking she followed its call across the terrace and down the stairs.  Her bare feet trod the dew wet grass and breezes tugged at her sheer nightdress.

Following the silent call she passed through a series of small floral plantings to a gate that opened before her and gave entrance to a beautiful enclosed private garden.  Pausing she took note of a small pool at the far end of the path and moved towards it.  Everything was so familiar, she had been here before but she didn't understand how she knew that.  A sound behind her caused her to turn and look up at the balcony above.

A figure appeared and stood there leaning on the balcony railing staring down at her. It was her elf lord.  His unbound midnight black hair was tousled from sleep and his unfastened top caught by the breeze revealed his bare chest.  For an unknown length of time they stood their eyes locked together. He slowly moved  to the nearby flight of stone stairs and descended to her.

"Lirimaer, it is you." He reached for her. "I thought you  a mirage."
"Meleth nin, I don't know how I got here. I feel so lost." She whimpered.

He threaded his fingers through her hair and captured her. Tilting her head gently back, his lips claimed hers in a slow, tender kiss. "You have found your way into my heart and you will never be lost again," he whispered.

She sighed as he slipped his arms around her waist, "How could I know where to find you?"

"You heard my heart weeping for you in its loneliness."

"How did you know I was here?"   

He frowned, "I am not sure.  Something woke me and drew me to the balcony. Then I saw you here in my garden. I was stunned, I thought I had lost you forever."

"I intended to sever the dream paths so that we would not meet again," she murmured against his chest.

"I know, lirimaer, and that terrified me."

"It seems our bond is stronger than I thought, meleth nin.  It would not let me do it."

He pulled her closer to him and she felt the heat of his skin through her night-dress. Nothing was said yet both knew the needs of the other. She left a trail of soft kisses over his chest and up his throat to his ear.

"Lirimaer, I need you," he murmured against her forehead.

"Meleth nin, I am here." She lifted her hands to tenderly cup his firm jaw. At her delicate touch he growled a harsh protest and took her lips again in a savage kiss that gradually softened into a tender exploration of her ear and down to her throat. Lifting her in his arms he retraced his path up the stairs and into his bedroom. Moving slowly to the large bed he placed her gently on its silken sheets. Removing his  top, he lay next to her and pulled her back into the circle of his arms.

She looked up tearfully into his stormy gray eyes as her arms went around his neck. "I do not know what to do, meleth nin, I know there is no future for us. Before you were just the wonderful lover of my dreams. Now that I know who you are, how will I ever be able to be near you without acting like a lovesick elleth? My only salvation is that in the world beyond our dreams you are unaware of my feelings.   But oh how difficult it will be to hide them and act as if I have just met you."

"Lirimaer, in my dreams I knew not your name either. You are the wonderful passionate lover that made the world beyond these dreams bearable. Now that I know who you are how will I be able to ignore you there?

She pulled his head down and kissed his lips hungrily, "Meleth nin, My Lord, my Elrond."

"Heart of my heart, my lirimaer, my Amarie" he whispered back and began the sweet exploration of her body that he found his peace in.

Amarie arched into his  responding with her growing passion and forgot her despair. Her hands roamed his hardening body and caressed his arousal through his leggings. With a growl of frustration he pulled back and loosened the ties at his waste. She helped to pull them from his thighs and off of his body. In turn he helped her remove the night-dress that hid nothing but stymied his access to her sweetest delights.

 Leaning over her he stated unequivocally, "Tonight we meet, unmasked and with no secrets between us.  Amarie, you are the elleth of my heart and the mate of my soul. If this is all we can ever have then so be it, I cannot let you go. I WILL not let you go."  

"So be it, meleth nin, Elrond, you are the lord of my heart and the mate of my soul if only here in my dreams." Pulling him to her, she opened her body to him and he plunge savagely into her warmth. She rose to meet him and together they flew up and over into the abyss.


Meleth nin- my beloved
lirimaer-lovely one


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