In Dreams: 31. Home Sweet Home

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31. Home Sweet Home


                    Home Sweet Home

Amarie looked around at the new suite of rooms that she and Sadi had moved into earlier that afternoon. Like the one they had previously occupied there were two bedrooms with a bathing chamber between and a shared sitting room.

The ones that Erestor had first shown to them had been located in the family wing just below those of Elrond and Arwen. Amarie had been quite firm, but refused saying that she and Sadi were not family.  Erestor had muttered something that vaguely sounded like "Not Yet" but she thought she must have been mistaken.

Later he showed them two suites located in the wing that included those occupied by Glorfindel and himself as well as other members of the extended staff. One was on the front side of the house overlooking the main courtyard and the other was at the end of the long downstairs hall overlooking small gardens that swept down to the river below a series of falls.  Across the way another wing faced them forming a u that enclosed a part of the gardens. There was a large weeping willow that covered one end of the terrace that ran the length of the wing before ending in stairways that gave access to the gardens below.

Amarie had fallen in love with the rooms at once. Moving from room to room she enthused at the beautiful wood panels and carved bookcases that formed the interior walls. Following behind her, Erestor and Sadi grinned at each other, with Erestor signalling success and Sadi doing a quick little victory dance.  When she turned to face them they immediately resumed their serious demeanors.

"What do you think Sadi?" she questioned.

"I like them. If you are satisfied, then I believe these rooms will do quite nicely."  Sadi turned to Erestor,  "Although these furnishings are very beautiful, we were wondering if we could exchange some of it for our things?"

Erestor shrugged, "I don't see why not. Either way some will have to go into storage.  I will have your things brought up in the morning and what ever you want exchanged removed."

"Well if this is the one you want, I will make the final arrangements.  You can start bringing some of your things over this evening although I suggest you wait until all the furniture is exchanged before you sleep here. I will see you later at dinner." Erestor grinned at them and winked at Sadi as he departed.

Sadi joined Amarie in exploring their new home. Noting that only one bedroom overlooked the garden side of the wing, she entered the other that formed the end wall of the wing, "Penneth, would you object if I took this one? I rather like the view of the falls and having my own private balcony."

 Amari shook her head, "That's fine, and I'll take this one.  That area of the terrace under the willow tree is like another room. These bookcases are just what I need for my books and those wall panels will be perfect for my small tapestries. That bit between the windows is just the place for grandfather's carving."

The sitting room was stacked with boxes and containers as well as pieces of their own furniture. Both Sadie and Amarie worked busily throughout the early part of the afternoon to sort through and decide where to put them.  Amarie's bed was set up in her room but Sadi elected to retain the gorgeous four-poster already there.  Aside from some chests, small tables and chairs that had been carved by Amarie's grandfather they had not bought much with them. It was the small tapestries and other carved pieces that involved serious discussions regarding their placement. Finally when all had been agreed to they turned to their own rooms.

Amarie sank onto her bed and studied her room deciding where her books would go and which chests would be best for her clothes. Her bed was across from the wall of windows and large doors leading to the terrace. These would remain open for most of the time while the weather remained comfortable. On either side of the bed were small bookcases over enclosed storage cupboards. The wall near the bathing room was occupied by a small fireplace with a gold upholstered chair  and on the remaining wall was a series of  wood panels and bookcases. In front of this was a small writing desk and chair that her grandfather had made for her. She had already placed one of his small tables and two chairs near the large doors. There had been a similar arrangement in their first quarters and she had liked being able to enjoy meals or the odd cup of tea there.

She finally put her books in the bookcases by the desk and placed her cloths in the chest near the fireplace and the door to the bathing chamber. Spare bedding and cloths went into the long low chest at the end of the bed. Her two favorite tapestries were hung over the panels and a large woodcarving went near the window. Satisfied at last she wandered out into the sitting room and finished the final bit of unpacking. Hearing banging and a few choice words coming from Sadi's room she approached her door giggling. Sadi's room was an exact reverse duplicate of Amarie's but lacked the expanse of windows and doors.

"What's the matter Sadi, can I help with anything?"

"No penneth, I was just trying to put some of these books up, but it looks like they are too tall. I was trying to move some of the shelves up, but it appears they are fixed."

"We will have to see if Erestor can get them adjusted for you."

"Talking about Erestor, I think it is time we get cleaned up so we can join him for dinner."

"I am very tired Sadi, I have already asked to have something sent up. I thought I would take a hot bath and get ready for bed then read for a while. It will be wonderful to enjoy my new retreat." Amarie dropped her gaze and turned away from her.

Sadi studied her through narrowed eyes, "Penneth, is that wise?  We are expected."

"You go and offer my apologies. I really am tired Sadi. I will join everyone tomorrow evening."

"Very well, but you remember that tomorrow evening is the Welcoming Banquet for Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain. Did you decide what you will do about a presentation?"

Amarie lowered her gaze to her hands and hesitated. "I thought I would gift Lord Elrond with Grandmother's last tapestry from her Four Seasons series. It would be appropriate since he already has the other three."

Sadi stood there stunned.  Knowing how much she loved her grandmother's work, she understood the value of Amarie's gift. "Oh penneth, that is a wonderful choice, I only hope he will recognize it's worth."

"I am sure he will." Amarie said dryly, "He has the others in his personal quarters.  Now please get cleaned up and go to dinner.   

Penneth – young one
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain –House Of A Thousand Jewelled Threads

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