In Dreams: 32. Match Maker, Match Maker, Make Me A Match

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32. Match Maker, Match Maker, Make Me A Match

Chapter Thirty-Two

        Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match

Erestor looked up as Sadi entered the dining room. As she started over to join some of the Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain group nearby, he stood and waved her over to his table.

"Good evening, Lord Erestor, Alone again this evening?"

He quirked a brow, "Lord Erestor, Sadi?"

She grinned, "I thought a little distance was appropriate among fellow conspirators."

He returned the grin, "Well it worked, did it not?  Has she discovered the rooms face his yet?"

"Not that I know of, but she is still hiding out. I couldn't get her to come down for dinner. Lord Elrond?"

Erestor shook his head. "He still seems to be in shock.  I wish I knew what was going on between them.  Anything from Amarie?" She shook her head. "No?  When I mentioned dinner he didn't register what I was talking about. He mumbled something about later and …..   Speak of the elf himself, here he comes. Sit and eat with us. We have to talk about the official Welcome celebration tomorrow night anyway."

Elrond approached them and sat down opposite Erestor.  His face was closed and Sadi was aware of his remote manner. Seeing Elrond seated at the table, a house elf hurried over to serve his lord bringing wine, bread and other necessities. He was followed closely by a second house elf carrying a variety of hot platters of food for their selection.  At Elrond's nod they began serving them.

"Good evening Lady Saeldae, Is not the Lady Amarie dining with us this evening?" Elrond questioned in cool tones.

"No, my lord, after eating in her room she chose a bath and early bed tonight."
Elrond relaxed subtly and smiled at his friend. "I debated that very same thing, but decided I needed to talk to you about several things. I hope we won't bore you Lady Saeldae." He added looking over at her.

"I do not believe that will be a problem my lord. I do enjoy talking about something other than tapestries occasionally." 

Elrond looked nonplussed. "Do you find that difficult?"

"When you are surrounded by weavers, my lord, there is seldom anything else that gets discussed." She said tartly.

He chuckled at that, "Sounds as bad as being surrounded by warriors all the time.  Weapons and battles seem to be their subjects of choice. By the way I understand you turned down the quarters we had in mind for you and the Lady Amarie."

"Amarie felt that since we are not family, it would not be appropriate for us to accept them.  However Lord Erestor was kind enough to find some suitable ones over in the wing where his quarters are."

Elrond turned surprised eyes to Erestor, "I didn't think there were any available over there."

Erestor suddenly choked on his wine and took a bit to recover. "Sorry about that." He wiped his mouth on his napkin.  "I finally agreed to let Lord Malen have Dolan's old quarters.  He wasn't using his second bedroom and he really wanted to be up on the second floor. He says there is too much partying on the lower floor."  He looked sheepishly over at Sadi.

"I doubt we will find that a problem." Sadi chuckled, seeing his embarrassment  "After the quiet life we have led until now, a little noise will be appreciated."

She turned back to Elrond, "By the way my lord, I understand your recent trip was a complete success."

Elrond nodded and pointed a fork at Erestor, "It was all do with our friend here who had an excellent solution to a very thorny problem." Erestor took a pseudo bow in his chair and looked suitably modest.

Both Elrond and Sadi burst out laughing and raised their glasses of wine in a mock toast to him.

After they finished eating, they adjourned to the Hall of Fire where several elves had gathered with an assortment of musical instruments. Finding some comfortable chairs off to one side of the huge fireplace, they watched and listened to the impromptu musical underway. At one point Elrond leaned close to Sadi.

"My Lady, I believe I may have located an old acquaintance of yours when I was up Tithen Lanthir, Tauron of Hethufalus.  He asked if the elves from Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain had arrived and said he hoped to travel down here before firith to see Lady Saeldae."

Sadi' face registered shock and turned white, "I have not heard that name in nearly fifteen hundred years, my lord."

"Is he well?" She asked apprehensively, "Does he have a family?"

He studied her face carefully before answering gently. "He wore no ring either silver or gold and he was lodged in the barracks." Elrond asked her,  "He meant something at one time?"

Sadi stared at him taken aback at the question. She pushed back into her chair and picked at a piece of her skirt with restless hands.  Finally she responded in a soft voice, "We were pledged but my sister's family needed me and his duties took him far from me. We could have waited but he was impatient.  We agreed it was not the time for us and returned our betrothal rings. After that we gradually lost track of one another. Tauron, here."  Sadi whispered staring straight ahead into the dying fire.

Elrond and Erestor exchanged glances and Elrond quirked a brow in an unspoken question. Erestor nodded and they exchanged grins hidden behind their lifted hands.

As the music ended and the others drifted away, Elrond, Erestor and Sadi rose from their chairs and bade each other good night.  Sadi, still unsettled from Elrond's news, wandered slowly off to the new quarters.

Watching her go Elrond turned to his friend and commented, "This may mean a wedding next iavas."  As he departed for his rooms, Erestor muttered softly to himself, "Maybe not."



Tauron- forester
firith -"leaf-fall," autumn between October and November
Tithen Lanthir- Little waterfall
Hethufalus-foggy beach
iavas - late summer between August and October
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain –House Of A Thousand Jewelled Threads

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