In Dreams: 36. Shall We Dance?

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36. Shall We Dance?

Chapter Thirty-Six
                Shall We Dance?

While the crowd cleared the dining room Elrond remained standing at the head table along with Amarie.  He concentrated on examining the Echuir tapestry that had been her gift to him at the banquet.

Elrond cleared his throat and faced her. "It is a very generous gift."

"As was yours, My Lord." She could not meet his gaze afraid of what she would see there and what he would be able to read in hers.

"Lady Amarie," he started again hesitantly, "I am not sure how or why we got off to such a bad start, but I would like to begin again."

She nodded her head, unable to speak at first. "My Lord, I apologize for my distance attitude, I cannot explain it, but my apology is sincere and I hope you will accept it."

Before he could reply there was a disturbance in the hall outside the entrance to the dinning room.  They both turned to see what caused it and Elrond smiled broadly as his  ionnarh Elladan and Elrohir, came barrelling through the doors. 

"Ada," called Elladan, "What have we missed?"

"Yes, Ada, What are you celebrating?"  Elrohir grinned at them. "And who is this lovely elleth?"
"Lady Amarie, these two rapscallions are my ionnath Elladan and Elrohir."

"Ionnath nin, This is Lady Amarie, Mistress of Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain. And this evening we welcomed Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain to Imladris."

"May we add our welcome My Lady? We would be most happy to be of service in any way you see fit." Elrohir murmered.

She smiled as both sketched formal bows and responded with one of her own. "My Lords, I have heard so much about you," then added,  "and have been warned!"

Elrond smothered a grin at their indignant expressions. 

Elrohir with a pained expression addressed her, "My Lady, I don't know what you have been told, but I assure you we are the epitome of proper elfdom."

She merely raised an eyebrow as their father chuckled.

Turning back towards the table Elrohir groaned noting that all of the food had been cleared away. "Ada, was there nothing left?  We are both starved."

Following his brother's glance Elladan spotted the tapestry. "Ada, this looks like one of those you have up in your sitting room.

"It is the long missing fourth season," Elrond confirmed. "It was a gift from the artisans of Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain this evening."

Elrohir turned back to Amarie, "It was your grandmother who created them was it not? They have always been a favorite of my father's and we often wondered why there was no fourth."

Before she could reply Elrond interrupted firmly, "Ionnath nin, there was plenty of food left over and if you visit the kitchens, I am sure you will have your usual luck in conning the cooks out of all you want.  After that, when you have cleaned yourselves up you may join us in the Hall of Fire."

Looking down at their cloths, Elrohir sighed regretfully, "Sorry Ada, we just didn't expect to get back this late and thought we could grab something to eat before getting cleaned up and retiring for the night."

"You need not join us then if you are too tired." Elrond replied.

Looking at each other, then at Amarie, both chorused, "We are not that tired."

"Then go," he urged. "Eat and we will see you later."

"Lady Amarie, we will join you in a short while."  Elladal waved at her as they exited toward the kitchen.

"I bet they kept everyone jumping when they were young ellyn," Amarie grinned at their departure.

Elrond laughed, "They still do, My Lady.  Let me have the tapestry and the carving sent up to our respective rooms and then perhaps you will allow me to escort you to the Hall of Fire."

"I would like that very much. My Lord."

 Erestor and Sadi were seated over near the doors that led to the terrace.  They looked up as Elrond escorted Amarie into the noisy room pausing to look for someone. Standing up Erestor waved to gain their attention. Spotting them, Elrond nodded towards them as he lowered his head to Amarie to alert her to their location. She turned smiling and seeing them waved back.  It took them some time to work their way across the room through the crowd. Amarie was very conscious of Elrond's hand on her lower back as he guided her through the many small groups of elves eager to welcome her and greet their lord.

Two nearby chairs were quickly vacated and moved over near to those occupied by Erestor and Sadi. Elrond bowed his head to acknowledge his thanks to the ellons and seated both Amarie and himself so that they could watch those dancing.

"Elrohir and Elladan have returned," Elrond commented to Erestor. "I expect they will be here shortly and up to their usual antics." Erestor rolled his eyes.

As the music started up Elrond looked at Amarie, "Would you care to dance, My Lady? If we do not do it now I am afraid you will find yourself at the mercy of ionnath nin and I will be relegated to watch!"
"Yes my lord, I would like that very much."

Erestor signalled Lindir to play the slow romantic melodies they had discussed earlier. As Elrond and Amarie moved out onto the floor, Erestor exchange grins with Sadi. "Now that is progress," he commented pleased. "Would you care to dance?"

Sadi smiled and rose giving him her hand.

"Too bad the gwanur have shown up." Erestor sighed, "They will be monopolising her for the rest of the evening and he will allow it.
As it happened, Elrond didn't. After letting them partner Amarie exactly twice each, Elrond claimed her for himself for the rest of the evening. 

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