In Dreams: 37. After A Dance Part 2

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37. After A Dance Part 2

Chapter Thirty-Seven

                   After A Dance Part 2

                *    *    *    *    *

Sighing she stretched and then relaxed against her pillows. It was the time of minuial (morrowdim), near dawn and there were no sounds except for the far away rumble of the falls drifting in from beyond the gardens.  The fragrance of late summer flowers scented the air and a soft breeze gently stirred the trees.  It had been a very passionate night and she smiled at the memory of Elrond and his stormy grey eyes. She still found it difficult to realize that he was the elf lord she had brought to life in her dreams. Even harder was the fact at how close to the real thing the dream was to the reality.

"Good minuial, lirimaer, Amarie nin," the smoky voice spoke from the bathing chamber door.
She sat up and smiled at her elf lord. "Meleth nin, Elrond nin, ind nin, I had expected you to have returned to the world beyond our dreams already."

"I was just preparing to.  I find it difficult to leave your delectable body and warm bed."

He crossed to sit on the bed and pulled her up against his bare chest.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and their mouths melded together as passion flared between them.  His lips were hot and eager and she strained against him welcoming the hard lines of his body. She was on fire for him and him alone.  He reached into and aroused her to depths of feeling she had never known existed. Lost in the sensations of his taste and touch she rained slow languid kisses along his jaw and explored the sensitive tip if his ear with her tongue. She found herself straddling him her bare breasts rubbing against his chest and her sex riding his arousal.

Grasping her hips he lifted her and pulled her forward. "Lirimaer, I want you now."

She plunged down. It was mind blowing. She set the pace, Hard. Fast. Her bottom pushed against his thighs with his hips rising to match hers. Each thrust; each plunge took them closer to reaching the stars and spinning into the universe of their own making.  He rose with her as she soared and lost herself in the sensations that rocked their dream world.

"Lirimaer, I am very reluctant but I must return now to the real world," He whispered as he nuzzled a pert breast. "Before long they will be at my door and pulling me into it."

She arched under his lips and sighed, "I know, but I must warn you I will be fighting with myself to keep from throwing myself at you when we meet for breakfast. It grows harder and harder to maintain any distance. "

Bending over to whisper in her ear, he nuzzled her cheek.  "Amarie, lirimaer, do you not know I have fallen in love with you?  I need you, I hunger for you so much that I find myself becoming aroused when just thinking of you."  He laughed shaking his head.  "It is a good thing my robes cover any embarrassing points."

Joining in his mirth, she reached up and kissed his chin. "Meleth nin, do you know how often I find myself drenched responding to thoughts and day dreams of you and what we have shared here? My only sanity is that this is of my creation.  You will only think I am mad and ignore my reactions there in the real world."

Catching her hands he placed kisses on each one and rose from the bed. Looking around for his cloths he chuckled noting how tossed around the room they were.  Collecting them he stepped first in to his leggings and paused when he felt warm arms wrap from behind and tug at the lacing.

"Lirimer," he warned sternly.  A giggle erupted from her as he turned and pulled her hands from his waist. Her eyes were teasing and he had to laugh at her smiling face.

"Uthaes nin." He pleaded, "Do not make this any more difficult then it has to be."

"Yes, My Lord," she replied meekly and totally unrepentant.

He slipped on his boots and reached for his under robe only to find her hiding it behind her very nude body. "You are determined to be obstinate are you not?"

"Yes My lord," she laughed up at him.

With a wicked grin he grabbed her and kissed her hard.  Pulling the robe from her hands he let her go and she tumbled back against the bed laughing.  Swiftly putting it on, he picked up the sash and outer robe and once more hauled her up against him. With a tortured moan he kissed her laughing face hard then put her from him and moved quickly to the balcony door where he paused.

"I have not had to sneak home since I was a very ellon nith," he grinned, "This is rather exhilarating!" and then he was gone.

Standing there she touched her lips and smiled. How she loved him! . She had found what she didn't even known she had been hunting for. She moved to the balcony door and watched as the gardens were flooded with the morning sun. With a reluctant sigh she turned and moved back into the room to the bathing chamber. A few of her muscles were protesting and a hot bath would be most welcome. This had been a most wonderful dream.



Meleth nin- my beloved
lirimaer-lovely one
minuial.  Morrowdim - the time near dawn, when the star fades
ind nin-my heart
uthaes nin – my temptation
ellen nith – young male elf

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