In Dreams: 43. A Confession and A Declaration

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43. A Confession and A Declaration

Chapter Forty-Three

         A Confession and A Declaration

Erestor nervously crossed the hall to Sadi and Amarie's rooms. Knocking on the door he was relieved when Sadi answered.

"Can you talk?"  He asked her softly.

Sadi shook her head. "Amarie is reading in her room."

"Can you join me in the garden? It's important."

"Give me five minutes and I will meet you over by the small fountain." Erestor nodded and Sadi closed the door.

Sadi paused at the entrance to Amarie's room, "Penneth, I am going outside to gather some flowers from the garden. I should be back in a short while."

"Do you want me to come with you?" Amarie looked up from the book of history she was reading.

"No, pen vuil, there is no reason to interrupt your concentration for this." Amarie nodded and returned to her study of Imladris history.

Sadi paused at the door leading out onto the garden. She located Erestor pacing up and down behind a row of tall bushes screening him from the main house. "You look worried."

Startled, he came to a quick halt and gestured for her to join him.  "Not worried exactly, just a number of things coming to a head sooner than I expected." Taking her hand he led her to a bench half hidden between the hedges.

"Please sit down, I have some things I need to discuss with you." He did not release her hand and looked down intently at her.

Sadi shifted uneasily. "Has something happened?"

Sighing he nodded. "The first thing is that Lord Celeborn is coming in a few weeks and will remain until echuir, however I am not really too concerned about that. He will like Amarie, of that I have no doubt. No, it something much more personal."

"Erestor, you are frightening me, what is it my friend?"

"Sadi, is that all I am? A friend?" he asked quietly.

Sadi looked up at his serious face for a long minute before replying, "You are more then a friend and you know it. I have become very fond of you but you have never indicated that you were prepared for anything more." She paused, "What has happened that brought this up now so suddenly."

"Your friend Tauron is on his way and will be here before tomorrow night. I had hoped for a little more time for us to become better acquainted but this has made that impossible."

"Erestor, I am confused. Are you telling me you were planning on courting me?"

He nodded. "I had never thought at this time of my life I would find someone with whom I was so comfortable with, whom I liked so much," he grinned,  "and yes, even enjoyed plotting with.  I know that deep affection is an important part of such a relationship, but I was hoping for more time for that to come. I sensed it was developing between us, but I suspected you needed to get Amarie settled first before you would commit to it. Now that Tauron is coming I felt I had to say something to let you know how I felt. "

Sadi sat very still as she tried to fully comprehend what he had just said. Choosing her words carefully she looked up at him and patted the bench besides her urging him to sit beside her.

Sadi took both of Erestor's hands in hers. "I have liked and respected you since I first we met. We think alike in a lot of ways and your humor is contagious. My affection for you has likewise grown. Whether it will lead to more serious things I cannot yet know. Like you I had not expected to find someone I would want to share my life with. I only know I too would like the opportunity to explore it."

"As for him, I have not seen nor heard from Tauron for fifteen hundred years. I consider it highly unlikely that he is going to profess his undying love for me and propose a bonding at this point. And even if he did, I do not think I could accept. There has been too much time since we were together and we parted on somewhat unsettled terms. I do not know what he desires of me, but I will hear him out. I feel I owe him that at least."

Erestor nodded, "I agree, but I had to say something before he got here, to let you know how I felt and what I hoped for."

"Somehow, you having to declare your intentions so precipitously seems out of character for you." Sadi smiled mischievously.

Erestor grinned back and waggled his eyebrows, "Do you want to know my current intentions?"

She started to laugh at his outrageous expression and stopped at the intense, heated look on his face. Erestor slipped his arms around Sadi and gently pulled her toward him. Resting her hands on his chest, she looked directly into his eyes, "I think I would like that very much, very much indeed."

Erestor smiled and bending over kissed her thoroughly. "Then for a start, I would like to invite you to dinner in my rooms this evening and we can discuss this more in private.  We have some additional plotting to do in any event, there is no reason why we can't add to our enjoyment along the way."

Sadi suddenly blushed and giggled like a young elleth, "Why all of the sudden do I feel I should be checking over my shoulder for my ada to come charging out and demanding to know what your intentions are?"

He grew serious again. "Once all of this had settled down, May I tell Elrond about us?"
Sadi chuckled, "If you think he needs to know and has not guessed by then."

"He is so involved with Amarie, I doubt he would notice even if I laid you down on the desk in the library and had my way with you right under his nose."

Sadi laughed up at him, "Is that a plan of action we should consider?"

"Maybe…… maybe. We could get some practice in this evening if you think it would help with such a performance."

Sadi gave him a demur look and winked.

Penneth –young one
Pen vuil dear one
Tauron- forester


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