In Dreams: 45. A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

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45. A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

Chapter Forty-Five
Elrond stared moodily out the windows at the mists rising and curling over the gardens after an early morning rain. He had spent the past two hours waiting to discuss an important matter with Erestor.  For the first time since he could remember he was not in the office when Elrond arrived.  He had not been down for breakfast either.  It was possible that something was wrong and worriedly he stood up to go check on his long time friend.  He was stopped as a cheerful Erestor bustled into the room a huge grin on his face.

"Good morning, My Lord. Isn't it a beautiful day?" he buried his nose momentarily in a small bouquet of yellow roses he carried then moved over to pour water from a pitcher on a nearby table into a glass. Placing the roses in it he crossed over to his desk and placed them carefully on the side then stood back to admired them. Turning back to Elrond his smile faltered when he saw the frown on his friend's face.

"Has something happened, Elrond? Has there been an attack, an accident or something?" he said worriedly. He turned back to the desk and started sorting through the piles of papers stacked there.  "Did I overlook or miss something important that needed attending to? I swear I took care of everything earlier this week and I am not aware of anything new showing up."

Elrond reached out to touch his arm, "Easy, meldir, I was merely concerned when you didn't come down for breakfast nor were you in the office early as usual.  I wanted to discuss something with you."

Erestor looked somewhat embarrassed before answering. "I guess I just needed to sleep later than usual this morning."

Elrond studied his friend for a long moment, amused by his somewhat unsettled state. "You are entitled to do so whenever you desire."  He smiled, "You have spoiled me with your dedication to work and your dependability on being here whenever I needed you. I am afraid I have often taken advantage of that."

Erestor looked back in surprised, "Elrond, I have never felt taken advantage of. The facts that I have your trust and that you allow me complete freedom in the organizing and management of Imladris means a great deal to me."

Growing thoughtful, Elrond was silent for a time as he studied Erestor through narrowed eyes. "I realize that you have dedicated your whole life to me and to Imladris. Has there never been anyone who tempted you to share your life beyond this?"

"Honestly?  Up till now I can say no." Erestor turned back to the desk and started reviewing the day's schedule.

"I take it that means that there is someone now, perhaps the charming Lady Saeldae?" Elrond queried.

"Perhaps, but there are other things that must occupy my attention at the moment like Lord Celeborn's visit.  And I believe the lady has another suitor she must deal with before she and I would be free to pursue any sort of relationship freely."

"For what it is worth my friend, I would totally approve of such a match. I like her and feel she would be good for you. You both are much alike right down to the way you plot and manage me. I suspect she does the same for Amarie."

Startled Erestor looked over at his friend and lord, "I certainly manage your schedule, if that is what you are referring too. Otherwise I don't know what you mean," His face now a study in innocence.

"I am referring to the fact that her rooms are now across the garden facing mine, the many opportunities that Amarie and I seem to find ourselves alone together, the romantic music the other evening, certain warnings passed on to the twins and even Arwen taking weaving lessons from Amarie. I also understand that Arwen sent her grandfather a note encouraging him to come spend the winter here with us."


"How did I know? My dear friend, I have known you far too long not to see what you were up to from the beginning. How you knew of my interest in Amarie I don't know but your apparent lack of interference was a certain indicator that there were behind the scene machinations going on.  Besides I received a question from Galadriel wanting to know who Amarie was and why Celeborn was needed here."

"How…..? Oh, the usual way I gather."

Elrond nodded. "Yes, and I told her everything."

"Dare I ask what her reaction was?"

"Well she wasn't particularly surprised. What little she knows of Amarie is favorable and so is her first response. She is pleased that the children like and approve of her. She will wait though for Celeborns opinion before giving final endorsement. She expected, or rather hoped, that I would find someone eventually. She said it had been too long a time for anyone to be alone." Elrond looked over his steepled fingers at his friend.

"If your discussion got that far with her then you must also be aware of Lady Amarie's concerns about your family's reaction to her involvement with you. She is terrified that the Lady Galadriel will disapprove and take action that would harm the workshops and her people."

"I mentioned Amarie's concerns. Galadriel approved. She feels such concerns and willingness to put her people's well being above her own desires speaks well for her.  She did say one thing I found rather strange though."  Elrond fell silent as he pondered over the strange path their conversation had taken at that point.

Erestor sat down in the chair across from Elrond and waited quietly for him to continue.

Finally looking up, Elrond said, "She said I have a very powerful ally who approves of the match and she was nearly knocked out when she received the message."

"Was she looking into her mirror in the glade?" 

Elrond shook his head. "I don't think so.  From her comments, she believes it was the voice of one of the maiars, or even one of the Valar speaking."

Erestor sat in shocked silence as he considered the implication of that. "That might explain why you two seemed to know each other so well so quickly."

Elrond shifted uneasily in his chair, "There were other reasons, but I am not prepared to share them with you right now, if ever." He sighed heavily and rubbed his brow.

A knock on the door interrupted their conversation.

"Enter," called Elrond

"Good morning my lords." Amarie smiled at them both then looked directly at Elrond.

Elrond immediately smiled and rose to his feet, "Good morning, Amarie nin." His eyes told her that he held the memory of their last dream in his thoughts. She too remembered.

Erestor cleared his throat, "If you don't mind, I have some things to attend to in the library." Looking at both of them he chuckled and quietly left the room shaking his head.  Neither of them noted his passing.

"Lirimaer, I am happy to see you, did you sleep well?" Elrond moved to pull her into his arms.

Amarie placed a hand on his chest, "Elrond…….," she closed her eyes and shuddered.

"What has happened, why are you distressed?"

Pulling back she handed him a wrapped bundle. Puzzled he looked at her then took the bundle and unwrapped it.   For a long moment he stared at it. It was his mithril headdress.

"I misplaced this a while ago, where did you find it?"

"On the floor behind my desk."

"That is not possible, I have never worn it in your rooms."

She looked at him with mute distress. "When is the last time you remember wearing it meleth nin?"

Pausing, he thought back, "The night of the banquet." He smiled, "I also think I wore it when I came to your room in our dreams and we undressed each…..other….."  His voice trailed off and his eyes locked with hers as realization hit.  "The dreams have become reality."

She nodded and he pulled her back into his arms, "Ind nin, I do not regret it, I have  spent too many nights alone in my bed wishing you were there with me. I only wonder when these wonderful dreams became reality."

He lifted her chin with a gentle hand. "We have had over two hundred years of dreams, it is time we welcome the change. We have much to discuss and many plans to make. But first I long to taste you." He lowered his face to hers and took her mouth in the first of a series of long passionate kisses.

ind nin-my heart 

lirimaer-lovely one

meleth nin-my beloved 


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