In Dreams: 49. Awaiting Judgement

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49. Awaiting Judgement

Chapter 49

                 Awaiting Judgment

"Ada," called Arwen as she entered Elrond's sitting room, "daerada is crossing over the bridge now. He should be here shortly." She paused when she found the room empty.

    "Ada?" She entered the empty bedchamber and knocked on the door of the bathing chamber. "Ada, are you there?"  There was no answer. Arwen frowned and retraced her steps into the sitting room and crossed to the balcony. She spotted Elrond below in his private garden where he sat speaking with Amarie. She hesitated to interrupt them but knew Elrond would want to greet his former father in law upon his arrival.  She also was reluctant knowing how nervous Amarie was over the impending visit.

 "Ada," she called down, "Elrohir and Elladan are escorting visitors up from the bridge. Erestor suggest you join him to greet them."

Elrond looked up at his daughter and understood her somewhat cryptic announcement. He nodded and turned back to Amarie. "Duty calls." He sighed, "I will have to go, lirimaer, Will you join me for dinner?"

Amarie sighed too, her face white and tense, "No, meleth nin, You will need to deal with your father in law and I am not quite ready to face him for the first time quite so publicly as in the dining room.

"Amarie, you do not need to worry." He took her hands in his. "Celeborn is here as much to enjoy some time with his daer hin and party with old friends as inspect you." Elrond explained once again patiently.

She looked up into his kind eyes and smiled embarrassed, "I know, meleth nin, but you have dealt with such great lords all of your life. I have only done so for the past laer and then I fell in love with him."

He shook his head in reluctant amusement and gathered her into his arms tenderly. "Very well, ind nin, but I would come to you later if you will allow it."

"Need you ask?" She lifted her face and kissed him quickly, "now go and greet Lord Celeborn as a proper son in law should. We should give him no cause to disapprove of his welcome." She gently pushed him towards the balcony stairs. "I will eat in my rooms this evening and wait for you there no matter how late the hour."

Reluctantly he turned and started up the stairs. Stopping at the top he turned and looked back at her. "It may be very late, Celeborn will want to talk."

"I suspect he will, meleth nin, but you must stay and deal with it as long as you are needed." She waved at him and turned towards the gate that led towards the path to her rooms.

Elrond grinned and entered his rooms, quickly checked his robes, frowned at a grass stain, then shrugged. Celeborn didn't stand on ceremony so he wasn't concerned. He paused a moment then grinned and placed his "official" head dress on. Wouldn't hurt to be just a bit cautious, he thought and went to meet his former father in law.

The small party of horsemen clattered through the main gate of the last homely house followed closely by Elrond's sons. Coming to a stop they waited for Elrond to joined Erestor and Arwen at the bottom of the porch steps  and greet their guests. Erestor nodded to his lord and noting the headdress chuckled.

"Being careful, are we?" he queried through a wide smile. Elrond merely lifted his eyebrow and turned to the arriving riders.

Their leader, a tall elf with silver blond hair and grey blue eyes, greeted Elrond with a wave and a grin. "Mae govannen, Elrond nin, it is good to see you.

"Mae govannen, Celeborn, you are welcome as always," Elrond returned the grin. "The stock of miruvor awaits your attention and the usual rooms are ready for you. I have cleared all official activities off the calendar and the family is standing by to join in your plans."

Celeborn dismounted and rubbed his horse's muzzle, whispering his thanks into a flicking ear. The horse nuzzled his chest then turned to follow the rest of the now departing equines eager for grain and a good rub down awaiting them in the stables.

Celeborn embraced his laughing daer iell and met Elrond's amused eyes. "Well meldir, where is this mysterious elleth?"

"Daeradar," interjected Arwen, "you will meet her soon, but you should know she is terrified of you and daernaneth."

 "What have you been telling her that frightens her?"  He frowned down at Arwen and then at Elrond.

Elrond chuckled, "We have reassured her numberless times, but Galadriel's reputation preceded you both and Amarie is unused to dealing with 'such great lords' as she says."  Growing serious for a moment, he went on. "She has led a sheltered life until now buried in the rather remote village where her daerodhron established Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain all the millennia ago. She would have still been there had not the yrch activity increased to such unsafe levels. Be patient meldir, you will meet her soon and we will talk more in detail later."

Celeborn nodded and turned to the tall blond march warden standing behind him. "Haldir, meldir, get settled in your quarters and relax for a few days before you return to Lorien. I will have some messages for you to carry back when you depart, but until then enjoy yourself."  Looking over at his daer ions sternly, he added, "And you two are not to involve any of my warriors in your usual pranks."

Their grins disappeared at their daerada's warning and they looked apologetically at Haldir. "Sorry, meldir, guess that means no hunting or visits to the village."
Haldir grinned and shrugged his broad shoulders. He was familiar with the gwanur and their pranks. He had no doubts that they would ignore their daerada's warning before the day was through and he was looking forward to the fun.

Elrond and Celeborn entered the main house arm in arm followed by Arwen and Erestor. Looking at his former son in law he noted the headdress, "Are you expecting other important visitors meldir nin? Should I put something a little more formal on to greet them, too?"

Erestor chuckled as Elrond looked uncomfortable. "I believe, Lord Celeborn, you are the important visitor he was expecting."

Celeborn smirked, "Me? My, my, my, he must really be worried! Maybe I should make him sweat for a while, metaphorical speaking, since elves don't sweat.  Relax, Elrond, unless she is the daughter of Sauron himself, we won't object. The hin like her and we trust their instincts."

Elrond groaned. It was going to be a long evening.

gwanue-brothers  a set of twins
ada- father
Bar-Meneg-Mir-Lain -house of a thousand jeweled threads
daer hin-grandchildren
daer iell-granddaughter

daer ions-grandsons

ind nin-my heart
lirimaer-lovely one
meleth nin -beloved


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