In Dreams: 51. Do I Have To?

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51. Do I Have To?

Chapter Fifty-One

              Do I Have To?

Amarie awoke feeling slightly ill to her stomach knowing what she faced later that morning.  She ignored it and stretched luxuriously and turned over to the other side of the bed. She smiled as she saw a yellow rose enclosed in a note lying on the indented pillow beside her. She had not expected he would remain with her beyond minuial since they had been careful not to reveal the depth of their relationship to the others of their family and friends just yet and the dented pillow and the rose indicated he had come to her late after she had fallen asleep. Reaching for the rose she placed a soft kiss on it knowing he would have done the same as he left it there. Picking up the note she read the few lines.

        Meleth nin,
I regret that I had to depart before you awakened, but I thought
it best to return to my rooms before the others arrived.  Celeborn will
be joining me for breakfast there. Please join us as soon as you are up and dressed. He is eager to meet you. I have told him everything concerning our relationship and he was neither surprised nor displeased. He is eager to reassure you of that himself and that you are most welcome to the family. Until then ind nin.

In spite of the reassuring words, Amarie still felt a feeling of queasiness in the pit of her stomach. Sighing, she rose and headed towards the bathing chamber. As she entered her stomach revolted and she barely made it to the water closet before the remaining contents of last night's dinner were violently emptied.

After rinsing out her mouth, she turned to the tub and turned on the water. As it filled she returned to her bedroom to select an appropriate dress for this most important meeting. Finally she chose a soft yellow silk that matched the rose he had left on her pillow. Quickly bathing and dressing, she brushed out her hair and braided the sides drawing them back and fastening them with a clip her daernaneth had given her on a begetting day long ago. Taking the rose she tucked it behind an ear and studied her reflection in the mirror over the small storage chest.

"You look quite beautiful this morning, penneth. What is the special occasion?" Sadi stood in the door to the sitting room.

Startled, Amarie turned quickly and again her stomach became unsettled. Grabbing the edge of the chest  she steadied her self and lowered her head swallowing several times.

"Penneth, what is wrong?" Sadi moved swiftly to her side and grasped her shoulders.

Amarie laughed weakly, "I am joining Elrond and Lord Celeborn for breakfast shortly, and no matter what I tell my self, my stomach will not settle down. It continues to protest against it."

"I have a pot of tea and some sweet breads in my room, perhaps a cup would help settle it and a small piece of the bread might make you feel better."

"The tea sounds wonderful, but I think the bread might be a bad idea."

"Very well, but come with me and sit for a while. It is still early and you have plenty of time before you need to go."    Sadi led her from the bedroom and settled her in a chair in the sitting room with the tea.

A short time later with her stomach finally reaching some semblance of settling, Amarie walked slowly down the hall of  the staff wing and crossed to the family wing. Dawdling, she took her time climbing the stairs and walking down the hall to the carved doors of Elrond's rooms. Reaching out and touching one of the carved flowers, she took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

After a short pause it was opened not by Elrond but by a tall blue-eyed blond ellon who studied her with a solemn face that quickly lit with a broad smile.

"You can only be Amarie, the elleth that has captured the hearts of Elrond and all his hin." Taking her hand he drew her into the room and shut the door after her.  Turning back to her, he continued studying her and frowned as he noted her white face. "There is no need to fear me, my dear, rest assured both Galadriel and I want only our children's happiness.  If Elrond and you love each other, then that is the most important thing." He grinned and shook his head. "I do not think she would dare oppose you in any event. There are forces at work here beyond us and we cannot ignore them."

Amarie drew a deep breath and gave him a weak smile. "I will admit I was not looking forward to a meeting that could prove difficult My Lord. Your lady's and your approval was most important to me. I could not continue if either of you disapproved."

"I told you ind nin that there would be no problem," Elrond grinned as he entered from his bedroom and crossed to stand behind her. He drew her backwards into his arms  and rested his head on hers. Looking across at Celeborn he chuckled, "He really isn't very frightening, now that you have met each other, is he?"

"He may not be frightening to you, meleth nin, but he is still your father-in- law, and the lady your mother-in-law. They could make things very uncomfortable if they so choose." Celeborn watched the by-play with amusement.

Elrond arms slipped lower to enclose  her waist and resting one of his hands on the curve of her stomach. "Well I won't let them………,"  he stopped. Turning her in the circle of his arms, he gazed into her startled eyes, "Meleth nin," he paused, his face reflecting deep emotion, "Ind nin, this is wonderful, I could not hope for greater news."

Bewildered Amarie looked up at him, "I am happy it pleases you meleth nin but you were expecting it."

Elrond paused then he smiled at her and drew her into a tight embrace, "It isn't quite what I expected, ind nin, but it bodes well for our future."

"Well if you two do not mind, I am hungry and breakfast awaits," Celeborn waved at the set table by the windows.

Bending his head he whispered in her ear, "We will talk of this later."

She nodded and he led her to the table and settled her in her chair before moving around  to his own.  For the rest of the meal, he found himself smiling and he watching her with shining eyes.

meleth nin- my beloved
minuial* [min_uj._l]  n.  morrowdim', the time near dawn, when the stars fade
ind nin-my heart
penneth-young one

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