In Dreams: 55. You Are Teasing, Arn't You?

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55. You Are Teasing, Arn't You?

Even as the effects of the power accompanying the maia's visit died away, the sound of running feet echoed in the hall outside of Elrond's rooms. There was a pounding on the door and before either Elrond or Amarie could respond, Glorfindel thrust opened the door and charged in closely followed by Erestor and the twins all armed and swords at the ready.

"Elrond, are you alright?" Glorfindel demanded as he moved to the open door of the balcony then turned and surveyed the room for any danger.

"Yes, ada, what has happened? What caused all that shaking?" Elrohir pushed past Glorfindel to form a protective barrier next to his father and Amarie. Elladan remained near the door to prevent the approach of any danger from that direction.

Erestor moved to cover the entrance to the bedroom. "Meldir nin," he called over his shoulder, "Has there been some sort of an attack?"

Amarie and Elrond stood speechless staring at all of them. Noting the various stages of undress among the would-be protectors, Elrond could only shake his head in amusement. Before either of them could reply to any of the elves another answered for them.

"Melders nin," came the voice of Celeborn as he entered from the hall, "We have had a very powerful visitor this night." He looked over to Elrond for confirmation and at his nod, chuckled. "I believe we have been the recipient of the attention of one of the Valar themselves." All heads swivelled back expectantly to the still stunned couple standing in the middle of the room.

Before answering Elrond turned to Amarie and led her to the chair next to the fireplace. With a tender smile he touched her face, "Come ind nin, sit here and rest." Then he faced his protective wall of friends, "It was the maia, Ilmare, sent by the Lord Manwe and the Lady Varda themselves," he confirmed.

"Will you share her purpose with us?" Erestor asked hesitantly. "If it is not forbidden."

Elrond exchanged looks with Amarie and both broke into laughter.  "Yes melder nin, we will. It seems Amarie and I have the Valar's blessing on our union. And I ask you to now witness the exchange of our betrothal rings, if you will."

"Ada?" Elrohir and Elladan both moved to stand next to their father and Amarie, "We are pleased that Amarie will join our family. I know Arwen will be just as pleased."

"I will speak for myself, gwanurs nin, thank you." Arwen yawned as she entered the room. "Amarie I am glad that there will be another elleth in the family here to help me manage these ellon. They need the strong gentle touch of us to do so. Was it really a maia, ada?"

"Yes, penneth, it was."

She chuckled as he grinned at her. "Well if we are going to witness the exchange of rings, then you had best get to it. I for one would like to return to my bed before it gets cold." She looked over at Amarie with a lifted eyebrow in perfect imitation of her father and said rather dryly "I suspect you would like some privacy to consider the implication of this momentous event."

At her comment, Amarie blushed a deep red and the others exchanged amused looks.

Elrond moved to his desk and removed a small dark blue velvet bag from the middle drawer. Opening it he emptied it's content into his hand and returned to Amarie's side. Drawing her to her feet, he looked into her eyes and handed her the ring meant for him. Lifting her hand up he placed a kiss on it and then slipped a silver band on her finger.

"Amarie, ind nin, I ask you to join with me and be my wife."

Smiling with great joy, she placed the ring on his finger. "Elrond, Lord of my heart, I will. Will you also agree to join with me as my husband, meleth nin?"

"With all my fea, meleth nin." At that, he embraced and kissed her soundly. Laughing, they both turned to family and friends again. Elrond continued, "I thank you for witnessing this, but I must tell you that we do not intend to wait the usual year before exchanging these bands for gold ones. There are reasons why it is necessary but I do not intend to reveal what those are just now." He added, "With you to protect me and mine, we are truly blessed to have such loving and caring members among my family and friends. Now it is very late and there will be much to do to arrange a small betrothal celebration tomorrow. May you rest well until then."

"Very well, meldir, but we expect more information on this visit," grumbled Erestor as he ambled out the door followed by the silent Glorfindel who had been watching his lord with an intent gaze.

"Hin, will you remain a moment longer please?" he asked them.

"Celeborn, meldir nin, will you join me for breakfast? There is something I would share with you." Celeborn studied his son in law intently for a moment before nodding and turning to follow the other two elves out of the room, closing the door after.

Elrond crossed to the table where a carafe of miruvor stood and frowned when he noted the shortage of glasses. "Elrohir, would you get another couple of glasses off the chest in the bedroom next to the large bookcase?"

Elrohir looked at his brother and sister worriedly before nodding and going into the next room to do so. When he had rejoined them, they all looked at their father with concern written all over their faces. When Elrond looked up from pouring the mirovor and noted their expressions, he shook his head. "Hin, there is nothing to cause concerned, rather there is something for you to rejoice in." He hesitated, "I was not prepared to share all of the maia's visit with the others just yet since it concerned only family. I will share it with your grandfather in the morning."

"Ada?" all three hin began at once, then stopped as he smiled at them and passed out the mirovor.

" The maia allowed your mother and I to talk, hin nin. She is well and sends her love. She misses you and her parents. She also told me she has been blessed to find her mate and is very happy. She only waits for your presence to complete her joy."

The three hin sat in stunned silence before erupting in excited questions.
Did she ask about us? Are you sure she is fully recovered? What did she say about her mate? Was there any concern with your and Amarie's joining?"

Elrond lifted his hand to halt their interrogation. "Hin, we were only granted a short few words and even that was a great blessing. No one else has been so honored before that I am aware of. I have told you every thing we said other than her blessing to Amarie and me. I wish it had been more, but it was not."

Arwen turned to Amarie, "Did you hear her also?" she pleadingly asked.

Amarie shook her head, "I am sorry Arwen, I think it was meant for your father alone."

Arwen nodded. "I am happy to learn this at least. Ada, now you can finally stop feeling guilty and start being happy."

"I know penneth," Elrond agreed, "it is a great weight off my mind."

Elladan had been quietly studying both his father and Amarie, "Ada, do you and Amarie plan to have other hin?"

Startled, Elrond turned to his son, "That will be between Amarie and I."

Elladan smiled, "Well if you do there will have to be some rearranging of the family rooms, since the closest ones are now occupied."

"Are you volunteering to move?" chuckled Arwen.

He looked back at her with a sly grin, "Actually, I was thinking of your rooms since you spend so much time in Lorien with daerada and daernaneth.

Amarie looked at Elrond and in a loud whisper said, "Is this what I have to look forward to when our little elfling arrives?

Elrond sighed resignedly, "Yes, ind nin, I am afraid it is."

Suddenly becoming silent, all three hin looked at the both of them in shock.

ind nin-my heart
meldirs nin-my friends
penneth-young one

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