In Dreams: 58. Well It Started Over Two Hundred Years Ago...

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58. Well It Started Over Two Hundred Years Ago...

Chapter 58

             Well It Started Over Two Hundred Years Ago....

The arrangements for the betrothal ceremony that evening had taken the better part of the day but with the help of Arwen and the kitchen staff everything had come together just before the first guests had arrived. Erestor had been on hand to meet them and Sadi had slipped away to change and check on Amarie's progress in dressing.

While there had been some disappointment expressed at the few invitations issued, most had been quite happy at the announcement of the celebration to take place during the Harvest Festival the next month. From comments made it appeared it would be the liveliest one in many a decade.

The kitchen staff had turned out in full strength to do honor to their lord and his new lady. Delectable baking smells had started filtering out earlier that morning indicating a wealth of sweet and rich pastries and breads would be available for the guests' enjoyment. That afternoon the halls were filled with the delicious, rich odure of venison, duck and pheasant along with accompanying savory sauces. Lastly, the kitchen staff put final touches on platters of fresh fruits and preparing vegetables to be cooked just before they were served.

At Arwen's suggestion the gwanur had been given the responsibility of helping their ada get ready and escort him to the ceremony. She had hoped this might keep their antics to a minimum and asked lord Celeborn to make sure they behaved themselves. Upon arrival at their ada's rooms under the watchful eye of their daerada they were serious and proceeded to help him dress. Elrond watched them both, expecting at some point that there would be something that would interrupt the ceremony itself or the banquet or both. Finally noting the suspicious glances of his ada, Elrohir faced him.

"Ada, I understand your concerns but both Elladan and I know that this is not the time or place for our usual pranks." Elrond simply lifted the eyebrow looking at him and than over at Celeborn.

"There is also the fact that you have the blessings of the Valar on this and who knows what punishment they would meet out if we were to disrupt or otherwise act on our usual impulse." Elrohir continued with a roguish grin, "We could find ourselves turned into dwarfs or even trolls."

Elrond glared at the both of them. "You had both better understand that if you ruin this for Amarie in the slightest way, you will be on stable cleaning detail for the next decade. Is that clear? She is already nervous enough."

"And your daernanath and I will also add to that as well," growled Celeborn.

Both Elrohir and Elladan nodded seriously, "Yes ada, daerada, we understand."

Knowing that Sadi and Erestor would be working on the ceremony arrangements most of the day Arwen had insisted on helping Amarie get ready after she had completed the floral arrangements. When Sadi returned to their rooms and changed, she and Arwen would escort Amarie to the ceremony.

Arwen smiled at Amarie when she opened the door to Arwen's knock.
"Well, are you having any butterflies yet, meldis nin?" as she entered and closed the door behind her.

Amarie laughed, "After everything that has happened over the past few weeks, I cannot even think of anything that would cause them, but I will be glad when this is all over. I just want to go back to being simply me."

At that Arwen frowned. "Do not you know that as the lady of Imladris you will have certain duties to perform, like running the household and acting as hostess?"

"I know there are some things I will have to do," she sighed, " but I have no desire to run the household. Erestor has been doing that very well for millennia and any changes would upset too many people. I am hoping that he and Sadie will continue that responsibility as a duel effort and let me return to the workshops. She hasn't been happy running our two-elf household and with their betrothal and marriage it would seem to be a natural follow on. That is if Erestor will agree to it without feeling badly about it."

Looking at Arwen she paused. "I know you spend a lot of time with your daerada and daernaneth in Lothlorien but I hope that you will also continue to feel that your home is here. You have been the ranking elleth for a long time and I am more than happy to let you continue any hostess duties when you are here. The workshops keep me pretty busy and there will be other things that will require my attention……" she trailed off as she gazed out the windows at the gathering evening shadows.

"Amarie," Arwen started then hesitated and reached out to touch her arm, "Is there something that still troubles you? Is there something I can help with or is there anything you can share with me?" Amarie sniffed and looked at her then burst into tears and could not stop. Arwen pulled her into her arms and held her until the storm had finally passed.

"I am sorry, I seem to do that a lot lately." She blew her nose in the handkerchief Arwen offered. "It just has been so overwhelming, I do not know how all of this could happen to me. All I wanted was to make sure that my artisans and the workshops were safe and doing what they were created to do. I never expected to fall in love with an elf lord in my dreams and then find out it was your father and he was the lord of Imladris. Then there was your daerada and daernaneth to face. I never expected to attract the attention of the Valar or wind up bonding with him and now with a baby……" The tears started again, "Oh dear, I was not to say anything about that." She looked over at Arwen unhappily as she wiped her eyes and blew her nose again.

Suddenly Arwen grinned, "You fell in love with ada in your dreams? I think this is a story you had best tell me all about."

With a watery grin Amarie responded, "Well it all started over two hundred years ago……"

meldis nin-female friend

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