In Dreams: 61. Thoughts Can Be....Interesting?

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61. Thoughts Can Be....Interesting?

Chapter 61

                   Thoughts Can Be...... Interesting?

She stood in the shelter of the weeping willow at the end of her balcony and looked across the garden to his rooms that were still silent and dark. He had not yet returned from that evening's formal dinner and gathering, one of several that had kept him occupied and away from her. She smiled, remembering the mental touches he had sent throughout the day just to let her know when he was thinking of her. She was going to have to learn the technique herself!

*It is not difficult, ind nin. In fact, I have felt you several times today, and
I must admit I am finding it difficult to concentrate knowing you have such
wickedly delicious plans for me. (Chuckle)*

*Ah, you have been listening in on my thoughts, meleth nin.*

*(Smirk) Mmmm.*

*Where are you now? *

*Sitting at the head table eating a boring dinner and listening to a very long-winded boring guest postulating his lord's position. *

*Elrond! These meetings are important! He can't really be that boring."*

*(Sighing) No, I just would rather be with you. I miss your lovely…..*

*(Long delighted silence) Is that how you see me? *


*(Grin) Oh. *

*Meleth? *

*Ind nin? *

*Can you really see what is in my thoughts not just hear them? *

*Yes, yours are particularly clear and colorful. If you concentrate you can
mine as well. *

*You mean if I were to….say….. take a nice hot bath and think about the
way the water was caressing my skin, you could feel it too? *

*Easily. *

*Oh. *

Long thoughtful silence. Very wicked grin.

*What if I…*

*Ah…. You witch! *

*My fingers feel very nice up here and both sides are quite pouty now, just
waiting for your lips, meleth nin. *

*Stop it, I can't concentrate! *

*(Very, very, wicked grin) I know! *

*(Nervous warning) Ind nin, don't go there…*

Long silence.

*But it feels good…
wet ……..
in …………

Very long intense silence.

Celeborn leaned back in his chair, toying with his latest glass of wine and idly glanced around the room, his eyes stopping on Elrond. Cocking his head he watched the face of the usually staid elven lord turn an interesting shade of puce.

*(Swearing) I should have known you would be trouble! *

*(Smirk) Well it is your entire fault. After all who has been my teacher?
And you know you adore my touch as well I do yours. And since you have
neglected me for your duties I just have to use my imagination for comfort.
(Self-righteous expression)*

*(Reluctantly) You know it can't be helped. *

*(Huge sigh) I know, but I just want you to know I miss you. *

*I have missed you too, you know that! But we will have to wait. *

*Then I will just have to use my imagination won't I? With all your
experience you can just close your mind off from me. *

*(Long suffering sigh) It doesn't work that way. As long as you are
thinking about us I will receive them. *

*(Thoughtful) Mmmmm. You mean If I think about doing something with
or to you, you will feel it as if I were there? *

*(Reluctantly) Yes. *

*Can you feel my nibbles on your left ear? *

*Yes. *

*And across your cheek and kiss your mouth? *

*(Pained.) Yes*

*And what about my tongue against yours like this? *


*Interesting! *

*And if I slide my hands around under that tunic from the back and caress
your chest? *

*(Tight jawed) Yes. *

*Hmmmm. Definitely very interesting! *

*Amarie, stop it! *

*If I were to picture kneeling in front of you in that chair with my hands
sliding up under those, oh, so, proper robes, meleth nin, and pushing them
up past your….*


*And if I were to cherish your………and take them into my…….. *

*(Grimly) You…are… so….in.…trouble…..elleth. *

*And then my lips and tongue nibble and lick up one side and down the other. *

* (Very tight jawed) Dammit, Amarie, stop it. *

*(Thoughtfully) Or I might just sit on your lap and wiggle like so. *

*(Teeth gritting and hands grasping chair arms tightly) You…. will…….
pay……for……this! *

*(Giggle) And then imagine my hot ……
wet …..
Ahhhh ….
like ……...
this. *

*(Gasping) AMARIE! *

Celeborn shifted forward in his chair worriedly as Elrond suddenly jerked back stiffly in his and sat rigidly upright, his jaw clenched tight as he struggled to control himself. What was going on? He started to rise when he met Elrond's glaring glance and received a slight headshake.

With a quick glance Elrond noted that everyone still remained focused on the speaker and he breathed a sigh of relief. At Celeborn's questioning look, Elrond again shook his head and slowly relaxed back into his chair.

*(Dangerously soft) Elleth, I can play that game, too. Just…you…wait. *

*(Passionate slow kiss) I await your pleasure, my lord! (Grin)*

ind nin-my heart
meleth nin-my love
lirimaer-beautiful one

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